Best Refrigerator for Vegetarians 2023

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2022)

Do you have a vegetarian lifestyle or do you eat a reduced meat diet? You can adapt your kitchen accordingly with intelligent solutions. After all, cooking is much better with sufficient storage space, well-planned work surfaces, and clever ideas for storing fruit, vegetables, or herbs. We have compiled some of the best refrigerators for vegetarians in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Do you like to prepare your food instead of going to a restaurant? Do you have a healthy and varied diet? Then you need a lot of storage space in your veggie kitchen for fresh food, different types of grain, and the like.

Flexible shelves that you can pull out of a cupboard and move back in are practical to use. There you can keep baskets with onions and glasses. Flour, rice or bulgur, and electrical appliances to save space. If you want, you can also have a flour mill built into it.

Fresh vegetables are healthy and delicious. It is even more annoying if it spoils after a short time even though you keep it in the refrigerator. The solution?

Modern cooling devices for your veggie kitchen. These have flexible shelves and containers in which you can store food separately and clearly. They should also offer sufficient storage space. Because if you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, you will probably store large types of vegetables in the fridge from time to time.

Our tip: Fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer in a modern refrigerator with a zero-degree zone and optimal humidity.

We are talking about lettuce, savoy cabbage, and cabbage, for example. After all, these take up a little more space than steaks. There is also a zero-degree zone on many refrigerators. As the name suggests, there exists a constant temperature of just above 0 ° C. This not only keeps food fresh longer but also preserves vitamins and minerals longer.

Remember that refrigerator should never be located where sunlight falls during the day – if the refrigerator is in sunlight, the cooling unit has to compensate for the rise in temperature, which consumes more energy unnecessarily.

It is also important that the refrigerator be adequately ventilated. Cooling performance and efficiency can also be optimized by removing dust from the cooling fins annually.

When choosing the right refrigerator, you should also keep an eye on the humidity in the zero-degree zone.

While fruits and vegetables that are not sensitive to the cold tend to be rather moist, you store dairy products in a dry place. Modern refrigerators are therefore often equipped with different zero-degree zones.

Best Refrigerator for Vegetarians (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Kenmore 70013 N/A N/A

Check Price

Kenmore 50049 33.81 x 35.5 x 69.25 inches 249 Pounds Check Price
Smad French Door 35.9 x 31 x 69.9 inches 309 Pounds Check Price
Haier HRQ16N3BGS 29.3 x 35.8 x 75.8 inches N/A Check Price
SMETA 36 Inch 35.9 x 29 x 69.9 inches 297 Pounds Check Price


Kenmore 70013 17.4 Cu. ft. 

Kenmore 70013 17.4 Cu. ft.

The Kenmore 70013 is one of the cheapest French door models available. Its spacious décor and steel upholstery are impressive, but here is the “you get what you pay for” element.

The Main Features:

The 2-doors cooler facilitates and helps to locate food rapidly and without any problem. The large and spacious boxes inside doors make it simple to manage different types of drinks easily.

Moreover, two vegetable boxes provide reasonably extra space to store vegetables.

The unique 4-door configuration makes it simple to store and locate food varieties. The stainless steel surface is one of the few truly eye-catching in the 70013.

The control console feels confusing, and a lot of free space makes the small buttons light. In addition, the touchpad is surprisingly fine.

The decor is not much better – frosted incandescent bulbs cast a light yellow glow over the white plastic border. The door buckets contained a liter of milk, but they were brittle and difficult to move.

The shelves slide forward so they are easy at the back, but little heavy and difficult to adjust. More expensive refrigerators have bright LED lighting and shelves that can move like a yoga master.

In the accuracy of the temperature – it comes with significant variations in both the fridge and freezer. However, the average base temperatures is cool enough to keep food in the refrigerator and not frozen.

Sharp dishes lose more moisture than average, which is bad news for food, but the freezer quickly cools the food to room temperature, which is great for storing meat and fish. Overall, the fridge is quite energy-efficient.

Furthermore, the real highlight of the refrigerator is the freezing time. The temperature variation from room to the refrigerator is faster than usual and good news for people who want to store meat and fish apart from vegetables. Because, it can keep things frozen for 36 hours without a power supply.

Pros Cons
Accuracy of temperatures Limited storage
Stainless steel surface
Excellent touchpad


The Kenmore 70013 comes with storage space as other similar models, but it should be enough for everyone except the largest families. Adjustable shelves in the fresh main compartment and doors offer flexibility, but they are cramped thanks to the large icemaker.

The freezer compartment is very simple and has two levels of drawers with wire plates. They are easy to reach, but the bottoms are harder to reach than ever with a freezer.



Kenmore 50049 25 Cu. ft.

Kenmore 50049 25 Cu. ft.

The Kenmore French Door 50049 Smart refrigerator is one of the best smart refrigerators in the world of smart home appliances.

The Core Features:

This best smart refrigerator is significantly different from the other refrigerators in this piece. Because it has features that make it really, cool.

This is its Alexa compatibility. This refrigerator supports Alexa voice communication. Therefore, you can give commands to this refrigerator on your Alexa device as well.

This is what you don’t normally see particularly in refrigerators. This is a great way to innovate smart home appliances.

Now, the first thing that came to mind when trying out this refrigerator is its design. It is a solid design that will make your kitchen look a lot more stylish than before.

The stainless steel coating on the outside is quite shiny and can withstand all kinds of fingerprints. As with a standard 3-door refrigerator, it also has two adjoining doors and a bottom drawer.

The top has a refrigerator and the bottom a freezer. The left door of this refrigerator has a water dispenser that looks good. There is nothing new inside, but the internal setup is pretty simple, user-friendly, and convenient to use.

Above the water dispenser is an intelligent LED control panel. The Kenmore Intelligent System controls this display. It is based on cutting-edge technology that gives you access to premium features. This system works over a Wi-Fi connection and connects to devices through it.

You can easily control your refrigerator with Kenmore Smart app when you are away from home. This feature looks cool and very easy to use. It also allows you to control the fridge with Alexa’s voice.

Another aspect in favor of this refrigerator is the presence of branded doors in the door design. Where in the right door is an extra door to use the cabinets without opening the door itself. This design looks quite impressive and stunning, which will make you love this refrigerator even more.

Moreover, in terms of performance, the smart function significantly improves productivity. You can use this refrigerator easily for a long time without any problems.

An efficient mechanism makes this refrigerator suitable for those who plan to use their refrigerator for a long time. Overall, it is really a great deal.

Pros Cons
Ice fast ice-making system It does not provide digital services such as music playback
Door opening warning
Alexa's voice command
Energy Star Qualification


Overall, this refrigerator is a great product for those who cannot afford expensive brand refrigerators. It is great value for money and a great smart device for creating a smart kitchen.



Smad French Door Refrigerator 20.7 Cu.ft

Why its Best?

Smad French Door Refrigerator

The 20.7 cubic centimeters Smad French door refrigerator with freezer is not only exceptionally high quality and reliable, you get a device that takes care of all your family’s food storage needs. You will be amazed at the capacity of this large refrigerator.

This French door refrigerator has easy-to-clean tempered glass shelves that are tight on the outside and inside, a welcome addition to any kitchen space.

The very sleek and stylish French door in the stainless steel refrigerator features electronic touch controls and an LED display, making it easy to monitor and control both the fridge and the two freezer compartments.

The fridge also has two large humidity-controlled fruit and vegetable boxes and a third smaller compartment in the middle. Under the sharp boxes is a flat (large) compartment that keeps the meat and cheeses fresh.

Furthermore, the freezer compartment is divided into two (double drawers) so you can better organize your freezer without having to dig into one freezer drawer.

The freezer compartment also has a practical icemaker with a pressurized ice dispenser that allows you to build your ice storage on a large tray (ice tray).

Pros Cons
Large capacity Less colors
Easy to clean
Sleek and stylish design


If you are looking for food storage for all of your family with a sleek and stylish stainless steel refrigerator then Smad French door can be your best choice.



Haier HRQ16N3BGS

Haier HRQ16N3BGS

Another good option for consumers is Haier 4-door refrigerator HRQ16N3BGS. With an internal volume of 16 cubic meters, it has plenty of space for all your frozen and chilled food, and its 4-door design is comfortable and offers a unique aesthetic look.

The Features:

The refrigerator also has some of Haier’s unique features.

One of the distinctive features of the Haier 4 door is its column depth, which makes it easy to create integrate with cabinets into a single look (one does not pay). The box has moisture control to help keep fruits and vegetables fresh and at the right temperature.

It also has the same quick-freeze features as other Haier refrigerators, adjustable capacity, and a capacitive touch screen for temperature control.

However, the Haier 4 port is not error-free. While 16 cubic feet is suitable for individuals or small families, it can be a little cramped when trying to keep food for multiple people. It also lacks a water or ice dispenser found in many high-quality refrigerators.

However, the Haier 4-door is a good choice for a simple refrigerator with beautiful aesthetics. The depth of the countertop fits well on the surface, and the stainless steel surface is suitable for most modern kitchens. If you plan to pack your food and reserve them for longer use, or want something more functional, this smart little buddy is perfect for all your needs.

Pros Cons
The depth of the stand fits well Good for for small families
Unique aesthetics
Intuitive temperature control


If you are looking for a refrigerator, which quick-freeze, a touch screen controller, and stainless steel body, then Haier door bottom is the best option.



SMETA 36 Inch 22.5 Cu.Ft

What Makes it Perfect?

SMETA 36 Inch 22.5 Cu.Ft

For the apartments and large families, this refrigerator model is the best option to buy for your home use. It comes with the storage volume of around 20.7 Cu. Ft where it can easily bear the heavy loads of the eatables and drinks. You can have it store it under the adjustable temperature for the later consumption at any time.

This Bottom Freezer Refrigerator from Smeta is fully engineered to easily precision for the great cooling technology.

It is also based on the attractive exterior of the stainless steel built which is great for the commercial home or kitchen décor. Bottom side of the freezer is facilitated with the easy access in which you can store your drinks and food items without facing any hassle.

In addition, it is also available with the LED display located at the interior side with the built-in ice maker, and has a water filter. This is such an amazing refrigerator model with the ability to easily moisture the retention technology.

With the help of Dual Cycle air cooling system, you can store the drinks and foods even for the longer time. Both the upper and the freezer compartments are fully frost-free with the access of airflow system that somehow reaches every corner of the refrigerator to yet keep everything fully clean.

In short, this is such a viable and an economical refrigerator model for the fancy kitchen and for the small bakery use. You can even preserve for longer all your desserts, cakes or the soft drinks. They are easy to get stored at the variable temperatures which are adjusted with a user-friendly control panel. You can also have this refrigerator to be part of your office too.

Pros Cons
Built-in ice maker Little pricey
Adjustable shelves
Best for home use


Summing up, SMETA 36 Inch 22.5 Cu.Ft Counter Depth French door Refrigerator is a classic refrigerator model which is great for the home use. It has cooling and super freezing function for energy saving with the inverter compressor. Adjustable shelves will provide a flexible space saving effect.



Final Verdict:

When choosing a new refrigerator, it is important to survey the confusing market due to a large number of different devices and manufacturers. Sometimes this is not quite as easy as it seems at first. The refrigerator purchase advice is intended to help identify important features of a new appliance and to find a suitable product.

Consumers should consider which properties the refrigerator should have to meet personal requirements. Energy efficiency also plays an important role when buying, as this shows the operating costs. When buying a new refrigerator, the comparison with the previous device helps enormously.

Check if there is better storage space, a different division of the refrigerator compartments, or has freezer compartment with a larger volume.

Which convenience functions and technologies should the refrigerator offer. As you can see, when making a purchase decision, it helps to deal with your wishes and ideas beforehand.

Depending on the place of use, requirements, and available space on the new refrigerator, you should adapt your choice. If the refrigerator is required to cool drinks on the terrace, only special refrigerators that can cope with these temperatures come into question. Meanwhile, practical storage options and an attractive design play the main role in the kitchen. In general, it should be clear to every buyer that the purchase price is not everything, consider your needs as well.


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