How To Make Your Dryer Last 12 Years?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

How To Make Your Dryer Last 12 Years?

This is a very common question and everyone wants to know the answer. So, usually dryers are meant to last about 12 years approx. according to several sources, a lot of these break down earlier because of poor treatment. To increase the lifetime and reduce the need for a technician, there are some basic caretaking steps you must do to prolong the life of your dryer.

Never overload the drum:

A laundry load must never exceed half the capacity of the dryer’s drum. This constantly strains the suspension mechanism and reduces the dryer’s lifetime. Suspension rebuilds are among the most frequent service calls that manufacturers usually receive, often coming from the same buyer every six years because they continue to overload the dryer.

Clean the vents: 

Blocked vents are the number one reason for dryer failure. This reduces the flow of air, multiplies the drying times, and heats the system. Depending on how much you do the laundry, you can clean it at least once per year. That involves cleaning both the venting tube as well as the duct around the outside of your house. This is not only an issue of maintaining dryer productivity, but it is also a safety hazard. Dryers are the source of approximately 3,000 fires per year according to the US Fire Administration, and clogged vents are the culprit of approximately one-third of those.

Clear the lint trap: 

The further safety risk is the lint trap or filter that needs to be cleared each time you run a cycle. It increases productivity and helps avoid overheating.

Put only clean laundry to dry: 

Soiled garments or fabrics can disperse dirt and debris in the dryer’s interior, which can ultimately block the vents or corrode the hardware.

Leave adequate space of at least 6 inches behind the dryer: 

This is yet another venting concern. Dryers blow air from the area around it (normally from the back) and it might have difficulty functioning if there’s not enough room. The vent also necessitates ample space to exit the dryer and make a 90-degree turn on its way outside. To avoid the vent hose from kinking, you must require adequate space.


After intense studies, it is safe to say that clothes dryers all work fairly comparably. So, if you don’t care if your dryer resembles your washer or not, you can look for a cheap, durable dryer because it will work almost as well as units that cost hundreds of extra dollars. Furthermore, as long as you take care of your dryer, it will take care of all your drying needs without being a headache. Ultimately it all comes down to one basic rule which is the more you invest the better the quality you will get and the better you take care of your appliances the better performance you can expect from them.


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