Best Jump Starters On The Market 2022

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2022)

Which is the best jump starter on the market? This is one question you will find every vehicle owner asking. Especially those living in colder climates. It is quite expected of cars, buses, or even heavier trucks to halt on the road or die from sitting in the garage.

We all know the aftermath of such unfortunate events. Calling a neighbor or friend to rescue you, waiting for towing vehicles to get you to the nearest mechanic, or lending a battery charge from a kind stranger on a roadside.

Either way, it is so much hassle. On the other hand, a jump starter/battery charger is a much more efficient, time-saving, effortless, and tremendously safer way to pull a dead battery back to life.

They store charge within and in the unfortunate event of your car’s dead battery, you can connect jump starter’s cables to the car’s terminals via properly coated clamps to make a safe connection for passing life-saving current to the car. We have compiled some of the best jump starters on the market in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Coming to the answer to this question, it depends on different factors like the kind of vehicle you drive, engine size and type, kind of fuel your engine takes, battery voltage, the climate you’re in, and peak/cranking amps.

All of them will define what the best jump starter on the market is for your car/truck/SUV/RV. Now some jump starters manage to have a range of power supplies, even switch voltages between 12-volt and 24-volt, some might incorporate air compressors that even eliminates the need to spend on inflating flat tires every once in a while.

These devices have got you covered, they were designed to make our lives easier and they truly live by that promise. The best jump starter on the market is subjective, but there are some incredibly powerful products on the market that drove us to research more and learn that they can even adapt to any lifestyle and situation they are in!

One factor that contributes to their versatility is the ease of use, ease of mobility I.e., portability. Wheeled or completely portable, these products make sure you always have a reliable source of charge if you need jump-starting or charging batteries or even just a power generator on your camping trip.

A jump starter is considered good if it is compatible with your vehicle’s engine and voltage system, for example, if you own a heavy-duty truck you at least need 270-700 peak amps to jump-start its dead engine.

So, when looking for the best jump starters, a truck owner will look for a device with peak amps above 270. Additional features also help, USB ports, AUX jacks, LED flashlights, ability to double as power banks for charging your other devices like laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

The market is full of choices and picking one is surely a challenge. For that, we have rounded up the following jump starters that we believe are a perfect combination of efficient performance, compact design, and decent quality.

Best Jump Starters On The Market (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight  
NOCO Boost HD GB150 16.85 x 9.21 x 4.02 inches 7.5 Pounds Check Price
NOCO Boost Max GB500 18.1 x 15.4 x 17.6 inches 33 Pounds Check Price
BEATIT BO101 9.06 x 4.72 x 1.38 inches 2 Pounds Check Price
NOCO Genius G26000 18 x 9 x 6 inches 7.7 Pounds Check Price
Dewalt DXAEPS14 13.4 x 6.8 x 12.6 inches 19 Pounds

Check Price


NOCO Boost HD GB150

NOCO Boost HD GB150

Do not judge this jump starter’s ability based on its small size. It can deliver up to 4000 amps (22,500 J3S) and 625 cranking amps and can jump-start 40 times on a single charge!

Works for both diesel and gasoline engines up to 10L with ease. NOCO’s amazing features make it one of the ideal jump starters, we are sure you will agree by the end of this article.

Installed in GB150 are status indicators that warn and alert when an incorrect connection is made to the vehicle’s terminals. Spark-proof technology eliminates the risk of dangerous sparks or explosions. It also acts as a portable power source for recharging USB devices like smartphones, tablets, or other 12-volt devices.

The 15-amp output port is for powering any 12-volt device like tire inflators, inverters, and much more.

The multi-functionality of GB150 does not end here, it features a 500-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, an emergency strobe, and SOS for night time adventures and rescues.

It is extremely fast when it comes to recharging itself, by using an XGC cable you can recharge NOCO fully in only 3 hours, just by using your vehicle’s 12-volt auxiliary port.

Another way is to use the USB port that takes up to 11 hours to charge the device, for times other than emergencies. The market might be full of jump starters having these features but none is as compact and small as GB150.

Its advanced design features a high-discharge lithium technology that means a safe operation. The exterior is rugged and water-resistant making it more travel-friendly than ever. Lightweight, with only 7.5 pond designs enclosed in a rubberized over-molded casing is counted as the final reason why NOCO GB150 is the best.

Pros Cons
Flexible with jump-starting and charging via DC port High Price
Small and lightweight
Handy LED flashlight to concur any situation


NOCO Boost HD GB150 packs a punch! Best for 9-liter Gasoline and 7-liter Diesel engines with impressive charging capabilities. It is worth every penny.



NOCO Boost Max GB500

NOCO Boost Max GB500

GB500, the most innovative and powerful jump starter made it to our list. It comes with the ability to jump-start multi-voltage vehicles safely and within seconds.

Being compatible with vehicles ranging from cars to semi-truck, construction equipment, and farm implements, NOCO Boost takes the show!

This lithium battery jump-starter gives 20,000 amps in 12-volt mode and 10,000 amps in the 24-volt mode for quick jump-starts. It offers Ultra safe experience to its users.

Reverse polarity protection ensures no wrong connection is made and spark-proof technology does not let any scary spark get into the way.

NOCO GB500 utilizes latest rapid charging technology allowing users to recharge or jump-start faster and safer. Includes a convenient 56-watt AC power adapter as well as a 12-volt adapter for in-vehicle charging. Perfect on the go!

You can charge multiple devices from NOCO, be it cameras, smartphones, tablets, for up to 20 times in one charge.

If it’s a dark night that has invited the trouble of a dead battery, GB500 still got your back! You can easily jump start your dead engine in the dark because NOCO comes prepared with a 2200-lumen LED flashlight that can go about seven light modes and also includes an emergency strobe and SOS.

Furthermore, 24-inches boost max cable connectors make connecting and disconnecting super user-friendly. They won’t slip or disconnect even if pulled because of their flexibility.

These cables are insulated and heat-stabilized which makes them perfect for operation in any weather. NOCO also features a built-in voltmeter for enhanced diagnosis of the vehicle’s battery and ultimately troubleshooting.

Coming over to the 19-pound body, this advanced design comes enclosed in a water-resistant and rubberized over-molded casing to prevent damage. It is ultra-compact lightweight option and best jump starter on the market we have.

Pros Cons
Designed for both Diesel and Gasoline engines Relatively high truck users find cables small
Super-powerful and Ultra safe
Excellent for on the go recharging


NOCO Boost Max GB500 offers great features and performance, highly recommended and one of the best products in the market because of its high performance.





Declared as a great camping accessory, BEATIT is a jump starter and temporary power bank. Lithium-ion battery-powered that works well with 12-volt batteries of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, trucks and even snowmobiles.

Don’t be discouraged by its small outlook, this jump starter comes with 2200 peak amps power that can easily jump start 30 times on a single charge in just 1-3 seconds. Suitable for 10.0-liter Gasoline and Diesel engines. This is enough to classify it as the perfect jump starter, but there’s more!

21,000mAh power bank can charge any smart device at least 4-9 times on a single charge. This is not the traditional 5 hours charge we’re talking about, it’s way faster and long-lasting. This is possible because of the QC3 technology and 2 USB ports.

It can charge personal electronics, home appliances, and more. As said, great camping accessory, BP101 brings the most amazing feature of an adaptable flashlight with emergency strobe, SOS, and Caution modes.

So, either BP101 is a part of an adventurous trip into the wild or if it is rescuing you in a flat-battery emergency, these lights will come in handy.

The Quick Discharge Start Power technology in BEATIT BP101 makes it able to withstand various challenging environments and trying temperatures. We have all been there!

When the weather is our biggest enemy and there is nothing we can do about it. But that’s when one of the best jump starters on the market comes into play and shows off its QDSP technology to jump-start our cars safely.

The jump cables are built-in and are mistake-proof and spark-proof design to prevent short-circuits, sparks, or explosions while making a connection. The length of cables is extendable up 15.5 inches from 10 inches which completely solves the issue most jump starters on the market have! The operation is made convenient and free!

Pros Cons
15.5inch jump cables No car cigarette charging cable
Powerful jump-starting amps with QDSP technology
Emergency flashlight


Small compact 2-pound jump-starter that has so much to offer. BEATIT is a must-have!



NOCO Genius G2600

NOCO Genius G2600

NOCO Genius G2600 is a pro-series battery charger and maintainer that can also efficiently jump start vehicles. Genius in its name is enough to give you the idea that this product has some intelligent and smart features.

G2600 delivers a relatively fast charge which can easily be noticed from the control panel that is LED-dominated. Yes! A smart visual diagnostic tool is in place to detect reverse polarity low-voltage and damaged batteries and also display charging status.

With an input voltage of 110-120 VAC NOCO G2600 ranks as a professional grade battery charger and jump starter.

It works efficiently with all types of 12-volt and 24-volt lead-acid batteries and 12-volt lithium-ion batteries up to 500Ah or, any common automotive, marine, deep-cycle, or maintenance-free battery and other wet, gel, and AGM.

The smart charger will keep the battery fully charged without overcharging it, just plug in and forget because it automatically monitors and maintains the battery.

You know the damage batteries sustain after they have been left uncharged for extended periods? Well, the advance repair mode reverses these damages, and your battery is good as new.

When full power is not needed it will activate energy-saving mode and minimize energy consumption. This is detected by an interactive charging process based on organic feedback.

Optimize internal battery chemistry for increased longevity and performance of the battery. The jump starter in G2600 does not provide cranking amps but offers a high amperage charge to jump start 12-volt batteries from the dead.

It can work with micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles and CANBUS electrical system. Spark-proof technology and reverse polarity the protection ensures a safe and sound operation. As a charger, it can remain connected 24/7 safely.

To avoid surface slipping and scratching, G2600 features external mounting holes and a rubberized base. The housing is UV, impact, and water-resistant (IP44).

Pros Cons
Speedy and efficient Not suitable for bigger batteries
Long-term charge storage
Automatic and smart monitoring


NOCO Genius G2600 is packed with energy and ease. If you’re an on-the-go person, you need this!



Dewalt DXAEPS14 Automotive Jump Starter

Dewalt DXAEPS14 Automotive Jump Starter

Dewalt is famous for its electronic devices as they come in handy and are easy to use. This automotive jump starter also has the same features for a better utilization experience. The DXAEPS14 proficient power station is the ideal answer for your portable force needs.

This device is considered DEWALT’S most impressive jump starter joined with a 500 Watt AC Inverter, USB power, 120 PSI advanced blower, and drove work light, all in a convenient bundle you can store away in your trunk or truck easily.

This jump starter is outfitted with an advanced 120 PSI air blower with auto stop and SureFit spout to help get tires filled with compressed air that has the low pressing factor.

You simply connect the metal-tipped SureFit spout to the tire’s valve stem, select the wanted pneumatic stress, and the blower will naturally stop when the task is done.

The above-mentioned features make it ideal for emergency aides or long setting up camp excursions. Further, it gives help when your vehicle is not getting started, the telephone battery is biting the dust, a tire is going to be flat and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The inherent USB ports prove to be useful to charge your telephone and electronic gadgets.

Pros Cons
Best quality Noisy because of an internal fan


The best quality, multipurpose and reliable jump starter for stating your vehicle and charging your devices with its USB ports. This powerful device also has light to be used while working in a shadowy place.



Final Verdict:

Every manufacturer will claim their jump starter to be the best jump starter on the market, but to save you time and comparison anxiety, we came up with four jump starters that are worth it.

We picked the ones offering a balance of quirks that were adequate for all kinds of vehicles. They offer a spectrum of features and you could be on either side of it depending on the conditions you drive your vehicle in. So yes, the choice is yours, made easier by us.


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