Best Jump Starters For v8 2022

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2022)

Nothing is more frustrating than a dead battery on a work morning or the road. No matter how big, small, or how powerful your vehicle is, this is bound to happen during its life. With that said, v8 engines are no exception to that.

They can run out of battery charge and if you’re not prepared to tackle a low-end burble engine of a v8, then you’re in for trouble. In this regard, we have compiled some of the best jump starters for V8 in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Talking about v8 engines that are usually classified as large automotive engines, are internal combustion engines. It has 4 cylinders on each side, making a total of 8 and those 4 cylinders on the sides are placed at such an angle that they form a “V”, hence the name v8.

These engines are installed in large powerful cars, trucks, or SUVs. And these v8 engines can be powered by different types of fuels including gasoline, diesel, petrol, or gas.

Now what to do if such a powerful and heavy engine runs out of charge? It can happen with any vehicle either on the road or due to sitting idle for a long time. Weather conditions play a huge role in it too.

Options to bring dead engines back to life typically would include borrowing another vehicle to give you charge through jump cables. But you need a strong vehicle that can provide sufficient current to start up a v8 engine, and of course finding that, making a safe connection is another hassle.

The other option would be to invest in a portable jump starter. They come with powerful batteries, long length cables, and absolutely no risk of sparks, explosions, or damage to any vehicle.

Some might also have outlets that can charge your devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more! Portability sure is a great feature of these jump starters but they cannot top the sense of independence, ease, and convenience it brings into a driver’s life.

Now choosing the best jump starter for v8 is the real task. This decision is based on things like the size of the engine, battery type, number of amps required for cranking it, and weighing in of other features different brands have to offer.

V8 engines require a high output jump starter and you can judge that by looking at product descriptions and must you choose the product with cranking and cold cranking amps. Here’s a little guide based on the type of fuel that runs your v8 engine.

Gas or petrol engines will need 250 to 300 amps and diesel engine will need around 500-700 amps in 8-cylinder vehicles. So, these are some of the things to look out for if you plan to get one of the best jump starters for v8.

We have carefully picked some jump starters that have the capabilities of juicing up heavy v8 engines. Hopefully they will eliminate the chances of you being left helpless and vulnerable on a roadside looking for help.

Best Jump Starters For v8 (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight  
Jump-N-Carry JNC1224 8.9 x 15 x 17 inches 40 Pounds Check Price
Clore Automotive HT1224AGM 23 x 44.5 x 20 inches 208 Pounds Check Price
Mr Cartool Autool 18.46 x 13.35 x 10.91 inches (Package) 17.83 Pounds Check Price
JumpBoost EL7552 V8 Air 11 x 11 x 7 inches 10 Pounds

Check Price


Jump-N-Carry JNC1224

Jump-N-Carry JNC1224

If you’re interested in a portable, multi-voltage powerful jump starter in an impact-resistant casing that can manage to amp up your v8 engine at any time needed, look no further! Clore Automotive has created a phenomenal power-packed device that can easily rank as the best jump starter for v8. Here is why.

First of all, starting with incredible storage of power, JNC1224 packs a heavy-hitting 3400 Peak Amps of jump-starting power in 12-volt mode and 1700 Peak Amp jump-starting power in 24-volt mode. The voltage setting can easily be changed between these two options.

A v8 usually comes with a 12-volt electrical system that JNC can easily pump up. It is designed for “everyday professional use”. Its “always ready to go” nature comes from a built-in charger that can provide up to 24 hours 365 days continuous charging.

Every component of the JNC jump starter is designed uniquely to complement each other and deliver an extreme starting power to your v8. It features 46 inches long, heavy-gauge cables that efficiently transfer the unit’s power to v8’s engine via heavy-duty clamps for a quick jump start.

These industrial-grade hot jaw clamps ensure safety by keeping in check the connection made is spark-free and no charge is lost in- between transfers. All of this is enclosed in a sturdy covering that is made up of drop resistant material.

This makes sure that the jump starter’s components are protected at all times from extreme weathers and unwarranted mishaps. Moreover, JNC1224 features a 12-volt DC outlet to power other accessories like smart phones, laptops, iPods etc.

What goes on behind JNC’S hard exterior is what we call magic. It utilizes dual clore performer batteries that are designed specifically for jump-starting vehicles with heavy engines like that of a v8.

Advantage of this kind of special battery in a jump starter is the output of extraordinary power, extended cranking duration and amazing durability. This paired with onboard automatic charging makes this device top our list.

Pros Cons
3400 Peak amps for 12-volt mode, 1700 Peak amps for 24-volt mode Cables are a little fragile
Longer jump cable to reach a high vehicles
Automatic charging and impact-resistant housing


When words like “dependable” are used by users of a device, you know it is worth spending money on! Features like voltage switching, 46” welding cables leads, hot jaw clamps, automatic charging and impact resistant body are a must-have for all v8 owners. Get one for yourself today!



Clore Automotive HT1224AGM

Clore Automotive HT1224AGM

Clore Automotive HT1224AGM is known for its extreme instant raw power outputs. Called the “Big Boy” of Wheeled jump starters, this big boy has made a return in the market with new fabulous updates.

Clore Automotive has special multi-voltage starting capabilities, meaning what? Meaning that it can jump-start vehicles having 12-volt or 24-volt electrical systems.

It features quick-connect plugs for easy and verifiable change of operating voltage. It is a commercial charger and jump starter used for heavy high displacement vehicles, class 8 semi-trucks, construction equipment, and farm implements. V8 being one of the heavy-engines, is perfectly suitable for this device.

Specifically designed for the over-the-road transportation industry these jump starters deliver an instant raw charge of 1400 cold-cranking amps in 12-volt mode and 800 cold-cranking amps in 24-volt mode. And this is how it overcomes the challenges of frigid weather.

The in-built protectors sense and then prevent a connection made wrongly or when the vehicle is incompatible with the Clore jump starter in terms of voltage.

It incorporates two onboard AGM batteries and ensures longer cycling life and reliability. It is built in such a way that eliminates the chances of any kind of spill hazards that may harm the operator or vehicle. Also, the automatic charging ability is what makes it always ready for use.

Furthermore, it features an enhanced 2 channel charging capability system that independently charges each battery to ensure complete charge during a charging cycle.

Owning a big bulky car with a v8 engine has its perks, but maintaining this car is the key. One thing all good driver knows is that they need to be prepared for all things coming.

Coming back to what Clore Automotive’s new update has to offer, it features an extra-long 10ft. cable leads made of 1/0 cable and has heavy-duty clamps to penetrate battery corrosion. Together they make it super convenient to reach the engine of vehicles of all shapes and sizes before making a connection.

Other than that, the 208-pound unit is extremely easy to move over all kinds of surfaces. Be it bricks, sand, undone cement, or whatnot! The large 9-inch pneumatic wheels allow it to maneuver any kind of surface to come to rescue your v8 vehicle and fill in some charge!

Pros Cons
Already installed two AGM batteries Heavy-weight
1400 cold-cranking amps for 12-volt mode and 800 cold-cranking amps for 24-volt mode for instant power boosts
Pneumatic wheels for easy mobility


Clore Automotive should be in possession of owners of all vehicles with v8 engines. You will not regret spending even a single penny on it.





The most asked question about jump starters is about their durability and ease of use. The answer to both these concerns in the case of MR CARTOOL jump starter and battery charger is YES! Yes, it is durable due to its self-protection design and usage is made easy due to handles, levers, and soft but imperishable rollers.

Brace yourselves to read the impressive features of Autool EM315. EM315 is a double-function device offering charging and jump-starting for different voltage cars. Perfect for a v8 with a 12-volt electrical system because all you have to do is turn the function switch to 12V before charging.

Similarly, an easy switch to 24V can be made when you need to use this device to charge a 24-volt battery.

The charging current can be adjusted manually within the 20A range. The positive (+) and negative (-) power pole share both starting and charging functions.

This way there is no confusion or complication regarding its operation. Even a total noob will be able to handle this device.

Besides a fast-charging time and a huge power supply, there is an over current protection system in place that will protect the battery and ensure a longer life. The charger adopts smart temperature control, fan cooling and as mentioned, automatic shutdown protection in over-heat.

Autool is amongst the best because of many reasons, one being a safe power supply during jump-starting with an ultra-low temperature start.

And again, the operation is made user-friendly, you only need to press a “starter” button before a 12V or 24V lead-acid battery charging. Due to this comfort of practice, Autool can be operated by anyone. You don’t need special skill or a unique technique to operate this device. Win!

Coming to the remarkable design that had us pick this one for our list of best jump starter for v8, MR CARTOOL’s EM315 features a wear-resistant handle that is soft and bears load like no other. Its hard-wearing exterior effectively reduces the vibration of the device.

A handle on top to lift and rollers below to roll away. This is the ease-of-use that users wish to have. Palm-shaped levers on extendable drawbar allow easy dragging/rolling.

Drawbars can hide inside the unit to save space. For rolling on complex grounds, Autool comes prepared with soft wear-resistant rubber rollers that possess vibration absorbing, cushioning, and noise reduction qualities.

Pros Cons
Self-protection design No instructions manual
Certified quality
400A jump-starting power and 20A charging current for multiple (12 and 24V) voltages


Autool EM315 jump starter and battery charger that can fire up cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, boats, RVs, and SUVs twice as fast as traditional machines. An excellent option for v8 engines.



Wagan JumpBoost EL7552 V8 Air

Wagan JumpBoost EL7552 V8 Air

Wagan is well known for its steady upgraded products and has fostered the development of its force supply line; the JumpBoost V8 Air. This will serve any individual who drives, appreciates the outside, or needs a multi-work power supply.

As this device includes both AC and DC Charging Connectors, you can use it as jump boost, supporter, battery pack, battery bank, and power supply.

It is ideal for vehicles with motors up to V8, the jump starter is prepared to blow up tires, support a vehicle, and charge your electronic gadget.

Further, You can utilize the DC power slot on the facade of the V8 Air to control various adornments including coolers, chargers, power inverters, and many more things.

This is a great device for individuals who are searching for one gadget that doesn’t cost a ton of cash.

This is a multi-tasking tool that will allow you to not leave your friends and family defenseless on the side of the road around evening time hanging tight for help.

The V8 Air will permit them to support their tires at a protected area based on their personal preference with its 260 PSI air compressor.

Wagan Tech coordinated an amazingly brilliant, cutting edge 200 Lumen COB LED light into the body of this jump starter so working and lighting become simultaneous.

Pros Cons
Powerful No carrying bag
Great value to money


The EL7552 jump starter by Wagan Tech is an amazing tool in case of any flat tires, a vehicle with ignition problems, and a dead mobile battery. It is an upgraded product that provides you with solace during the outside crisis.



Final Verdict:

Indeed owning a big heavy v8 engine is worthwhile, but these big babies have to be treated with special care. No matter how small, big, or powerful a vehicle you own, it is still going to get tired every once in a while. And that’s when you will need a jump starter that is safe, easy to operate, and has enough efficient power to charge a heavy engine or jump it.

If you have read the whole article you know what you need to look for while getting one, we defined what the best jump starter for v8 must have and put together some recommendations too.

ranking amps, cold-cranking amps, a sturdy housing, durable long length cables, properly protected and covered clamps, voltages, and of course the charging options are some common features all our suggestions have.


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