Best Jump Starters For Semi-trucks 2022

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2022)

In the transportation industry, a very crucial task is being on time. And everyone agrees that if your job is impeded because of a dead battery, it is frustrating and annoying because breaking down on the roadside is among the worst fears of a driver, particularly if it is during the dark hours or cold and coarse winter days. And if you own a semi-truck with a reasonably large engine and you have to get it running again, the standard jump starter will not do the job. We have compiled some of the best jump starters for semi-trucks in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

A dead or flat battery indicates that it has no current flow. Therefore, to bring a dead battery back from the dead, all you need to do is begin the electricity flow. To do that, having a jump starter for your semi-truck is a wise choice.

Generally, semi-trucks utilize lower volts, which indicates that they need a high flow rate of current. So, it is important to select the appropriate jump starter.

The ideal heavy-duty truck jump starter is specially formulated to get your engine running. It must be compact but also sturdy so that you could always keep it with you at all times. That being said, there are several variables to weigh when searching for the best device. It is significant to pick a product provided with sufficient power to get the problem solved, whilst efficiency is also essential.

Thus, this article is intended to offer you a dead battery quick fix, so now let’s explore some of the best in the business heavy-duty jump starters to help you to determine which one will be best suited for you.

Best Jump Starters For Semi-trucks (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight  
OzCharge RescueMate 10.63 x 35.04 x 9.84 inches 5.5 Pounds Check Price
Schumacher PSJ-3612 Proseries 11 x 16 x 20 inches 43 Pounds Check Price
Truck PAC ES6000 8.8 x 16.7 x 20.2 inches 39.1 Pounds Check Price
BEATIT G18 7.64 x 3.48 x 1.48 inches 1.47 Pounds

Check Price


OzCharge Rescue Mate RM1000

OzCharge Rescue Mate RM1000

The OzCharge Rescue Mate 1000 is a capacitor-based jumpstart kit. This acclaimed product has been peeking almost all of the drivers’ interests while some are interested in knowing about how can a jump start pack that doesn’t carry a charge manages to get you running if you have a flat battery?

Even though the doubts, it has been one of the best-selling jump starters in the market.

The OzCharge Rescue Mate RM1000 is titled since its outputs 1000 amps, which is something the manufacturing company believes will kickstart any 10L Petrol, and a 5L Diesel engine.

Interestingly, the RM1000 surpasses all expectations and it starts with a flat battery too.

The RM1000 should be capable of charging as little as 3V. And provided that a battery is deemed flat at 12V of charge, therefore it might be possible that there is enough charge still in the battery that the RM1000 can pick off, although that battery would not start your vehicle.

Moreover, it also hardly takes roughly 90 seconds to charge from a 12V source which impressively fast. You may also, instead, charge off any gadget that has a USB port, i.e. Power banks, laptops, etc. Although, it will take almost an hour to create and maintain up a charge, due to the lower voltage in this.

The OzCharge Rescue Mate RM1000 is therefore not the traditional jump starter, which is heavy, frustrating, or flat when required. This is the complete package and a top-rated product that fulfills its promises in its efficiency and convenience.

With no built-in battery, super-capacitors are used by the OzCharge Rescue Mate to efficiently build a strong charge, perhaps via a flat battery but still not a dead one. The RM1000 can build from a battery as minimal as 3V.

Usually, when your battery is ‘flat it only has less than the usable voltage; often just as low as 12V would be enough to affect several modern engines where they can only start up the dashboard lights.

However, the Rescue Mate RM 1000 builds the energy slowly, usually taking up to 90 seconds to charge from a flat battery; therefore by ramping up the voltage internally and multiplying with the amps drawn, it can output a short high-watt burst to get your engine started. Its charging is also very easy which you can easily charge by just using the cigarette socket.

Operating it and setting it up with the battery terminals or the specific jump point is similar to any jump-pack/cables; therefore,  once it is hooked up, you just have to press the run button, go back to the ignition and then wait for ten seconds for the timer buzzer to go off which indicated you to crank up the engine.

The manual says at 12V by 1000amp; it is as much as 12kw. Therefore, since standard engines demand 3kw to 6kw to switch the starter, you must be able to crank up a grumpy old semi-truck or something relatively new of comparable size.

Pros Cons
Jumps start a flat battery quickly Might be expensive for some
Light and compact
Does not needs to be changed frequently


If you have a monstrous truck you would need much more and if you have a 24V device it is a no-go, however, for most semi-truck owners it’s a good choice rather than a battery-based jump kit. It is compact, convenient to use, and needs not to be changed frequently.



Schumacher PSJ-3612 DSR Pro-Series

Schumacher PSJ-3612 DSR Pro-Series

One of the best-selling jump starters in its range is the Schumacher PSJ-3612 DSR Pro-Series 3600 Peak Amps Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit and it performs up to its hype.

This is among the strongest jump starters for semi-truck fix, boat and vehicle owners, and do-it-yourselfers globally.

The Schumacher’s PSJ-3612 Pro-Series has 3600 peak amps, 470 cranking amps, and 385 cold-cranking amps, making it a fantastic fit for all your batteries needs.

This is a source of power for all 12 Volt DC accessories which are employed with a 12 Volt accessory socket.

It has two 18 Ah professional-quality AGM batteries that give this jump starter the capacity to produce 12 volts, a positive selector switch on the front of the device ensures you will know whenever the jumper is turned on. It is built to be stable and secure at all times.

The selector switch is tuned to zero volts when not being used, which will cut off power to the cable clamps. Therefore, you do not need to think about power or other electricity-related issues.

This device measures a hefty 33.9 lbs. due to the obvious 2 batteries, which is something you need to keep in mind and consider if you intend on frequently using this jump starter.

With interchangeable copper jaws perhaps, it enables you to replace the jaws when they get worn or ruined, this is a great perk for heavy users enabling you to always have a fully operational jump starter for your automobile.

The embedded display screen is one of the most interesting features of this jump starter. A variety of functions are served by the display. Firstly, it lets you monitor the jump starter’s condition and whether or not charging is needed for the battery.

Secondly,  when the jump starter is attached to the battery of the car, it initially displays you the battery voltage, then it displays the value of the voltage provided to the battery by the alternator once you kick start the vehicle. It is a very useful function that ensures you can see if you have an alternator malfunction that has caused the battery of your car to go flat initially.

It does not take much longer to charge however once its charge; it seems to last for a long time. The 2, 18 Ah professional-grade, high-output AGM batteries mean once charged it outflows slightly, thus boosting its functionality. This is a long-lasting gadget as it is mostly built to be used often.

In design, AGM batteries are also distinctive from lead-acid batteries. AGM batteries last for longer than expected lead-acid batteries and have a higher charging rate discharge. Since they are a solid-state battery, with no threat of leakage or injury to the battery, they can indeed be laid flat.

Its additional functionality involves 3 automatic charger amps, reverse hook-up alarm, industrial-grade clamp with interchangeable copper jaws, 2-gauge 55-inch cables, high-impact rubber foundation, and for added protection, a sturdy polypropylene insulated case.

For camping, tailgating, power failures and so much more, this jump starter pack is perfect. You will not ever be stuck without power again with any other Jump Starter / Portable Power unit.

Pros Cons
Long life and quick charge battery Very Heavy
Small and convenient size Little noisy and hot fans
Recessed switch and digital display


Schumacher is renowned for its sturdiness and durability when it comes to jumping starts. This is definitely why it is one of the best-sellers because of its professional performance and reasonable price point.

As well as its convenience of use seems to be another factor that contributes; the Schumacher PSJ-3612 can be used by anybody who would use jumper cables.

It is strongly advised to anybody searching for a reliable and effective portable jump starter to acquire the Schumacher PSJ-3612 DSR Pro-Series Portable Power Unit, as this jump starter seems to have more than enough power to help you get out of troubles each time.



Truck PAC ES6000

Truck PAC ES6000

This Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES6000 3000 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter appears to be a solid, competent product with the commitment of 3000 peak amps/800 cranking amps, but additional features are also accompanied to boost its attractiveness.

It is one of Amazon’s best-selling jump starters, and it certainly holds up to the hype. This is among the best fleet repair jump starters for any boat and semi-truck owners and do-it-yourselfers as well.

If you want a strong jump starter in a portable unit, then search no further than the high capacity 12 Volt Truck PAC variant of Clore Automotive’s, the jump starter packs dual ES Series batteries that provide jumping power of 3000 Peak Amps.

These ES Series batteries designed primarily for vehicle starting capabilities by providing 800 Cranking Amps of jump-starting power are generated by the dual ES Series batteries. ES Series batteries produce higher output current, prolonged cranking power, multiple jumps per charge, and high durability.

The jump starter also has extra-long cables for optimal placement during the launch of the jump and Hot Jaw clamps of the industrial grade for optimum power transmission to the vehicle. Besides that, the ES Series Jump Starters perform in temperatures as low as -20° f.

The 54 inch long heavy-gauge cords are ideal to access the starting points for many automobiles, ensuring the effective transmission of the unit’s power to the vehicle, whereas industrial grade Hot Jaw clamps reach battery corrosion with minimal effort for maximum power transmission to the vehicle.

Opposing the heavy-duty and regular clamps, Hot Jaw clamps have a positive current that flows to both ends of the clamp rather than just one side, this indicated that making a powerful connection with the battery terminals is fairly easy allowing for better current transfer and quicker jump starting.

In some of the more challenging jump-starting conditions, the Truck PAC ES6000 boasts a sturdy design and strong components to withstand daily use. To make operation relatively easy, its impact-resistant case offers enduring protection and offers automatic charging and battery status LEDs.

Automatic charging reliability and comfort removes the risk of overcharging and helps you to retain Truck/Booster PAC units in an ever-ready condition. Just add a regular extension cord with the Truck PAC ES6000 and plug it in and forget.

Moreover, jump starters need to function each time a technician wants it. Which is why frequently they aim for a Booster PAC or Truck PAC jump starter. Deliberately made for vehicle jump starting purposes, the ES Series batteries used in Booster PAC and Truck PAC units allow them to withstand continuous professional use over prolonged periods.

Truck PAC jump starters gain their credibility of the consistent quality jump after the jump in store, vehicle garage, or on any construction site.

Pros Cons
Has power twin high-performance ES Series batteries Needs to be permanently plugged
Successful in starting vehicles with almost fully drained batteries No on/off switch
Works in extremely low temperatures as well


The high standard and brilliant market price of the Truck PAC ES6000 is a key element in why users enjoy this jump starter. The next contributory factor is its convenience of use, and anybody who may be able to use jumper cables could use this jump starter.

However, it has one quirk in its design and therefore has no off switch, this will be left permanently on, it could still manage any required task given any circumstances.

The Clore Automotive Truck PAC battery jump starter may not be the most structured piece, but it will be a worthy investment if you’d like a powerful jump starter and you don’t mind a small flaw in its build.



BEATIT G18 Car Jump Starter

BEAT ITG18 Car Jump Starter

The BEAT IT provides you with a G18 jump starter, which is a multi-tasking device with powerful lithium-ion chargeable batteries to support any 12V gadget battery. It charges your device’s dead battery quickly and without any damage.

The device can be used to start any vehicle that is gasoline and diesel-powered up to8.0 liters. It further has wireless charging capability for more cool utilization.

You just put your device near it for charging your mobile phone. You can charge your digital cameras and kindles with this as well.

The jump starter can work with 3rd generation Quick Discharge Start Power technology for enhanced working. This makes it to be useful in case of extreme or any emergency/crisis.

This sturdy jump starter can be stored in a glovebox easily for future use. The tool is tested against UL2743 standard certification and declared the best device for a simple and safe car starting without the fear of sparks etc.

Further, it will give you protection against high temperature, overloading, and over-voltage problems for more secure utilization.

The jump starter has LCD screens for showing its remaining battery level digitally. The jumper cables also have another LCD screen for showing the battery voltage of the vehicle’s battery for upgraded detection of battery state.

Pros Cons
2 LCD screens Little expensive
Wireless charging


The G18 jump starter is developed by Beat It for starting your vehicle and charging your gadgets with security. The lithium-ion batteries used to increase its life span.



Final verdict:

Usually, the extremely cold winter months are tough on car batteries, especially in the northern areas. Therefore, batteries can end up losing up to 60 percent of their power during cold weather, whereas cold engines can take twice as much current to get going.

As the weather changes, roadside assistance complaints spike, several of which are regular vehicle and semi-truck requests for jump starts. Therefore, you can buy a rechargeable, compact jump starter to prevent you from calling for assistance.

In particular, these units can give at least ten jump-starts of each charge and thus are designed compactly to fit in the vehicle’s boot. Most are multi-functional, whereas others concentrate on delivering higher capacity for jump starts.

Finally, if you drive the average passenger cars and SUVs, as well as most pickups, you should be good to go within the 1,000 to 1,500 peak amp range. However, larger trucks and industrial uses will need to go for much more, therefore, this list offers options all along with the various power range.


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