How It’s Possible To Start Multiple Cars With One Jump Starter?

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2022)

How It’s Possible To Start Multiple Cars With One Jump Starter?

A jump starter is a portable device that was developed as a smart alternative to the traditional and cumbersome jump-starting method. This is a product, ranging from 7 to 19 pounds on average, that has an electric charge stored inside for charging heavy-duty equipment and engines.

Jump starters are worth it:

They can also jump-start completely dead, worn-out batteries. In addition to this, they offer plenty of impressive features that will make one wonder what a terrific device it is!

So, all you need to do with jump starters is charging, once you have charged a jump starter, it will fire up multiple vehicles, charge multiple other electronic devices.

A charged jump starter is connected to the vehicle’s terminals via jump cables safely and you are good to juice up your car and get back to the road!

Per Charge:

Now, the number of jump starts per charge will vary from brand to brand, prices, amperage, the size of your car’s engine, the climate condition, the health of your battery, etc.

Of course, if the health of the battery is already bad and the climate is cold, you will need more power to jump-start your car as compared to the standard power. Some of you must be wondering how is it possible to start multiple cars with one jump starter? Or maybe this is the question that brought you here.


Anyways, jump starters store a huge amount of power in them. If they were to charge/jump-start once and be done, they would defy the whole purpose of having a portable power pack.

Different cars have different electrical system (12 or 24 volts) and have different types of engines. These engines require certain amperes of current to work and to get started.

Get started:

The “get started” amperes are what’s important for a jump starter. This is what determines the suitability or compatibility of a jump starter with a car. Jump starters today come with ranges of amps they provide, some are capable of jump-starting cars and motorbikes and provide current in 150-300 peak amps.

Whereas some jump starters can manage to provide up to 2000 amps, and as you have already guessed, these are meant for bigger and heavier engines. Like those of trucks, RVs, or boats and yachts.

Furthermore, the advanced multi-voltage jump starters have easy switches to shift from 12 to 24-volt car engines if needed.


The jump starters powered by lead-acid batteries are usually used for heavy-duty engines but they can also jump-start smaller ones because of smart technology which enables it to judge and stop charging when the vehicle’s battery is fully charged.

Overvoltage protection and overcharge protection are the technologies used to ensure safety and maintain the versatility of jump starters.


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