Best Portable Stoves For Indoor Use 2023

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2022)

Traditional kitchen stoves are sure “technically” portable but they are portable only when there is a team to move it around. Actual portable stoves are the ones you can easily pick up and move from one place to another. The kind you can just pick, pack, put in a vehicle, and go off to that camping trip. For this to work, the stove must be extremely lightweight and small in size.  We have compiled some of the best portable stoves for indoor use in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Now if you are looking for the best portable stoves for indoor use, this article is perfect for you! But before we get to the recommendations, there are some things everyone looking for the best portable stoves for indoors must be educated about.

Several types of portable stoves cater to different needs/usage. Some are electric, which need a stable electric supply to be plugged into for working, then there are portable gas stoves fueled by liquid gas of course and there are wood-burning stoves. These are relatively new and are gaining much-deserved popularity amongst backpackers, campers, and especially for indoor use.

For instance, if there is a backyard bonfire at your place and you plan to cook and grill there but you also dread the hassle of taking electricity or gas supply to the grill/stove. Wood burning stoves eliminate the need for a gas supply or electricity, so there is no need to worry if the power goes out or you’re out of propane to fire up a stove.

You can still have a meal of your life cooked perfectly fine on one of the wood-burning stoves. They only need wood, smaller versions would work fine with small sticks whereas the larger versions need bigger branches.

Every household should have one spare stove that can run whenever and where ever. And owning a portable stoves for indoors is the best thing ever! Especially when there is an emergency, like a power outage.

Having a portable stove saves the day. They can easily be carried from one room to another because they are extremely lightweight and small in size plus, they are highly safe to use indoors as well as outdoors.

The best portable stoves for indoor use is one that is light, durable, and above all reliable. They require no complex setting up, just an easy initial assembly and you are good.

They are tough enough to withstand little everyday accidents, and they will light up no matter what the weather or condition is, and that is what we meant by reliability. Be it the freezing cold weather or a very humid afternoon, indoor stoves will keep generating heat. Some of them even come with piezoelectric starters for easier and safer sparking up.

Best portable stoves for indoor use (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Fltom Stove 16.65 x 13.82 x 9.92 inches (Package) 23.1 Pounds

Check Price

Winnerwell Woodlander 17.8 x 13.9 x 13.6 inches 21.45 Pounds Check Price
Gasware Force Plate No5 17.5 x 16 x 7 inches 8 Pounds Check Price


Fltom Stove

Fltom Stove

This incredible stove is a portable wood burning stove which is perfect for indoors as well as outdoors. Why and how? Let’s find out.

The first and the best feature we are going to discuss here is the portability of this stove. Despite the small size and light weightiness, this stove is an excellent performer in cold, windy, or freezing weather.

It is pretty easy to store and carry anywhere you want, because of its detachable design which enables easy removal of chimney pipes and those collapsible four legs. This detachable scheme comes in handy especially when there is an emergency.

We know the biggest concern regarding indoor stoves is whether they are safe to operate inside the house, whether they can keep the flame running. Let us assure that this wood burning Fltom stove is the best portable stove for indoor use because there is little to no exposure to flame.

Only when you are setting the stove up, you have to carefully place the wood twigs or wood chips in and light them up. And then you can close the door and start cooking.

Fltom proves to be the best portable stove for indoor use as it gives the whole house a nice warm feel. Even if you are camping in the woods, this stove is extremely safe to be kept inside your tent while keeping it nice and warm.

So, in other words, we can say that Fltom can act as a stove and a heater too. This is possible only because it can reach high temperatures pretty quickly and maintain a high heat output at all times.

Ideal for cold weather, right? And the material used is stainless steel from flue pipe to stove. You can adjust the airflow in the stove to keep a check at the intensity of burning wood inside or adjust the heat.

Fltom contains six pieces sectional stove pipe, whose height can be adjusted according to need and location. The maximum height is 4.69 feet, the pipe’s diameter is 2.36inch and pretty easy to connect remove and carry.

This pipe safely eliminates the fumes and smoke rising from wood burning inside the stove, without even a hint of it indoors. As we said, best portable stove for indoor use! The flat top made up of rolling steel is your cooking surface.

This stove can cook anything your normal kitchen range can cook. Other than these amazing features, Fltom is highly durable and can withstand harsh handling too.

Pros Cons
Stainless height adjustable wall chimney pipes Can’t be operated without having gloves on
High heat output
Safe and easy to use


If you want the best portable stove for indoor use, Fltom stove is your guy! Highly reliable and convenient and worth investing in.



Winnerwell Woodlander Stove

Winnerwell Woodlander Stove

If you see a sleek precision stainless steel constructed stove, just know it’s one of the Winnerwells. Portable, friendly, and safe, this is how we describe the best portable stove for indoor use. Read on to see if Winnerwell Woodlander stove has these qualities or not.

Perfect for a backyard party, indoor cooking, emergencies, or camping trips, this stove can withstand harsh environments with ease. 304 stainless steel construction prevents the stove from rusting and corroding.

The stove body contains an 800 cubic inch firebox and a chimney of 2.5-inch diameter, this chimney has five sections that join together to form the complete chimney.

You can adjust the height by eliminating one or two pieces. The chimney and stove, when assembled, get to a total height of 94.5”.

Winnerwell is the best portable stove for indoor use due to its highly practical mobility. It has tripod style legs that have spring loaded on it and they can fold flat under the stove, again, making it extremely easy to carry from one place to another.

The chimney section pipes can be stowed inside the stove body when you need to store it or to take along on a camping trip. This stove is extremely lightweight at only 20-pounds. Can be carried from side shelves which function as a handle.

Winnerwell Woodlander stove is ideal for heating indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for a medium-sized home, will warm the whole house in just a bit. You can also monitor the heat by looking at the position and condition of burning wood inside the firebox through a glass window.

Sight of slow burning wood also adds to the whole ambiance of your house. Include a dual damper for controlling intensity of burning. The side shelves open on both sides and act as a cooking utility.

Everything Winnerwell offers is top notch. Besides that, Winnerwell is perfectly safe to use indoors, no worries about flames or fire at any point, the whole process is controlled and monitored along with amazing steel built.

It is ideal for residential use and is perfect for outdoor activities as well, be it small any small place like tents, yurts, shacks, and tepees. Besides these features, we were sold at the awesome exterior this device has.

Pros Cons
Precision stainless steel the construction that prevents corrosion and rust Does not take large wood pieces very well
Highly portable and easy to use
Ideal for indoors


This stove is the best portable stove for indoor use as we already have discussed. It is a must-have device you should have in your home because you never know when you will need to cook/warm your food without electricity and gas. Worth every penny!



Gasware Force Plate No5

Gasware Power Plate NO 5 Stove

Gasware is famous for its gas products. The force plate no5 burner is a fluid infusion, single burner oven intended for all-year indoor and outside cooking. You can also carry it to cook while on a picnic or camping.

It is intended to coordinate with the iron grill table, and the gas stove’s inverted fuel position takes into account all the impressive fuel infusion. This gas stove is great for controlled cooking.

The force plate no5 stove will allow you to have steady output, irrespective of what kind of climate is out there. You can use it in two ways; Supplement the burner into any IGT edge to fill one unit of IGT space or extend the legs to use as a detached burner.

With its thin style and extendable legs, the gas ware indoor & outdoor gas stove packs well for simple stockpiling. It has an amazing fire force and starts with just one touch, turns the start button on, and there you go with the fire flames coming out in seconds.

Further, the design is so sleek and the material used is stainless steel which is good for outdoor rust-free use. This also provides you with durability because stainless steel products last longer without any fear of corrosion.

Pros Cons
Durable Little heavy to carry
Easy to use


Gasware cooking kitchen and camping store have a very cool design for cooking indoor or outdoor food. The gas stove can support both propane and butane gas.



Final Verdict:

In today’s fast-paced life, every single person needs assistance for surviving, in one way or another. Portable stoves are a great investment, every household must be prepared to tackle power outage emergencies as well as enjoying a nice home-cooked meal on vacations or during backyard bonfires.

On the other hand, choosing the best portable stoves for indoor use can be a hassle. You need to figure out the fuel type available to you at every time. This will determine the type of portable stove.

We suggest you explore wood-burning stoves that are gaining popularity due to their ease of use and low maintenance cost. They are safe to use indoors, leaving no harmful carbon monoxide in the air. Hopefully, this article helps you decide the best portable stoves for indoor use, one that ticks all the boxes on your lists!


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