Best Aftermarket Infotainment System 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

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1- Pioneer MV1400NEX

2- Pioneer AVH-2500NEX

3- Sintegrate LinksWell

4- Dasaita

5- Jensen Car68

6- Stinger HEIGH10



First thing first:

If you are someone who enjoys a fun ride home with lots of music, chatting with friends and colleagues or catching up on the news, but for a very simple reason, you just can’t! the reason could be that you drive an older car model or your car’s in-built stereo does not support any advanced features.

In cases like these, it is always best to go for aftermarket solutions, no need to save up, wait and buy a new vehicle for it all when you can simply upgrade to a better car stereo or infotainment.

We have compiled some of the best aftermarket infotainment system in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Get the maximum from Car Stereos:

To operate and benefit from all the features of a car stereo, they need to be powered by your phone as these are not standalone units. The car-based interfaces from Google and Apple supported by these units make operation from behind the wheel much safer and easier.

Android Auto and Carplay are the names of these interfaces that you’ll be looking at in the descriptions for many aftermarket systems.

Before we head on to see best system in the market and what features can it bring into your lives, we must go through some important pointers that you need to consider before buying one. A buying guide of sorts.

Android Auto units are compatible with almost all the cars and devices whereas Carplay only supports iPhones. There are three main and most essential things you need to look for in a new Android auto head unit.

First being the Din. Carefully see if your car is a Double Din or a Single Din, these are the two usual head sizes in the market. Single Din and Double Din openings measure 2-8 inches and 4 to 8 inches respectively.

A Double Din head unit is always better as it allows more features, smarts, and controls whereas the Single Din limits the available choices.

Every unit offers a different set of features and thus they have been put into different categories of head units. So, the second thing you need to look out for is the type of receiver your head unit supports.

If you’re a fan of discs, you can get one with a DVD receiver. And lastly, look for features like capacitive touchscreens to get the same feeling as on your phone, satellite and radio tuners, Bluetooth controls, Wireless connections, USB and AUX ports, and an adjustable screen brightness because a very bright screen might bug you at night and a low one will get too dark in the sunlight.

Having an aftermarket car stereo installed is like breathing new life into your car. You can enjoy better and improved music by adjusting settings to your liking from the equalizer and you get the high-quality audio sound when audio navigating your way through.

Moreover, you get exposed to more entertainment choices, make driving and parking cars safer with cameras, and last but not the least, these units elevate your car’s resale value.

Best Aftermarket Infotainment System (Comparison)

Name Dimenssions Weight
Pioneer MVH1400NEX 11.1 x 9.7 x 3.45 inches 2.93 Pounds

Check Price

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX 11 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches 4.1 Pounds Check Price
LinksWell T-Style Unit 13.78 x 12.17 x 6.1 inches (Package) 6.28 Pounds Check Price
Dasaita 10 inch 11.5 x 10.8 x 8.1 inches (Package) 8.03 Pounds Check Price
Jensen CAR68 14 x 11 x 10 inches (Package) 4.04 Pounds Check Price
Stinger HEIGH10 10" 12.5 x 11 x 10 inches 8 Pounds Check Price


Pioneer MV1400NEX

Pioneer MV1400NEX

Pioneer Digital Media Receiver comes with a clear resistive touch screen that provides the user a safer, smarter, and fun way to connect iPhones and Smartphones in the car.

It gives an innovative way to call, listen to music, navigate maps, access messages, and what not! The best infotainment system you’ll find.

Pioneer MV1400NEX infotainment is a sweet combination of general, smartphone, audio, and video features.

Starting from the display screen that gives an 800×400 resolution high-quality video output which lets the driver see a clear and bright picture. Displays multi-language on the LCD Double Din in-Dash touchscreen monitor.

There is LED backlighting and a 24-bit True color panel that lets you customize the display colors. Pioneer has collaborated with some of the most popular app providers for the most demanded in-car apps.

You can control all these apps from your dash while enjoying full access on-screen. By connecting your iPhone or compatible Android device through a USB cable you can access your calendar, contacts, maps, and much more.

This machine supports full hands-free audio streaming and calling so the driver can focus on driving.

You can play any audio format in your car with this infotainment, be it WAV, MP3, AAC, RW, WMA, CD, or CD-R playback. It also supports AUX input, input back-up camera, composite AV input, furthermore wired remote input as well.

With built-in Bluetooth features and an FM/AM tuner, you can head out and enjoy the longest of rides with music, podcast, and live streaming all the easy.

AppRadioLIVE, Spotify, and Pandora control for Android and iPhone devices is a very handy feature. This device is smart enough to recognize voices and take commands.

Moreover, the audio can be customized by a 13-band equalizer and if you have subwoofers installed, all the subwoofer controls can be accessed right from your dashboard.

Pros Cons
High-resolution capacitive touchscreen display Display not very readable on sunny days
Compatible with multiple apps
Voice recognition


One of the best out there! Enjoy lossless audio and video output everywhere you go. Highly recommended device.



Pioneer AVH-2500NEX

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX

Look no further when you have Pioneer AVH-2500NEX, it enhances the connectivity of the device with all Android and IOS devices.

You don’t have to have a specific device to run this system, it’s easy and compatible with almost all devices out there.

This is an MP3/DVD stereo car receiver that works with a combination of Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple Carplay and has the amazing Amazon Alexa that is built-in and works with the Pioneer Vozsis App.

This app is available for both Android and IOS devices and allows the user to just tap and ask Alexa to play stop or rewind, check the weather, listen to the news, control your smart home features, and much more.

The Apple Carplay is for iPhone 5 and above and this makes using the phone while driving much safer and easier by its incredibly intuitive interface.

You can verbally send messages, listen to music, make calls, use maps, or listen to messages with just a touch or audio command.

You can also connect your Android device with the purpose-built Android Auto. It is designed in a way that it minimizes distractions and displays useful information to the driver after organizing it into simple card like shapes so the selection, reading, and browsing become easier.

Android Auto runs for all the Android 5.0 and above devices. Moreover, the in-built hands-free HFP Bluetooth of AVH-2500NEX pairs easily with devices without having to navigate complex settings on the screen.

You can pair your most used devices and it will automatically connect when the device is in near proximity of this in-dash system.

This system also has superior reception for calls using the Speech Handsfree Wideband Profile 1.6. this Wideband almost doubles the frequency bandwidth of usual Bluetooth calls, ones without Wideband Speech.

Suitable for all double Din Dash, and compatible with the most. This infotainment center displays crisp videos and excellent quality sound anytime and anywhere.

Pros Cons
Apple Carplay, Bluetooth and Android Auto Compatible User manual is not sufficient
24-bit true color panel
Parking assistance


Recommended for anyone who likes to jam to their favorite songs while driving. Ideal because of its high compatibility capability with numerous devices.



Sintegrate LinksWell T-style Unit

Sintegrate LinksWell T-style Unit

The big touch screen, customizable system, and completely hands-free controls of Sintegrate’s new T-style infotainment radio head car system makes it one of the best gadget out there.

The HD digital Capacitive is high in resolution with 1024x768p wide display and is highly reactive without a delay.

Never feel lost when you have this system installed in your car because there are a variety of navigation systems you can choose from to guide you the way.

You can either opt for data-based navigation from Waze or Google Maps where you can also download an offline map for times when you don’t have internet access.

You can also get Here we go app for offline maps. You can choose whichever one you like from a drop-down menu and get going.

With Sintegrate system in your dashboard, feel free to delete, download, or move files from the hard drive on an SD card or by USB drive. This T-style infotainment unit has three camera input options, Right, Back, and Front.

The back camera will automatically turn itself on when the vehicle is moving backward and the right one when the vehicle is turning right or when the right signal is activated.

This device is like your Android Tablet, just embedded into your car, which makes it even cooler. Connect it with Wi-Fi or your phone’s hotspot and after logging into your Google account you can download and enjoy multiple apps on the go.

The on-board SD card and the hard drive can store many music audios and videos on it so even if there is no internet you can still groove on to the downloaded music. Or there is always the option for Radio, you can access FM/AM with 18 preset stations.

Moreover, sync your date, time, calendar, files, and schedules to the Sintegrate T-style unit. You can also change the displayed language and system settings easily without having to go through a complicated menu.

The built-in Bluetooth allows you to make calls and receive calls without taking your hands off of the steering wheel.

Pros Cons
Hands-free navigation and calls The icon size displayed on screen is small
32GB powerful hard drive
Front, Back and right camera support


A great device for any car with possibly all the good features. You are definitely going to love this product.



Dasaita Multimedia

Dasaita Multimedia

The availability of vehicle-specific fitment and harness with elevated user experience because of the rotatable screen and numerous features is what makes Dasaita is also one of the best  in the market. The size is best for only the Double Din vehicles and also includes the harness for iso and Nissan with it.

Equipped with the latest 10.0 Android operating system and a huge 4GB RAM the storage and lagging are no more a problem! Also includes 1.4G Quad-Core and 1.8G Dual-Core 1.8G CPU processor make operations as smooth as possible.

Rockchip PX6 64-Bit and 64GB ROM also add to the system’s efficiency. The touch screen is seamless and a curved 2.5D with 1024×600 pixels high-resolution visual output.

The IPS display screen is visible even in bright sunlight and the efficient and highly responsive touch system makes pressing icons easy.

This infotainment system supports a wired Android Auto and a wireless Carplay which means you can enjoy all kinds of connectivity from all kinds of devices.

For certifying the driver’s safety, a completely hands-free option for calling and music is put in place and that is Bluetooth! Connect to the Bluetooth from your Android device, be it a tablet or a Smartphone, and chat on!

It also supports mirror links for both Android and iPhones which means you can see your phone’s screen on a larger screen and navigate your way. You can navigate with an offline map as well as an online one with clear voice guidance if you want.

There is also Steering wheel control along with the front and reverse camera displays that help the driver see clearly while parking or making a tricky turn. Moreover, you can adjust the sounds from the 15-band equalizer to match your taste and liking.

You can also connect your Pandora or Spotify apps to this system and enjoy already made playlists in your car.

Pros Cons
Supports Cam-IN, DSP-function, and AUX-IN Screen brightness is too high for nighttime
IPS display and multi-touchscreen
Online and offline accurate navigation


Perfect for all the Double Din car owners who love to travel with music and calls. Highly recommended.



Jensen Car68 Multimedia Player

Jensen Car68 Multimedia Player

The Jensen Car68 stereo multimedia player has 6.8 inches LCD which is touch-sensitive. All the points like next/previous, forward/backward, volume up/down, and switch buttons are present on this touch screen for every control inside your finger range.

You can also connect your cell phone with it and for hands-free controls, Siri/android voice recognition is also supported.

This will help you make/return calls, send, read, and answer to messages, access music while showing craftsman and track data, give bearings including reflecting the beneficiary screen onto your JENSEN vehicle sound system.

The Siri/Android will also serve as your navigators to guide with turn-by-turn headings that can be found by address or focal points. The best of all features is Apple Guides that will be reflected on the JENSEN recipient screen.

You can see and control your Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify applications from your vehicle sound system while streaming music from your Apple, Android, or other media gadgets. It supports videos through MP4 & Xvid as well.

Additionally, the multimedia comes with a motion GUI that permits you to swipe easily between different modes and settings, lessening the measure of time spent exploring the home screen and getting to your ideal page.

Pros Cons
Siri and Android voice recognition support Problems with reverse camera view for some vehicles
Touch screen control board
Safe driving because of handsfree operations


The Jensen Car multimedia player is upgraded as the technology updates for achieving all age needs. The smooth touch screen allows you to operate it well while driving. Further, you can change the tracks, call others, and send messages through Siri and Google voice recognition help.



Stinger HEIGH10 10″ Multimedia Car Stereo

Stinger HEIGH10 10" Multimedia Car Stereo

The HEIGH10 is a popular and ultimate multimedia upgrading stereo which you can use for your vehicle.

Using this car stereo, you will experience the media with more than 16.7 million colors to bring beautiful results. Plus, it also involves the floating touchscreen with the 10-inch capacitive.

In addition, the car stereo has been fully packed with media features, which are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as hands-free Bluetooth, with the SiriusXM radio, and has access to HDMI.

It gives you complete entertainment no matter whether you are on the daily commute or the road trip. The safety features are concerned; it includes the four camera inputs with the integrated GPS. You must purchase the SD card individually.

Hence, you can use this car stereo device for different vehicles such as classic cars, jeeps, or RVs. Through the connectivity of the Bluetooth device, you can make calls, reject a call or even customize your favorite music settings.

It is often included with the built-in microphone and with the optional settings of an external microphone as well.

Bluetooth 4.2 with the aptX technology will ensure excellent sound quality. You can enjoy any of your favorite music through SiriusXM radio channels and shows. It is fully compatible with the power of pause and replay of 60 minutes.

If you don’t have phone data, there is no need to worry about it at all! On-board map database from the iGO will not require any of the data connections. It will work confidently even if you are sitting high on mountains or even if you are sitting in a desert.

Furthermore, it also includes the access of 4 camera inputs along with the backup camera. The rest of the cameras are on the front side and two on the side-view locations. You can select the camera mode through the menu.

Display of the data becomes so much easy with the help of a striking 10-inch touchscreen. You may also add 16.7 million color visual experience with 1024 x 600 high resolution to the Wrangler.

Pros Cons
High-quality sound results Camera needs improvement
Hands-free Bluetooth
Customizable Settings and integrated GPS


To sum up, Stinger HEIGH10 10″ Multimedia Car Stereo is a great device you can use to give your whole journey an entertaining experience. Display colors are so impressed with the compatibility of the Bluetooth access to customize the music settings.



Final Verdict:

To get the best aftermarket infotainment system for your car give this article a read and saddle up to get the groove on! Enjoy all the latest features, navigate paths and keep connected with loved ones on the way with these units in your car.


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