What is the Concept of WLAN? Plus its Advantages and Disadvantages!

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

What is the Concept of WLAN? Plus its Advantages and Disadvantages!

Remember that time when everyone used to connect cables from their devices to the router? Well, that time barely exists in this day and age. As the technology is advancing, everything using wires or a cable is getting advanced too and getting rid of wires. You may have seen wireless keyboards or wireless mice. A wireless router is also an innovative invention that brought a lot of ease in our everyday lives. Do you know What is the Concept of WLAN? Plus its Advantages and Disadvantages!

what is WLAN?

Have you ever heard this term WLAN? it means Wireless Local Area Network. To understand WLAN, we need a little bit of info about LAN, A Local Area Network means a collection of computer devices connected with each other in a small area like a building, home, office, etc.

LAN is suitable for smaller areas only and provides connection to the internet through router. The devices are connected with router through cables. That is why, LAN might be inconvenient for many users. That is where WLAN comes in.

Wireless Local Area Network is just like LAN with the only major difference that it provides connection wirelessly. It brings much more ease and convenience as you can connect your devices from anywhere in a building without connecting the wires. WLAN has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s have a look at them.

Advantages of WLAN:

Easy installation: LAN requires a proper installation with a number of cables and wires getting attached to the router, while WLAN is easy to install. All you have to do is set up some measures at the very first time and you are good to go.

Simple connection: Now you don’t have to buy a set of wires in order to connect to the internet, you can simply connect through Wi-Fi. All you have to do is find your Internet connection by its name, enter the password and you are in.

Less connection failures: Having connection problems in LAN was a common issue. Sometimes a wire might have an error that was stopping it to connect to Internet. With WLAN, you will not face any connectivity issues as you are free from the wires. The only thing that can cause problems is the Wi-Fi signals range.

Disadvantages of WLAN:

Limited Area: As mentioned before, you might face connectivity issues in WLAN because of its issue of limited areas. Everything depends upon the number of signals you receiver. If you get lower signals, you will get slow internet speed and if you get the maximum signals, you will get the best speed of your Internet.

Harmful Radiation: The wireless signals of WLAN have harmful radiations that have a number of effects on human body.

Security Issues: Without wires, your Wi-Fi is visible to everyone in the area which makes it much more vulnerable to cyber attacks and malware.


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