Things You Need to Know About Vacuum Sealer Machine!

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Things You Need to Know About Vacuum Sealer Machine!

There are many vacuum sealing devices available in the market with different price ranges. The basic functions are often the same. However, the content of operations and the equipment can vary. To make the selection easier, we have put together some criteria below to play a role when buying. Things You Need to Know About Vacuum Sealer Machine!

The stronger the pump’s suction power, the less oxygen will remain in the vacuum bag and the longer the food will last. Even within a chamber, cooking oxygen leads to a better, tastier result. As a rule of thumb, the sealer machine should vacuum seal at around -0.8 bar. Many commercially available devices achieve this value.

With some devices, there is an adjustable strength of the suction force via buttons. It can be useful if, for example, very soft vegetables or liquids are to be vacuum-sealed. Some devices have a dry and a wet mode. Almost all sealers have a stop button. You can use it to terminate the automatic vacuuming process prematurely. In this way, you can also react to the nature of different foods.

Some devices seal the vacuum bag with a single seal, others with a double seal and a few with a triple seal. A double weld can be an advantage because it is more stable and leak-proof than the simple one. In most cases, a simple weld is sufficient.

It should have a width of 2 to 3 millimeters so that the bags are securely closed and do not draw air. That would destroy the vacuum and significantly shorten the shelf life of the food.

The sealer machine should always have electronic temperature control that monitors and regulates the temperature when the weld seam is set. In the case of very cheap variants, the seam may melt through.

The length of the sealer seam is important for individual use and depends on whether small quantities or large pieces of meat, for example, are to be vacuumed. Most sealers can create a weld seam up to 30 centimeters long, which is sufficient for private households. However, users should make sure that the film or bags used are always slightly smaller than the maximum specified length.

You should know that immediately after vacuuming, the vacuum chamber is ventilated back. Depending on the version, this takes place very quickly or more slowly.

If ventilation is too fast, there is a risk that it will stress the bags too much. It is especially a problem when vacuuming sharp foods such as bones. The bag absorbs the contents too quickly and can be damaged in the process.

Devices with so-called soft ventilation or progressive ventilation are better. It ensures that the outside air flows slowly into the machine at first, then faster and faster. In this way, the bag can be placed around the food gently and without damage. The devices are a bit more expensive to purchase but are worthwhile if you frequently vacuum different foods.


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