What Do You Need to Know About Gas Cooktops?

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2022)

What Do You Need to Know About Gas Cooktops?

Gas cooktops should be handle properly if anyone wants to use them for longer period of time. Anyone wishing to choose their ideal stove has a wide range of options ahead of them. There are not many factors to consider when choosing, but they all have their importance. These are the type and number of burners, the characteristics of the burners, the materials, the type of grill, the power supply, the power, the ignition system, the type of controls and the cleaning and maintenance methods. What Do You Need to Know About Gas Cooktops?

A good number of available burners is important to cook more dishes and condiments at the same time. Most models have four or five separate burners, but there is no shortage of more compact stoves with two or three burners, nor hybrid models, which, together with gas stoves, also offer one or more electric plates, which are easier to clean.

The burners are the elements of the stove from which the flame comes out. They can be more or less powerful and therefore be accompanied by a different number of crowns, which help to disperse the flame evenly.

Therefore, we speak of single, double and in some cases even triple crown burners, however not only: in vertical burners, the flame is conveyed directly to the lower surface of the pots.

Moreover, there are two materials to consider when choosing the stove: those that make up the actual stove and the grids. The first can be made in stainless steel or the more elegant but more delicate tempered glass.

On the other hand, the grids are generally made of enameled metal or cast iron: the former are lighter, more elegant and practical, while the latter are more resistant and conduct heat better.

The presence on the plane of several grids or of a single unit is an aesthetic question, but not only. For example, multiple smaller grids are easy to remove and wash, while a large, bulky unit can be problematic in this respect.

However, the unique grids have the advantage of being able to more easily accommodate the pots placed on the surface, including those just removed from the burner and left to rest on the stove.

Most of the models arrive already prepared for use with connection to the methane gas network. In addition, more and more models offer kits to convert the stove to LPG compatibility in the package. Still, if cylinders are the only alternative available, it is good to make sure that the model chosen is part of this category before purchase.

The ignition of the stove takes place thanks to a spark generated by an electronic system, which you can activate in two ways: through a separate button or with a switch that activates the circuit that can be operated by pressing the control knob. The second solution is the most practical since it allows the burner to be ignited with one hand.

The stove controls are generally in the front or side position, but the most significant difference is between classic knob controls and touch controls.


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