What are the Advantages of Microwave?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

What are the Advantages of Microwave?

Microwave is one of the most common home products in the world. Almost every house has at least one microwave. And yes your kitchen is incomplete without it. Mainly due to the ease they provide in terms of cooking. They save a lot of time and are an important part of the modern lifestyle. A microwave uses energy waves. The waves cause the molecules of the food to vibrate in order to cook or warm food in no time. And that is one of the biggest benefits of the microwave that it saves time.

Time Saver: As mentioned earlier, Microwave does the job in no time without breaking a sweat. It takes less time in cooking food than an oven. That is because they vibrate the molecules of the food which allows them to heat or cook faster than a normal rate.

Best for heating food: Ovens are not so efficient when it comes to heating food. However, microwaves are much more efficient than ovens in cooking and warming foods. Also, ovens do not provide right defrosting, while microwaves melts and warms the food in less time and does it more effectively.

Another benefit is that when you heat a food in microwave, it does not lose its taste. While other cooking methods might bring a change in the original taste. That is why microwaves are considered the best for heating and melting food as it keeps the taste of the food. Also, it does not lose the nutritious values and original flavor of the food.

Clean and hygienic: A significant advantage that microwave has over other cooking options is the cleanliness. Also, it is easier to clean. Microwaves are very easy to clean, hence providing hygienic cooked food. Microwaves provide smooth and easy way to cook or heat up the food without the risk of heating up the utensils of the food.

Safe to use: Along with easy use, it is also safe to use especially for children. Ovens or stove can be very risky for kids; thus, microwaves provide easy way to cook food. It only requires putting the food in and setting the timer and options by pressing buttons and you are good.

Less energy consumption: Microwaves do not use as much energy as ovens. That is why they are much more accessible to use. Microwave usually requires 600-1200 watts of energy. Another way Microwave saves energy is by automatically turning itself off after the food is cooked. It is done when the timer sets off and the microwave automatically turns off to save energy.

Size: Ovens are much heavier and bigger in size, while microwaves are smaller and portable. Ovens are often harder to fit in rooms or kitchens as they occupy large spaces. Microwave, on the other hand, saves a lot of space and can be set almost anywhere such as on a table, shelf, or set up on a custom shelf.


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