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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

A mouse is a hardware input tool used to interface with a laptop or personal computer. At the same time as mice have traditionally required cords, the wireless option has become popular inside the early 2000s, after they commenced incorporating radio frequency and Bluetooth technology. In this matter, we have compiled some of the best wireless mouse for students in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

They connect to the computer or laptop without a cable through a built-in Bluetooth or via an adapter and the ones using radio frequencies have their transceivers that are being plugged into the host computer.

Two independent inventors John Mark off and Sol Sherrel first used the wireless mouse in 1980 using infrared led and a four-quadrant infrared tool for the detection of a pattern of grid lines on a specific metallic surface.

The components of a wireless mouse are the transmitter, receiver, and battery, where receiver is positioned at the backside of the battery within the mouse. Receiver is hooked up to the computer and the transmitter is in-built inside the mouse, receiver, and transmitter use radio frequency to talk or communicate with each other.

Signals are emitted and transferred from both receiver and transmitter and it is an ongoing or continuous process that drains out the energy. If the power or battery is low then we have to replace it with a new battery and if it is rechargeable then we have to charge it before using the mouse.

The wireless mouse with Bluetooth technology is most commonly used with tablets because tablets have built-in Bluetooth. 27M, 2.4G, and Bluetooth are the most commonly used technologies in wireless mouse for achieving communication with the host.

As a result of evolution in technology, the mouse has tremendously improved from the old mechanical wheel mouse to the brand new 2.4G optical mouse and then finally into a high-end laser mouse. All the changes have brought immense comfort, pleasure, and convenience to the end-user.

Now, here are some important features to consider before selecting a wireless mouse:

1- Range of wireless mouse: The ultimate reason to get yourself a wireless mouse is that you are not bound to sit in front of your computer desk anymore. As the wireless mice connect to your computer by Bluetooth, radio waves, or infrared frequencies, you should look for a high-range wireless mouse to free yourself from distance boundaries.

2- Battery: Always check the battery time of your wireless mouse before purchasing it. A longer lifetime of days can power your wireless mouse for days.

3- Compatibility: The most important feature to look for is the compatibility of a wireless mouse with your system and device. It is better to be careful before buying a product of such cost and importance. The mouse should be workable with your operating system as well as your version of gadgets.

4- Design: To work on a computer for hours, the design of your wireless mouse should be comfortable and convenient for your fingers and palms. If the mouse does not have a good finger grip or its buttons are too hard to press, your hands and arms will be in pain and distress. So, find a wireless mouse with a soothing and comforting design.

There are plenty of mouse types out there but we have highlighted some of the best series that has excellent overall ratings and performance.

Best Wireless Mouse for Students (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Razer Viper Ultimate 2.61 x 4.98 x 1.49 inches 5.6 ounces

Check Price

Logitech MX Ergo 3.92 x 5.21 x 2.02 inches 5.8 ounces Check Price
ASUS ROG Chakram 2.95 x 2.02 x 1.86 inches 24.96 ounces Check Price
MSI CLUTCHGM50 4.7 x 2.6 x 1.7 inches 4.8 ounces Check Price



Razer Viper Ultimate

The Razer Viper Ultimate mouse comes in classic black color and the movement detection technology used is optical, and the hardware platform is a personal computer.

This product is powered with the aid of an ultra-rapid technology designed especially for esports providing 20,000DPI resolution for precise tracking and super speedy transmission.

RZ01-03050100-R3U1 is the model number of the item and it weighs only few ounces, 1-Lithium ion batteries required to operate this.

When compared with other wireless mice available, this product is 25% faster and provides true wireless freedom or experience to its customers by bringing low latency and interference reduction. Operates on the speed of light with a zero signal delay using the exact technique used in No: 1 keyboard of the US named the huntsman elite.

The lightest mouse of 74 grams only permits faster, more controlled strikes, increasing the speed of responding in battle.

Zero compromises on technology and overall quality, designed for esports athletes. It meets their needs with high-speed transmission and uninterrupted frequency switching in data concentrated e environment. Students can work non stop without lagging and gamers can play for days without discomfort or cramping in their hands.

Pros Cons
Quality optical sensor ensures the resolution accuracy of up to 99.6% Charging takes time
Extremely beautiful, ultra-speed, and comfortably designed Little costly
A battery life of 70 hours is a plus point
Fully ambidextrous, outstanding performance


Designed for accuracy, with spontaneous, smart tracking. The sensor is too accurate which is vital when a user needs to kill its enemy fast in intense games, this is the reason it is known as a gaming mouse.

It is uniquely designed for both left and right-hand users with switches that are easily approachable and can be reprogrammed. These switches are present on both sides of the device. The 8 programmable buttons present on the mouse make this wireless mouse versatile and very user-friendly. Chroma RGB charging battery provides 70 hours of amazing battery time with 5 built-in wireless storage profiles.



Logitech MX ERGO

Logitech MX Ergo

This device comes in black color and the connectivity technology used is wireless, Bluetooth and USB. The trackball is the motion detection technology and the brand name is Logitech. The MX Ergo mouse is most convenient for right-hand users. A new customary of comfort and exactness.

Logitech’s most advanced electronic device for trackball lovers and the customers sorting out alternatives to mice and touch-pads.

A singular adjustable hinge offers customized comfort by allowing the user to select an angle between 0 and 20 degrees and this reduces the muscular strain by 20%. The accuracy mode button permits right away switching between speed and specific tracking. For easy and smooth flow of work between two hosts or computers, easy switch and flow are empowered.

Through this mouse, two computers can be combined and the data such as files, images, and text can be easily interchanged between the two.

A long-lasting battery and easily can be recharged make this mouse an amazing tool. By recharging for only one minute, the user can use the mouse for a full day. Its first-time availability in the market was on August 23, 2017.

Pros Cons
Battery life is amazing and can be charged again Limited usage
Two computers can be paired
Lightweight, durable, comfortable for hands muscles
Option to connect through USB or Bluetooth


With the help of unifying or associated receivers and Bluetooth mechanism, this Logitech mouse can be used with two or more windows or Mac computers at the same time.

The battery life of this product is amazing. A single recharge battery can work for 70 days. It weighs only 5.8 ounces with 8 programming buttons to make it very convenient and adaptable as per the user’s requirement.

All the mice listed above are a great option for college students. They can be sure to choose any product from the above list according to their special needs because some are designed for gaming purposes.



ASUS ROG Chakram

ASUS ROG Chakram

A wireless mouse designed for gaming purposes and to give the user accuracy and speed required, ROG Chakram is supplied or fitted with a high-end optical gaming sensor.

The speed is 400 inches per second and a 100 16000 DPI sensor is capable of tracking the movements with great precision. Super smooth gaming experience with 1,000 HZ polling rate.

The joystick can be reprogrammed; both long and short sticks are included to match the shapes and sizes of hands and the playing styles. Power charging is an amazing feature; the user can charge it through a Qi-compatible charging surface or a wire.

Connectivity methods are through USB, Bluetooth, and dual wireless 2.5GHz. The cover of the device is screw-free and the buttons on it are magnetic. The movement detection technology used is optical and the brand name is ASUS. It’s very comfortable for right-hand users.

ROG chakram can be connected to the host in three ways with one single tap by Bluetooth LE, dual wireless 2.4 GHz, and through USB. 1ms 2.4GHz USB dongle is provided along that is used to make a connection with host instantly or customer can interact through battery-saving Bluetooth LE technology. A high-end optical gaming sensor that is an integral part of the chakram mouse is responsible for providing the precision and speed that is desired by the user.

The movements are tracked accurately at an amazing rate of 400 inches per second with the help of its 100 to 16000 DPI and for the ultra-smooth gaming joy, a 1,000 Hz polling rate in 2.4GHz and wired connectivity mode is provided.

Beautiful chakram has magnetic buttons and an upper body cover that is screw-free, pressure-fit switch plugs are offered and an adjustable badge makes this product unique.

A real analog stick or joypad thumb stick is activated when the device is set and operated on an analog system, this empowers the user to take control and enjoy the features such as climbing, diving in the water, and floating in racing games. Four changeable or programmable instructions are provided by chakram when activated to a digital system in some specific games such as the first-person shooter.

Pros Cons
Tri-mode connectivity makes it a special product Mouse is expensive
An extensive range of customization is available Joystick usage is limited and difficult due to reprogramming every time
Good shape for big hands and comfortable
Joystick if programmed correctly gives intense pleasure


Only by a single press reloading, changing the weapon, inclining towards any angle, and asking for a map and any action that can be thinkable is possible with digital mode. Just charging 15 minutes can give the user 12 hours for playing a game. It offers an exceptional battery life of 79 hours of gameplay.

ROG Balteus Qi is the compatible charging surface available for wireless charging of ROG chakram device. Aura lighting is also a special feature that takes style and beauty to an advanced level with the help of ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting.



MSI CLUTCHGM50 Optical Mouse

MSI CLUTCHGM50 Optical Mouse

This MSI Clutch GM50 is not just developed to be the high-end solution but focuses on the mid-range. It is fully indicated with the PMW-3330 sensor, with which the mouse is offering excellent performance. Although the overall design of the mouse has been a standard one, it is still added with some differentiating aspects.

The mouse is available with dimensions of 120x67x42mm with a weight of 87 grams. You can see that it is not that big and is light enough to make it move around without any hassle.

All the lateral areas of the mouse have been covered with textured plastic, which brings about a powerful grip. On the left side, two large navigation buttons are larger than usual for drawing some attention.

All the side areas of the mouse are made up of plastic with some roughness to avoid slipping conditions. It is quite a common gaming mice that has been all warped inward. Hence, it has pretty excellent ergonomics.

Before you start scrolling, this mouse is also available with the button for selecting DPI. This brings you with the permission to pick five levels of adjustments. Scroll over; this mouse is featuring with a ridged rubber cover and has RGB lighting.

It is pleasant and a lot comfortable to use during gaming or various applications.

At the lower area of the mouse, you will find two larger PTFE pads for offering a larger sliding surface. This is a much desirable option if you are into action games. Due to its lighter nature, it is easy to move around in combination with the rest of the pads.

Pros Cons
High-quality switches Small in size
Excellent sensors
Mystic light compatibility


MSI CLUTCHGM50 Gaming Optical Mouse is made of such materials, which are excellent for having a powerful grip and comfort over your hands. It has an excellent sensor with quality switches and an ergonomic design, which are a few of its positive points to talk about. It works superbly for gaming and applications.



Final Verdict:

Wireless mice have changed the idea of working on a computer which only meant for a person to sit before a desk and work. Now, owing to wireless mice, working people get the privilege to choose a place and position of their choice to work with comfort and peace without developing arm pain and backache.

Before purchasing the wrong product regarding your requirements, always weighs the pros and cons of all choices. Do a thorough research and then make a yielding decision to buy a wireless mouse with good signal range, design, and battery time that match your needs and price range.


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