Best Jump Starters For SUVs 2022

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2022)

Not so long ago, if your car had broken down on the roadside, you would need to have a set of jumper cables and somebody to aid you in your times of trouble. Fortunately, tables have turned, and all commuters have indeed been given a more practical solution. Jump starters have come to the market and they are super hyped. It is a technology used to charge a flat car battery enough for it to start up the engine.

Depending on the manufacturer, these groundbreaking, portable devices have different specifications, functionality, and charging capabilities. We have compiled some of the best jump starters for SUVs in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

A jump starter is a huge portable battery that is fitted with a pair of jumper cables. Therefore, when your car battery is flat you could use the jump starter to begin charging the battery pack without the need for another car’s battery.

A car’s battery is charged by an alternator, which is a small electric generator installed on the engine. It also offers electricity to charge other gadgets such as LEDs, smartphones, laptops and car radio and A/C systems, etc.

The alternator also supplies sufficient power for the spark plugs of the engine to start up. Inside the cylinders of the engine, the spark plugs spark the fuel and air mix that enables the engine to run. So, when the car battery is flat, the overall system in your car will not function as no other systems will function without the electricity of the alternator.

These innovative portable jump starters have removed the need to carry bulky jumper cables in your vehicle or the frustration of attempting to wave down someone who could have them; they not only give you more than enough power for your car battery, but many even act as portable power banks to keep your smartphones charged. Some use 12V outlets for charging through cigarette lighter plug, whereas others have USB 3.0 or USB-C ports for rapid charging.

It’s critical to note your engine size, fuel type, and battery voltage requirements when shopping for a portable jump starter since some units are not built for larger engines or 24V batteries, whereas others are explicitly designed for fleets or SUVs, or any other type of engine.

Picking the right jump starter to meet your needs can be difficult since there are so many to choose from. Read the following article to find the jump starter you are searching for. All jump starters on this list are a great combination of fantastic built, efficient design and performance:-

Best Jump Starters For SUVs (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight  
Clore Automotive HT1224AGM 23 x 44.5 x 20 inches 208 Pounds Check Price
OzCharge RescueMate 10.63 x 35.04 x 9.84 inches 5.5 Pounds Check Price
NOCO Boost HD GB150 16.85 x 9.21 x 4.02 inches 7.5 Pounds Check Price
UTRAI Jstar One 6.69 x 3.43 x 1.85 inches 2.46 Pounds

Check Price


Clore Automotive HT1224AGM

Clore Automotive HT1224AGM

Clore Automotive launched the HT1224AGM from SOLAR, an improved commercial jump starter that incorporates AGM batteries for spill-free ease and better performance and reliability.

Since the Clore Automotive HT1224AGM is fitted with spill-free AGM batteries, it excludes the harm inflicted by system tipping when conventional flooded batteries were being used. Besides that, they have better cycling efficiency and a considerably longer lifespan of the unit.

Furthermore, supplies 1400-CCA in twelve (12) Volts mode further 800-CCA in just twenty four (24) Volts mode with quick raw fuel.

This robust, powerful pack offers endless jumping capabilities for 12- and 24-Volt jumps, supplying commercial fleets, multimodal transport facilities, agricultural operations and so much more with this jump starter.

The Clore Automotive HT1224AGM is suitable for heavy-duty operation, it provides extra-long 10′ jumper cables along with heavy-duty clamps to avoid battery corrosion. It also has large hydraulic wheels that make for easy transport across all surfaces.

The Clore Automotive HT1224AGM offers an improved 2-channel charging system that charges each battery individually to guarantee a full charge throughout any charging cycle.

This clever and excellently built car battery charger will delight you with its innovative design and improved features. A lot of work has been put to make this machine highly efficient.

Moreover, the Clore Automotive HT1224AGM has onboard AGM batteries that help in optimizing its durability. The model is primarily intended to deal with heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and over-the-road transport vehicles.

Therefore, if you experience a dead battery pack, Clore Automotive HT1224AGM would never fail to impress you and therefore will quickly charge batteries. The desire to buy this beasty jump starter is especially irresistible for all those who own a rather heavy engine vehicle.

Furthermore, you must not overlook that even during adverse weather conditions, this device will offer its amazing efficiency all the same. In 12 V mode, it provides fast raw power of 1400 cold-cranking amperes. Whereas in 24-volt mode, it supplies 800 cold-cranking amperes. Its quality is thus unparallel.

Pros Cons
Ultra-fast charging speed Offers only 1-year warranty
Comes with installed AGM batteries Might be expensive for some
Compatible with rigid weather conditions
The automatic battery charging system


The Clore Automotive HT1224AGM includes 10 ft. Cables that can easily reach the vehicles’ starting points. It charges up the batteries remarkably with no hassle. This is why it is strongly recommended to procure this car battery charger if you would like to avoid the horrors of experiencing a car breakdown due to uncharged or flat batteries.



OzCharge RescueMate RM1000

OzCharge RescueMate RM1000

There are no batteries present in the Rescue Mate it does not even need charging up. Rather the Rescue Mate contains super-capacitors that are very fast and efficiently able to store and discharge energy. This enables the Rescue Mate to recharge itself up from relatively low voltages, from even your vehicle’s flat battery.

The Rescue Mate easily charges itself up from the residual capacity in the flat battery. The Rescue Mate RM 1000 gradually consumes energy, normally requiring up to 90 seconds to recharge from a flat battery; hence, it can deliver a short high-watt boost of power to get your engine running by boosting up the voltage internally and multiplying with the amperes pulled.

The no-charge feature lets you put the unit in your car all through the year without the need to recharge the Rescue Mate. Charging it is also quite simple and can be charged via the cigarette socket.

When the Rescue Mate has recharged via the flat battery, press the RUN button, a countdown would then start, and as soon as the buzzer goes off the Rescue Mate would then launch all this power at once powering up your vehicle and can effortlessly ignite any 10L petrol and 5L gas engines.

You can even, thus, charge off any device that seems to have a USB port, i.e. Power banks, etc. However, because of the lower voltage in this, it may require about an hour to build and keep up a charge.

The RM1000 must be suitable for charging as little as 3V. And if a battery is considered flat at 12 V of power, it may also be conceivable that there’s still some adequate charge left in the battery that the RM1000 will pick up, but your vehicle may not power that battery due to such fewer volts.

Moreover, the manual states that at 12V by 1000amp; it is just as much as 12kw. Therefore, since standard engines require 3kw to 6kw to turn the starter, you should be able to crank up any heavier engines such as your SUVs and semi-trucks.

Pros Cons
No battery so no recharging is needed Offers simple features
Ready in just 90 seconds
Jumps start a flat battery
Light and compact


If you have a monstrous truck, you’d need a lot more, and thus it’s a no-go if you have a 24V rig, but it’s a decent option for most SUV owners instead of a rechargeable batteries jump kit. It is portable, simple to use, and does not need to be continuously updated. The value is not inexpensive, however for remote tourists, this is quite a worthwhile investment.



NOCO boost HDGB150 ultra safe

NOCO boost HDGB150

Everything is enormous about the NOCO genius boost pro GB150: its size, its claims, and its cost.  Logically, one of the outputs is a USB port, so that most portable devices can be changed easily.

What makes very little sense is that since the unit itself can be charged through the USB as well, however it does not arrive with its wall charger.

You could use just any charging method that you prefer but the speed at which it recharges differs from about 2-3 hours when using a 5a charger to 11 hours when using a common 2a charger based upon whatever method you choose to use.

While the device arrives with both a male and a female 12v power port and a wire to connect whatever you need, you could also recharge the device with the provided 12v power plug.

By seining the male cable to connect to a running vehicle’s dc power port to recharge the device or use the female port and cable to supply power from the unit to other devices, such as tire pumps, electric motors, etc.

You have to open the bonnet and set the NOCO genius boost pro GB150 next to the engine compartment to use the unit to give a jump start to a car with a flat battery. After unclamping the 2 clamps, you could unravel the cables from either side of the device and attach them to the battery, beginning with the positive red clamp and ten connecting the earth black clamp.

When both clamps are attached, the current battery voltage can be seen on the voltmeter screen and the car must be ready to begin. It can speedily jump your SUV even with the car’s battery drained down to 10 volts.

Moreover, if your portable gadgets need to be charged, you essentially uncover the output ports and plug them in. You will be able to effectively plugin and give reliable energy to many of your gadgets from the USB port and the dc port connectors.

Another incredible feature is its exemplary flashlight. The bright and quite wide-angled light projected by the flashlight will effectively illuminate the whole engine compartment. There are also 6 major settings for the light: 3 distinct levels of light intensity, and other blinks, strobe, and SOS modes as well.

Pros Cons
Bright and wide-angled flashlight Problems with the charging method
Reliable companion
Has SOS mode
Can tackle heavier engines


It is massive and has a similarly large premium price tag, but the NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 is one of the best jump starters in the industry. Apart from the concerns regarding its charging methods, the unit does a very good job of starting vehicles with even larger engines.

With just a cloth bag to put it in, you will have to cautiously tuck it in your vehicle, but its good maintenance will ensure that it will serve as a trustable source of power in case of emergencies.



UTRAI Jstar One Jump Starter

UTRAI Jstar One

When we talk about the best budget jump starters that are not heavy to your pocket then cheers because UTRAI Jstar One is one of those jump starters that comes with a reasonable price tag.

This jump starter seems small but can produce 22000mah power which is enough to jump-start a 12V car battery.

This gadget is suitable for most vehicles like motorcycles and vans, all kinds of trucks and SUVs, etc. The Jstar jump starter can easily charge mobile phone devices and other battery gadgets with a USB port.

It comes with 4 types of LED lights which include a flashlight feature which is very convenient to use in dark conditions an SOS feature etc. Further, a compass features for solo travelers to find the way back home when lost.

The jump starter has advanced technology and has a built-in circuit protection feature that protects the circuit against over-current, reverse polarity, overload, and over-voltage, etc. The well-built two solid clamps provide maximum current to the dead batteries.

Additionally, this jump starter is water-resistant and highly durable. The overall package includes USB and type C cables, adopter for car cigarette adopter, user manual, and last but not least storage bag.

The Jstar jump starter from UTRAI also offers a 1-year warranty along with 30 days device return policy for unsatisfied consumers. Overall, it a worth buying product.

Pros Cons
Produces 22000mah power Not so ideal if you own diesels
Suitable for various vehicles
Built-in circuit protection feature


The Utrai Jstar car jump starter can be used for various purposes with lots of user-friendly features. The easy-to-use interface makes it unique from other similar brands.



Final verdict:

The other option rather than owning a jump starter to jump-start your vehicle is the donor-recipient way, but it’s not suitable because you’ll require some other nearby motorist who will be willing to stop and help you out on the road.

Oftentimes this does not happen, so you will be left helpless on the roadside or a highway. Therefore the quickest way to get your engine running again is to be independent by owning a jump starter and knowing how to use it, this way you won’t have to sit back and wait for someone else to possibly help you whenever your car breaks down.

Choose an appropriate jump starter that suits the needs of your car’s engine to become self-reliant and to get your car going again by a fast & simple charge. They are resilient, reliable, and convenient for anyone to use.

An optimal jump starter should be strong, must maintain its charge well, and should have a rather long life that would last. You can also do so much more than just charge your car battery with any of these units, as you can see from this article.

Therefore, buy your jump starter today and always keep it in your vehicle. Be ready for any worst-case scenario on the road which may happen. Hopefully, you will understand a bit more about what you want after reading this article, so no matter whatever you’re searching for, you must be able to easily find something that suits your requirements and budget. Because this article contains some of the best jump starters for SUVs.


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