Best Wireless Router for Apple Products 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Apple is known for their innovative products. From iPhones to Macs, Apple has made its name as one of the largest tech companies in the world. That is because their products are unique and attractive to people. It can be seen when Apple releases a new iPhone it creates a huge buzz all over the world and you can see its advertisement everywhere on the Internet. Where many people criticize Apple for being too expensive, it is one of the most popular brands of technology, right there with the largest names like Samsung and Microsoft. We have compiled some of the best wireless routers for apple products in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

If you have an Apple device in your hand, you must definitely use Internet on it. But are you tired of your Internet connection and want to get a faster internet for your Apple product? Let us save you from that.

Sometimes your Internet equipment does not provide the best speed of your internet. That is because the device is simply not capable of it. So in order to get the most out of your Internet, you must get a set of equipment that supports it. And the most important device would be a Router.

The function of a router is to form a relation between the Internet and the connected devices to create a network. It helps in receiving and transmitting data to/from multiple lines. If the process of receiving or transmitting is slow, it affects your Internet.

Many routers are not capable of giving you the best speed of your Internet that is because they don’t support much speed and even if they do, they are older models that don’t support new Internet technology.

The older versions of routers were the ones that required direct cable connection from the device to the router. Although the cables provided a stable internet connection, the wires were much harder to manage and if there was ever an error in the wires, the connection would get interrupted.

To get over that, wireless routers were introduced. Wireless routers provide easy connection with the Internet without any hassles of wires. Wireless routers support all types of devices including Windows, Linux, UNIX, Android, and iOS.

So, if you are looking for a stable internet connection for your Apple devices, there is no need to look forward as we are going to provide a complete list of the best router for Apple products. Note that these routers are not specifically designed for Apple.

Best Wireless Router for Apple Products (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
NETGEAR-R7000P 13.71 x 10.09 x 3.11 inches 3.29 Pounds

Check Price

Synology RT2600ac 6.65 x 11.02 x 3.03 inches 1.54 Pounds Check Price
TP-Link AX6000 10 x 12 x 4 inches 3.5 Pounds Check Price
Linksys EA9300 11.58 x 9.01 x 2.26 inches 3.6 Pounds Check Price
NETGEAR Nighthawk 5-Stream AX5 14.84 x 10.16 x 4.69 inches 1.25 Pounds Check Price


NETGEAR-R7000P-100NAS Nighthawk- AC2300


NETGEAR is best-known for their unique designs of routers. Usually in black colors, their routers have a simple design with a unique antenna pattern. R7000P is a dual-band Wi-Fi Router that supports up to 2300 Mbps (600 MB+1625 MB) of Internet speed.

Having large area coverage of 2000 square feet, the wireless router can be used on more than 35 devices at the same time. However, the lesser the devices, the faster the internet speed if you have a slow or moderate Internet connection.

Apple devices are fast and do not lag. They deserve a router just like that. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2300 is a router that allows gaming, high-quality streaming, and internet surfing without any buffering, making this router a perfect match for Apple devices.

It also allows integration with smart devices like ALEXA to provide you a much easier management of all the connected devices in a network.

The router comes with two USB ports (1×2.0, 1×3.0). The USB ports allow you to connect storage devices or printers to allow the network to use it.

NETGEAR Armor is an application that provides a number of security protocols and expands the rich features of the router. The router is a good fit for modern devices as it has a dual-core 1GHz processor and supports MU-MIMO (Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output).

It has four Ethernet ports of 1 gigabit that allow direct connection of your Apple device with the router to give you the best and uninterrupted experience on the Internet. Additional features of the router include Dynamic QoS, Beam forming +, Smart controls, and much more.

Pros Cons
Easy installation The NETGEAR Armor app requires subscription for security protocols
Supports MU-MIMO Limited range
Two USB ports
Ethernet and Wireless connections


Its variety of rich features makes this router a great option to use with your Apple products. Having all the necessary options, this router also provides the best security protocols that are not available in many other routers.

The dual-core processor may seem outdated but it is still powerful enough to give you a great internet experience. Smart Wi-Fi options of the router make your Apple devices much easier to manage individually or in a network. With all of its features, it is safe to say that this router is one of the best choices you can make whether you are an Apple or any other user.



Synology RT2600ac

Synology RT2600ac

Synology is a name that is lesser known by the audience globally, mainly because of other big names. However, it does not mean their routers are less efficient than others.

Synology releases feature-rich routers and Synology RT2600ac is no exception. Having a number of useful features, the router is very well rated by the audience.

It is a fast router with a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor. Supporting the modern Internet options, the router has 802.11ac technology and is capable of providing up to 2.53 Gbps of high internet speed. It has 4 antennas that provide area coverage of up to 3000 square feet.

Unlike other routers that support both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, Synology RT2600ac only supports Wi-Fi connectivity.

Although this may seem like a downside for many users, it is considered a benefit by many others. That is because no wires means no trouble of managing them, you can connect your Apple products easily though Wi-Fi.

The router allows easy management of the network and provides you complete monitoring of each and every device in the network.

Moreover, Synology RT2600ac offers a number of security protocols including WPA2, WPA, and WEP. The router provides much more features such as MU-MIMO support, and less power voltage consumption which makes it a great fit for your Apple products.

Pros Cons
MU-MIMO support A bit costly
Simple management
Dual WAN
Solid performance with its fast processor


If you are looking for a router that is packed with all the basic and essential features, Synology RT2600ac might be the right one for you. Having a fast processor and supporting fast internet speeds, the router gives interrupted results whether you use it for gaming, streaming in 4k, or just doing the everyday tasks.

Also its strong security system keeps your network safe while giving you the best out of your internet at the same time. The router has many more features, making it perfect to use with your Apple products.



TP-Link AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 (Archer AX6000)

TP-Link AX6000

If you are looking for a router that is very well received by the audience, TP-Link AX6000 is the one for you. The router has won power award for the highest customer satisfaction for wireless routers in 2017 and 2019.

It is an ultra fast router that supports Wi-Fi 6 speeds and is capable of providing up to 5925 Mbps of Internet speed. It is a dual-band router with a speed that is unmatched by its competitors.

It has eight powerful antennas that provide uninterrupted internet connections. Because of its range, the router is best suitable for smaller areas like a home.

Unlike all the routers that are mentioned in the list before, TP-Link AX6000 has a 1.8 GHz Quad-core processor for a smooth and stable performance. It has a WAN port and eight Ethernet ports to directly connect your Apple device with the router.

Moreover, it has two 3.0 USB ports. With those, you can connect storage devices or printers that are useable by the entire network. The router uses OFDMA that provide a higher throughput and file transfer speed as compared to many other routers.

To provide you advanced security options, TP-Link HomeCare software allows you to protect your Wi-Fi from any type of viruses and malware. Although the router has built-in security protocols, the TP-Link software expands those protocols in order to provide you the most secure experience on the internet.

Pros Cons
Unmatched speed Lack of controls in mobile app
Strong security system Large size
Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity
WAN ports


Overall, it is a great router to use with your Apple devices, mainly because of its quad-core processor that provides an ultra fast experience. The capability of high internet speed allows you to do your internet related tasks at a much faster speed than many other routers.

The availability of the WAN, Ethernet, and USB ports make this router even better and extend its features.

Not to forget, the unbreakable security system of TP-Link AX6000 is better than most of its competitors and provide real-time safety for your network. All of these factors make this router a great option to use with your Apple products.



Linksys Max-Stream Smart Wi-Fi Router (EA9300)

Linksys EA9300

Linksys is one of the leading wireless brands out there. It distinguishes itself with the availability of features and the design. Their routers usually contain more than two antennas and Linksys Max-stream EA9300 is also the same.

It has six powerful antennas that can cover the area of a large house and more easily. Other than Wi-Fi, the router also provides Ethernet ports to give a much more stable experience.

This is more suitable for gamers or streamers as they require less ping issues. Linksys EA9300 is also the only tri-band router on our list. It operates on a fast speed as it is loaded with 1.8GHz Quad-core processor.

The three bands of the router provide up to 4 Gbps internet speed. Moreover, it offers advanced beam forming with nine high-power amplifiers that help you provide a smooth experience. Linksys Max-stream EA9300 supports many of the security protocols including WPA2, WPA, WEP, etc.

It also provides smart Wi-Fi options to help you manage your network easily. The router’s firmware system keeps it updated with the latest features and security protocols, giving users a fresh experience.

Pros Cons
Smart Wi-Fi features Limited malware and virus protection
High-speed file transfer
Supports MU-MIMO
Easy to install


Linksys Max-stream EA9300 is the fastest router that we mentioned on the list. Also, its speed helps it keep with Apple devices making it the best wireless router for apple products. It has a strong security system that keeps updating.

The six antennas of the router help it to spread its Wi-Fi signals to a more expanded area while giving you a high-speed internet service due to its capability. It is safe to say that if you are looking for a high speed wireless router, Linksys Max-stream EA9300 is the best choice that you can make for your device whether it is Apple or Android.



NETGEAR Nighthawk 5-Stream AX5 WiFi 6 Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk 5-Stream AX5

To have an excellent and overall Wi-Fi connection for the home use to have it paired with the outdoor accessibility; this is the best router system for you. The Rax43 is backed up with the best features which you always wish to have in an excellent extender machine.

It might be costly for you to buy, but all in all, it will allow as in “mirroring” of the whole main router, which probably means that the connection can be easily extended much more easily within the rest of the house areas.

Another mesh thing about this system is that it uses the same SSID as well as passport with which you don’t need to sign out of single system and move into another one with excellent speed power.

All in all, this whole-home Wi-Fi system is excellent for those who are looking to reconnect their whole home and their entire outdoors to one system.

NETGEAR products are in high demand just because they are convenient to be expanded and they do maintain a high connectivity speeds. This whole system is best to cover all the bases and hence it even ensures the excellent Wi-Fi connection.

The reason why NETGEAR has gained so much popularity in the market is due to the extenders which it produces with some advanced features. This has been perfect for easily extending Wi-Fi outside the home with which you can smoothly connect all your NETGEAR products very easily and hence uses a complete weatherproof NETGEAR satellite outside.

It has the great expandable nature with which it has the access of 2 satellites for the better house coverage. Hence, it is accompanied with the Tri-band technology with Ethernet ports built-in for the quick and easy set-up. It has been completely added up with the built-in antivirus and great theft protection to have extra fast reliable functioning.

Pros Cons
Extra Budget-friendly Limited performance
Compact sizing
WPS button for the simple installation


To have a budget friendly router by your side, this is something which we will recommend you the most. Although it is a bit limited in its performance where it is suitable to work for just the home coverage areas! But still it is worth to buy!



Final Verdict:

No matter if you are using an Apple, Android, or Windows device, providing it the right internet speed is very important unless you cannot complete your tasks in the given time and will face many problems with a slow internet speed.

Having the right internet equipment is what gives you the most out of your real internet speed. That is why we prepared a list of best wireless router for Apple products. Although the list was mainly focused on Apple products, some of the mentioned routers might also work well with other devices.

Consider all the features, pros, and cons of the wireless routers to pick the best one for your Apple device.


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