Best Stoves For Canning 2021

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2021)

If you are into canning, you know it can get pretty messy if your stove and the heavy pots are not on good terms, and not to forget the extra expense a broken stovetop adds to your monthly set budget! Yes, in the case of glass stovetops canning can always be an uncertain and risky business. Similarly, with other smooth cook tops, there is a risk of scratches and unnecessary marks on the smooth surface by dragging or moving weighted canners on it. We have compiled some of the best stoves for canning in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Nobody likes uncertainty with kitchen items, especially costly and essential items like stoves. Well, good news for all the canners out there! We are here to help you out and row your boat in the right direction. The direction that leads you to get the best stove for canning. What this article encloses is a thoroughly researched list of recommendations of the best stove for canning and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love that?

Let’s first take a look at what kind of heat is required for the canning process. Now, canning can be done in a pressure cooker canner or a water bath canner in a typical graniteware container and of course, there are electric pressure canners too that need no stove surface. But we here are concerned about the best stoves for canning and while they are extremely helpful in the canning process at home, you still need to consider several factors before buying one. Some of these canners are designed with specially indented bottoms, or as they call it the waffle bottom, that cannot work with smooth top stoves. While buying the best stove for canning purposes, you need to consider two things basically i.e., stovetop type and canner’s bottom type. Because if they are not compatible with each other your home canning can turn into a disaster. How are these two things compatible? Well, canning containers are quite heavy and they need a strong stove surface beneath them that can endure the pressure and movement of these hefty canners. So, if you fail to consider these factors you will either end up with a broken stovetop (in case of glass/ceramic or other smooth cook tops) or a huge gas bill as it would take longer to heat up when the canner’s bottom is indented and is unable to take heat evenly.

After research, we can safely conclude that the best stove for canning is a burner stove where you can manually control the high heat output. These stoves, in addition to having strong stove bases, also includes table and durable pot stands to accompany coil or cast-iron burners for an even and high heat output. One helpful tip is to measure your canner before going shopping for the best stove for canning because as a rule of thumb it is said that your canner should not extend any more than two-inches from any side of the burner.

Best Stoves For Canning (Comparison)

Ramblewood GC2-43N20 x 12 x 1.8 inches13 Pounds

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Ramblewood GC1-28P20 x 12 x 3 inches11 Pounds

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Deli-mate 12''20.1 x 12.2 x 3 inches15.97 Pounds

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Camp Chef Explorer EX60LW34 x 14 x 29 inches30.5 Pounds

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Ramblewood GC2-43N

Ramblewood GC2-43N

Ramblewood’s high-efficiency two-burner cook top powered by natural gas is the first on our list of recommendations for the best stove for canning. Not big to take all your counter space and not small to not fit larger, heavier canning containers, just the perfect size for any kitchen! High heat output and a sturdy pot’s stand are enough to solve all the problems of a home canner. Let’s see what more Ramblewood has to offer, shall we?

Ramblewood GC2-43N is ETL (Electronic Testing Laboratories) safety certified in the US. Ramblewood’s sleek contemporary design makes it very desirable for all kinds of customers. Along with enhancing the ambiance of your kitchen the smooth stainless-steel surface of this stove is very easy to clean. It also comes with black heavy cast iron stand for pots and pans that are strong enough to withstand decades of continuous use. Ramblewood GC2-43N is indeed the best stove for canning because you need a high and even output of heat at all areas of your canner’s bottom and both burners in this model promise a high BTU to ensure faster boil times. The large 8400 BTU triple ring burner and a small 5800 BTU semi-rapid burner give you option to choose from. Both of these burners can easily be controlled by two push and turn knobs. There is a flame out safety device set in place which automatically shuts off the gas when it detects gas flowing without a flame.

Ramblewood saves up to 20 to 30% of energy as compared to its other alternatives. It uses natural gas with LPG/propane conversion options. It has an electric ignition system of 110 AC. And the biggest advantage of an electric ignition system instead of a traditional one is that in case of a power outage you can still ignite burners by using a match. This is called the “off-the-grid” feature.

Are you still in doubt why Ramblewood is the best stove for canning? Hopefully not, but let us tell you about how easy maintaining Ramblewood GC2-43N is. Maintenance of its strong matte black grates and smooth silver stainless steel surface is a piece of cake, no special cleaning care is needed whatsoever!  Just your regular counter cleaner can sweep this stove off of any stains or marks. Other than that, the immense capacity to withstand heavily weighted canners made us include this amazing stove into our list of the best stove for canning.

Well-constructed stainless-steel surface with two high heat output burnersThe regulator is a little slow
Heavy-duty cast iron pot standsHeat outputs may differ at propane and natural gas
Electric ignition with an auto-shut safety feature


If you are a canner and looking for a reliable long-lasting stove that can withstand regular canning sessions, Ramblewood GC2-43N is the best stove for canning needs.



Ramblewood GC1-28P

Ramblewood GC1-28P

This single burner cook top by Ramblewood one of its kind. GC1-28P not only enhances the physical aesthetics of your kitchen up a notch but also performs like a real champ in action. The smooth black glass-ceramic stove top gives a very elegant touch to any kitchen theme. But let’s not dwell on its looks more than its attributes, right? Don’t worry, Ramblewood GC1-28P is on our recommendations list for the best stove for canning because of many other reasons.

The first being its ability to execute the same intense heat on both LPG gas and Propane gas. There is a setting where you can select the type of gas available or more suitable to you before using this stove for canning. There is also an orifice/valve installed for Natural gas conversion. Ramblewood GC1-28P is the perfect size even for smaller kitchens, but big enough for heavy, big canners. Special pot’s stand gives a nice balance and support to canners that have indented bottoms. All in all, it is the best stove for canning.

Ramblewood GC1-28P is perfectly safe to use, it has been ETL safety certified in the US as well as Canada. Safety is further ensured by another incredible feature offered by Ramblewood. With this intelligent feature, Ramblewood detects if gas is flowing without a flame being lit and will automatically shut off the gas supply to the stove. We all know how dangerous it can get if you accidentally leave the gas on! Good thing, GC1-28P has got our backs on this one. Also, there is a gas pressure regulator included with the stove which is a ½ inch NPT thread sized placed at both inlet and the outlet. Also, the burner is sealed which eliminates the risk of wobbly pots and pans on the flame.

Still, wondering why Ramblewood GC1-28P is the best stove for canning? Read on! 110 AC electric ignition lets you get rid of matches and lighters, just press and twist! In case of a power outage, Ramblewood can still be fired up by matches owing to its smart “Off-The-Grid” feature. The power output is immense in any case, GC1-28P exhibits a maximum of 11600 BTU heating power. The grill cover sealing the burner can easily take the heavy load of an All-American pressure cooker for canning. It’s the best stove for canning of any kind.

ETL safety certifiedCan get tricky while cleaning sticky messes
Maximum 11600 BTU power output
The off-The-Grid feature comes in handy in emergencies


Ramblewood GC1-28P is the best stove for canning because it claims and proves to have distinct features that support canning of any kind, be it water bath canning or pressure cooker canning. Ramblewood GC1-28P is a great-looking investment for your kitchen.



Deli-mate DM223-SA01BZ

Deli-mate DM223-SA01BZ

This stainless-steel dual burner stove has a lot to offer and that is exactly what led us to include this one in our recommendations of the best stove for canning. Deli-mate indeed is the best stove for canning because of its ease of operation and unmatchable versatility.

With its two different sized burners, Deli-mate can meet all your cooking needs including canning. Both burners exhibit an intense output of heating power, the larger triple ring burner gives a rapid 9385 BTU power and the smaller one gives semi-rapid 3413 BTU of heating power. These burners are designed to vent flames out in a manner that spreads evenly at the bottom of the container, thus resulting in no hot spots or burns. This kind of heat output is perfect for canning.

This stove satisfies all concerns of all kinds of its users. The biggest one being safety! Deli-mate stovetop uses automatic thermocouple protection to ensure flame failure protection. It means the stove will automatically cut off the gas supply when it detects that gas is flowing without a flame. This prevents any unfortunate events from happening and thus Deli-mate proves to be an extremely safe stove to use for canning. It is also very safe and reliable with heavy pots and containers such as those used for canning because heavy cast-iron supporting grates are strong and heavy that can resist high heat and don’t rust even after decades of continuous use.

We can easily declare Deli-mate to be the best stove for canning as it is durable with a 100% stainless-steel stovetop that won’t rust or corrode and Bakelite knobs that are very easy to maintain. This steel gas hob stove is a built-in type that can easily be installed without extra support. Deli-mate requires no battery and has a 110V AC pulse ignition system which enables automatic ignition just by rotating the control knob. This knob can control the flame accurately with an adjustment valve

Deli-mate is a dual-fuel stove that can give off even flames of immense heat at natural gas as well as LPG. It is preset at natural gas nozzles but can be replaced with ease to LPG nozzles if need be. The BS brass joint and convert nozzle for the LPG source come along with the stove. The gas regulators are also included for free. This kind of stove is ideal for canning purposes where you have to put heavy canning pressure cookers on the stove for extended durations.

Dual-fuel two sized burnersProfessional workers are needed for changing the gas source
Easy to install and use
Thermocouple safety protection


Deli-mate is the best stove for canning without a doubt with its strong sturdy stainless-steel built. Worth the price!



Camp Chef Explorer EX60LW

Camp Chef Explorer EX60LW

The camp chef explorer double burner is good for canning and outdoor use. The stove is made of pure steel which guarantees durability and quality. The best thing about EX60LW is that, it has a bigger surface area for user convenience which you won’t normally see in other same-priced stoves. This cooking area is 448 sq inches with 29 inches total height. Further, the two aluminum cast burners can produce 60,000 BTUs per hour. The stove has easy-to-control temperature knobs that allow users to adjust the temperature as per requirement.

Now the uneven ground is not a problem when you have EX60LW with you because it also comes with easy to adjust legs which allow users to adjust the height of the legs according to their needs and the best part is, these legs are also detachable which incases its portability, users can easily transport the stove from one place to another without any hassle. Additionally, the stove comes with a windscreen which incorporates hose 3 feet and a sturdy regulator.

The finishing of the stove is very professional and up to the mark. It can be used for various other purposes as well apart from canning. If you want to cook anything or want Barbecue outdoors or you want to steam anything the champ chef explorer EX60LW is suitable for all scenarios.

Higher BTU’sParts break easily if not taken care of properly
Adjustable legs


The EX60LW is versatile and sturdy and can be used for multiple purposes. The high BTUs and aluminum burners give maximum heat. Further, the user-friendly features and easy-to-use interface makes it worth buying.



Final Verdict:

Canning might seem like a difficult job to do but with the right equipment and steady guidance, nothing is difficult. That’s right, a quality stove not only endures the weight of heavy canner but also effuses an even, high power flame that speeds up your canning process. Choosing the best stove for canning can get tricky and millions of choices can overwhelm anybody. This is why we have compiled a well-researched list of recommendations for the best stove for canning where you can easily pick one that suits your lifestyle the most by just going through and weighing the pros and cons.


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