Best Recliners For Scoliosis 2022

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2022)

Does your neck or back give you aches or pain every single day? It might be due to scoliosis, and the condition will worsen if you don’t care further. In today’s busy world, many people are not taking the time out to relax, and the result is a stressed-out society. Scoliosis is the most common deformity present in these people.

It may cause severe complications including muscle strain, muscle tightening, and sometimes badly affect your posture. Pain from scoliosis may also happen due to the muscles that are working overtime to compensate for the curve in the spine.

This condition occurs due to heavy lifting, frequent bending forward, trauma, or maybe degenerative conditions. Moreover, sitting in an uncomfortable chair leads to poor sitting posture which in return badly worsens your condition. We have compiled some of the best recliners for scoliosis in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Now, if you are also suffering from scoliosis and severe back pain then no more stress! Yes, it’s time to change your sitting style with the best comfortable recliner that helps you ease back pain instantly.

A recliner allows you to extend the chair back to find a position that suits your needs. Recliners support your whole body from the upper back down to your legs and relax body muscles by taking the stress away from the painful area.

They offer complete support to the lower back and legs, keeping them elevated and relieve pain. Spinal strains and sprains which occur due to scoliosis can be minimized by relaxing on a comfortable recliner.

Moreover, recliners improve your posture, which in turn reduces the pain in the lower back caused due to a long-term scoliosis condition. They provide entire body support and lessen the lumbar pain by taking off the weight from your back.

On ordinary chairs, you have to sit up straight, which means you are contracting your all muscles. With recliners, your body is lying down and your resting spine balances the weight to other parts of your body.

This helps relax the spinal region of the body and ease the tension and stiffness that is caused by scoliosis. Further, recliners with massagers improve your blood circulation in the body, which helps relieve the body pains.

They minimize the stiffness and tension in the muscles, lowering the pain from the affected area. People with scoliosis badly suffer from stress levels and muscles aches, so massaging recliners help release endorphin in the body. They reduce muscle pain and wipe off the stress accumulated throughout the day.

Moreover, doctors also suggest using the recliners in scoliosis problem for supporting the back and relieving pain. They recommend having recliners at home not only for comfort but also for preventing deformities and medical disabilities.

Recliners are perfect one in lowering the pain as they provide a variety of adjustable angles to elevate or recline yourself in an easing position.

The key to getting relief from pain is elevating your legs, so by using recliners, you can easily elevate your legs in sitting position. The recliners offer a complete comfort zone by giving soothing massage to your entire body or any of your desired distress areas. Moreover, they reduce the stress and tightening of back muscles, so help prevent in scoliosis problem.

A variety of good recliners is available in the market, but wait! Do you know which recliner is the best for preventing scoliosis by reducing the back pain and relieve stress levels.

Ok, you must cheers now because you have landed the right place. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of best recliners which are particularly good for scoliosis condition that offers all the essential features to minimize your back pain.

Best Recliners For Scoliosis (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight  
Real Relax N/A N/A Check Price
Seatcraft Julius 41.5 x 41 x 45 inches 167 Pounds Check Price
Intercon Avalon 33 x 41 x 34 inches 133 Pounds Check Price
Ashley Yandel 40 x 35 x 42.63 inches 139 Pounds

Check Price


Real Relax Zero Gravity Recliner

Real Relax Zero Gravity Recliner

Have you got muscle spasm and pains in your back region due to scoliosis? Now no more pains! Yes, the Real Relax Shiatsu Massage recliner is here to bring you a real-life comfort by reducing your muscle strain and soreness. Let’s have a look at its features!

This Massage recliner offers 8 built-in massage neck back waist rollers with 50 airbags that are placed to the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet.

The alternative inflation and deflation of the airbags will provide a relaxation massage period. The pressure produced by airbags is enough to properly stretch your muscles.

The 8 massage rollers will massage your neck, lumbar area, and reduces muscle stiffness and tightness. No matter how worse of the scoliosis condition, this massage recliner will take all the fatigue away. And the best part is, you can use the remote to adjust the airbag massage and rollers according to your requirements.

Moreover, the massage rollers work alongside the airbags to give a thorough massage to your full body. It’ll relieve all your stress and strain of the whole working day.

The Real Relax recliner holds a built-in heating system that will heat your lower back area and relax your spinal muscles. In this way, it improves your blood circulation level and metabolism.

The recliner comes with a zero-gravity feature with a single press of a button that gives you an incredible massaging session.

It lifts your legs so that you can feel comfortable in the sitting position. This position will minimize the amount of pressure gravity puts on your back, and you will feel a complete comfort zone.

Furthermore, a real relax recliner supports a foot massage feature. Both rollers and airbags will give massage to your foot, so you can get rid of foot tense.

The built-in waist and foot heater promotes blood circulation throughout the body. It stimulates the muscles to relax which gets spastic because of scoliosis.

Moreover, there are six auto modes for various massage choices. These modes include massage for relaxing, sleeping, neck pain, stretching, sport, and waist pain. Therefore, you can customize manual massage at your home by using this Real Relax recliner.

Also, the Real Relax Shiatsu massage recliner has Bluetooth compatibility with changing LED lights. How cool is that? So, you can enjoy a full-body pain relief massage with a spa-like ambiance at your own home.

Pros Cons
Airbags and rollers massage A little heavy
Zero Gravity massage comfort
Auto modes for various massage choices
Built-in heating system


Relax your body and get the release of all the pains at your home with this amazingly designed Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage recliner.



Seatcraft Julius Recliner

Seatcraft Julius Recliner

Do you want to mesmerize your home with theatre-like comfort? The wait is over now! Yes, the Seatcraft Julius provides you a complete package of home theatre seating. It holds ultimate comfort, sophisticated design, and all the features you need to help create the mesmerizing cinematic-like system at home.

The seat craft recliner comes with a two-in-one package, as it provides you complete comfort and enhanced amusement level.

Moreover, it is a perfect one for users who are tall and wider, as it supports up to incredible 400 lbs. Let’s go to its amazing features!

The Seat craft Julius comes with a luxurious, ergonomically designed seating surface with a cooling gel that provides long lasting comfort and support to the people who suffer from scoliosis.

It holds genuine 7000 top grain leather with premium quality that is perfect for giving comfort and ideal for a home theatre environment.

Moreover, the incredible power headrest takes the power reclining option to a whole new dimension. It permits you to electronically adjust the headrest, giving multiple possible positions. It helps in reducing your neck and shoulder strain and gives relaxation for maximum time.

Moreover, you can recline your seat into your favorite position simply by pushing a seat power control panel on Seat craft Julius recliner.

Simply adjust the seat and headrest to whatever angle fits your physique and then enjoy the new level of comfort at your home. The power lumbar and power recliner contours and conforms to your body like no other chair.

It reduces your muscle tightening and lower back pain by giving extreme comfort to the entire back region. Moreover, it helps prevent all spinal deformities and muscle sprains. So you can enjoy the dream-level of comfort with this amazing Julius home theatre recliner.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the extreme level of comfort with movie theatre experience at your own home.

The Seat craft Julius recliner features lighted cup holders that emit a gentle azure glow and allows you to find your beverages easily in the dark. Moreover, the ambient base lighting under the seat provides a mesmeric look to the entire room.

Yeah, it looks cool! Moreover, the armrests of this seat open up to reveal plenty of storage room for the placement of various items. So, it won’t be wrong to say that, it is a perfect home-theatre recliner for patients of scoliosis who want to enjoy more relaxation with extreme convenience at their own home.

Pros Cons
Adjustable powered headrests Limited color selection
Premium top-grain leather
Maximum weight capacity
High-quality product


The Julius home-theatre system is an elegant addition to your home cinema and is an excellent investment in comfort for spinal issues.




Intercon Avalon Dual Power Recliner

Intercon Avalon Dual Power Recliner

Now treat your spinal issues with style. Your living space can become your relaxing sanctuary with the Intercon Avalon dual power recliner. Yes, it brought you to the next level with its extreme comfort zone and dual power reclining mechanisms. Let’s check it out!

Avalon recliner comes with genuine top-grain leather that gives you softness and silky feel and makes it a pleasure just to touch.

The premium leather is remarkable durable and retaining the natural appearance and softness of cozy grain leather for many years.

The power motion of the Avalon recliner gives you complete control over your positioning. So, you can find the perfect and relaxing angle for your relaxation period. It holds and supports your whole body and avoid muscle strains and tightening.

Moreover, Avalon recliner features a powerful adjustable headrest that allows you to find the perfect angle for reading or watching TV shows, simply with the push of a button.

This control over your comfort helps you prevent neck strain and supports your head. This feature meets your body requirements and prevents muscular misalignment.

It provides full relaxation and support to your neck, trunk, and lumbar area. Moreover, it reduces the pressure and stiffness from your shoulders and provides complete comfort to them. There, the Intercon Avalon recliner is a savage for people suffering from scoliosis.

The Avalon recliner holds an amazingly comfortable seat with broad pillow arms, plush cushioning, and animated curves. The recliner has no gap-cushion that extends from the seat to the feet, so you can get better support and comfort to your whole body.

You can create the perfect fit for your own personal relaxation whether reclined or upright. This cozy feature brings an amazing comfort to the patients of scoliosis and reduces all tensions and fatigues in no time.

Further, the Intercon Avalon recliner has a built-in USB charger that provides amazing convenience and allows you to keep cell phones, tablets, and other devices charged while you relax. These luxuries can completely change your home casual charm and give ultimate comfort to people who suffer from spinal diseases.

Pros Cons
Power recliner with power headrest Heavy to move
No-Gap footrest
Built-in USB chargers
Quality and reliable product


The Intercon Avalon is a great option for you if you are looking for an ultimate comfort level with a perfect living room setting.



Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

This amazing recliner gives you comfort because of the padded seating. The leg rest can be lifted without the back being lowered which means the footrest and back operate independently. The fabric is nice and the leather feels much softer.

The power lift recliner comes assembled. It seems to be well constructed with a lot of metal reinforcement. This is a super-smooth recliner when using the power controls.

This extremely functional recliner is made with a high back, thick cushions, and a sturdy corner-blocked frame with a metal reinforcement seat that provides you solace during sitting.

The power lift recliner is specially designed for seniors or disabled individuals as it has good adjustable back support. This chair is a much more obvious choice of users in terms of quality.

110V is required for lifting the recliner for sitting purposes and has a remote control for changing the backrest into the following different positions; bedlike position, and little tilted position.

Pros Cons
Fabric is super soft and comfortable No battery backup
Sturdy and durable
Easy to put together


The quality and functions of the upholstered power lift recliner make it ideal and stylish for daily use. The features like power lift, and poly fiber, etc., make them super comfy and smooth. It comes in two color choices; saddle and black. You can use the recliner for sitting in your lounge as well as your garden.



Final Verdict:

A large number of people suffer from scoliosis and other back pain issues. They spend hundreds of dollars on their treatment every year. Prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable chair during work periods, wrong sitting posture, and stress can enhance spinal issues.

All these factors put stress on the back muscles around the spine. Moreover, it leads to tightening in the muscle, which aggravates the muscle pain eventually.  But don’t worry! Recliners are a real beast to fight these issues. They can help with back pain and treats scoliosis by taking the weight off your back.

Elevating legs with reclining can help you support your whole body and relieves spastic issues.  So, it’s time to use a recliner that gives maximum comfort and support to your body and prevent it from further worsening.


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