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The microwave oven has become more of a necessity than an indulgence these days. There is no longer a time when microwave ovens were merely utilized to warm and cook food. Today, microwaves are the standard method of cooking meals. Nevertheless, some essential aspects are worth taking notes on before choosing the microwave oven you like. If you are looking for microwave ovens that do not have a turntable? If Yes! You must read this article first. We have compiled some of the best microwave without turntable in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and carry on your analysis.

A microwave that does not have a turntable replaces the turntable by rotating antenna. The antenna is situated near the center of the microwave to disperse the microwave’s radiation through the inside and to the food, you eat.

Without turntable ovens have “micro-waves” or small wavelength radio waves that bounce off any metallic surface in your oven until they reach food. The radio waves are not visible for and are released by magnetron.

Since there is not a turntable that takes up the space, your microwave will have more space inside, which means it is able to make greater use of the 0.7 up to 1.5 cubic ft. space to accommodate larger meals or dishes.

A few benefits of this type of microwave are as follows.

  • There is a wide range of sizes available for flatbeds, which means when you are running out of counter space; you can purchase smaller microwaves without worrying about fitting larger plates in them. It is the perfect space-saving option.
  • Cleaning is easy with an appliance that does not have turntables due to the absence of an actual turntable. The opening is more significant, and it is generally only necessary to clean the box.
  • The turntable method used to ensure your food cook evenly is ineffective and causes hot spots. The flatbed microwave method using an antenna that rotates at the bottom will result in evenly cooked food all over the board without hot or cold spots.
  • Due to the increase in microwave capacity, you are no longer limited in the types of dishes that you can cook in your microwave flatbed when contrasted with a turntable microwave.
  • A turntable microwave is more likely to cause damage to its turntable due to accidental drops or excessive heat during cooking. Since there is not a turntable with a flat surface, it will need fewer replacement parts and, therefore, is more durable.
  • No turntable means more space. It is as easy as that. The additional space in this type of microwave also translates to more efficient power utilization from microwaves. There is more room for those 1-kilowatt beams that are slowed by the rotating antenna to bounce around after everything is done.

If you are aware that you require microwaves without turntables, “Well, what do you do to pick the best microwave?”

When you are deciding on the microwave that does not have a turntable, there are two main things to consider whether you would like an electronic or manual model? How often will you use it?

In addition, microwaves with no turntables are equipped with either a touchpad or hand-held timer. A manual dial timer reduces the already quick cooking time and increases it by activating the microwave by just a motion on your hand to start the microwave.

It is an excellent choice for those on the go or large numbers. The microwave line will move much faster in a break room at work! However, the timer manual cannot allow any customization, as touchscreen technology.

We analyzed the microwaves with no turntable based on their cooking capabilities, features, quality, and many more. Additionally, our top choices for microwaves with no turntables can make food more evenly cooked and give an excellent value in its price.

Best Microwave without Turntable (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Panasonic NE-1025F 16.56 x 20.13 x 12 inches 34 Pounds

Check Price

Sharp R-21LVF 24 x 21 x 15 inches 8 Pounds Check Price
Sharp R-21LCFS 20.5 x 16.01 x 12.13 inches 36 Pounds Check Price


Panasonic NE-1025F

Panasonic NE-1025F

The Panasonic N1025F microwave comes with a sleek stainless steel design with a solid and sturdy black handle. Its design looks attractive either on the countertop or in your break room at work.

Like the other Panasonic microwaves, this is very compact and can fit in smaller spaces than different microwaves used in commercial settings.

It’s sturdy and durable against the constant shutting and opening of the door. The microwave has an under-feed system with 120 volts and 1000 watts of power that ensures fast and consistent cooking of food.

A dial-timer can make the process of starting the microwave quick and straightforward, which is among the primary advantages.

Mainly, when several people are using it, one after another, and the capability to start the microwave in a short time makes this the ideal option.

Thanks to the stainless-steel front and an easy-to-grab door handle, the Panasonic microwave with no turntable is elegant and sleek.

The design with no turntable and the bottom energy feed boosts cooking efficiency by reducing the distance microwaves travel to get to food items, which means it will cook and heat food fast.

The powerful microwave oven that does not have a turntable made by Panasonic is commercial-grade and capable of enduring high-volume usage, which makes it an ideal choice for people who often use the microwave for different cooking activities.

Moreover, lack of a turntable inside the microwave is also easy to clean, as well as there is less spillage of food. The microwave controls that have no turntable are simple to operate and well thought out.

The dial knob controls allow the easy setting of cooking times to do not have to hit repeatedly to reach the setting you prefer.

With its 1000 watts of output power and a capacity of 1 cubic ft., it operates very efficiently and efficiently.

It provides simple dial control options, which mean you, do not have to press any buttons when you cook food. It also has an internal light source, meaning that you can observe the food items that will cook in the microwave.

Pros Cons
Sturdy and rigid black handle Dial Timer resets with the door opening
Commercial-grade model
Very quick and straightforward


The Panasonic N1025F microwave oven without a turntable is top-quality and easy to use, durable, and clean. It has everything a microwave with no turntable ought to be. This microwave is ideal for those who like to make things simple.



Sharp Microwave Oven R-21LVF

Sharp R-21LVF

Sharp’s R-21LVF microwave is the only one in our list that is constructed entirely from stainless steel. Stainless steel makes it extremely simple to clean both on the inside and on the outside of the oven. Another distinction in how the Sharp R-21LVF microwave appears can be seen in the vivid turquoise button on the electronic keypad, making it more fun than other models.

If you are talking about keypads, the microwave features an adjustable and programmable keyboard that can be used for up to 10 different recipes.

The Sharp R-21LVF features blank keys, allowing you to add and record the recipes you have programmed in the microwave.

It is a giant microwave, particularly when as compared to other models on the market in this category. Its dimensions are more significant; however, the cooking area is identical to one cubic ft. of space.

With the space available inside the microwave, there are many possibilities for how large and how big the food containers could be. Even though it is an enormous microwave, it is also the lightest one of the bunch.

Furthermore, the top feature that we love about the Sharp microwave that does not have a turntable is its sturdy construction with stainless steel inside and the exterior and door.

It makes it easy to clean the microwave from the inside out, with a capability of one cubic. Ft. and a capacity of 1,000 watts, the microwave oven with no turntable can efficiently handle almost any cooking requirement.

If you are a fan of quiet, you will be amazed by the calm it can be when running. It comes with a sound off/on mode, which lets you switch off or on the microwave’s buzzer according to what you would like.

Even though no turning glass-based turntable can rotate in the microwave, it is capable of cooking dishes uniformly. It provides greater flexibility to accommodate containers with different forms.

With a power capacity of 1000 Watts, it will allow you to cook your meals in a matter of minutes. In addition, it is capable of handling any cooking needs.

You will be amazed by the efficiency of this kitchen appliance when it is in operation. It comes with practical functions allowing users to use it, as they would like. Its one control knob is simple, which makes it simple to operate.

Pros Cons
It is easy to use The clock resets sometimes when you open the door
Cooking and heating quickly
Safety features are included


Sharp’s R-21LVF microwave has one cubic ft. capacity and 1000 watts of power; this power will meet every cooking need. It comes with ten pre-programmed controls, Touches options that include 20 memories, and defrosts fast according to weight and duration.



Sharp R-21LCFS Microwave

Sharp R-21LCFS

Sharp R-21LCFS microwave is well known for its distinctive design. Many microwaves are available in simply white or silver boxes.

However, this brand of 1000 watts is available in a striking black look. Many reviews praise the Sharp brand for its solid construction quality.

Sharp is a German manufacturer that has poured its weight on its premium finishing improving customer satisfaction.

With a selection of seven different presets that allow you to heat different types of food items. It does not matter if you are in autopilot mode or not.

Cooking, reheating, or defrosting foods is effortless. It is equipped with comfortable features for ease of use, including the electric door opener.

R-21LCFS lets you receive a crystal clear LED display glaring in bright red against the case’s black. The dials and controls are highlighted, making it easy to navigate the menu and other options. The control knob retracts to allow cleaning tasks to be carried out.

Besides, it comes with many impressive options. If you are looking for the most efficient microwave ovens that do not have turntables, it is best to choose the Sharp brand. The Sharp brand has been offering high-quality microwaves for quite a while. It has a simple-to-read dial control that allows you to control the cooking time.

The no-turntable microwave model made by Sharp stands out compared to other Sharp microwaves thanks to its rotary dial or control knob. The dial is simple to use, similar to many older appliances. Anyone can use this microwave; however, it is advised for the older.

This microwave powered by 1000 W without a turntable from Sharp has a 1.0-cubic-foot capacity, meaning it can handle 13-1/2″ prepackaged platter meals such as single servings or a half-size pan in any direction.

The large, easy-to-read dial makes it simpler to adjust the cooking time, even for those who have problems with their eyesight.

If the microwave’s door remains open, the auto-cancel timer will bring the most convenient cooking, the remaining time will be automatically canceled.

Pros Cons
Very powerful It is only available in black color
Bright LED indicators
Excellent build quality


Sharp’s R-21LCFS is the bigger side. It can be more flexible with the food that can cook inside. It can accommodate up to 13 1/2 plates, a half-sized pan or multiple bowls, and plates horizontally and vertically.



Final Verdict:

The microwaves that come without turntables are known as Flatbed Microwaves. These microwaves can be used to heat up and cook food efficiently. They feature a rotating motor that drives the blades for stirring underneath the flatbed. It disperses the waves evenly to heat food.


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