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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

One of the most remarkable ideas to fulfill your inner treasure is by investing in a metal detector. Metal detecting is an impressive hobby that gives everything you need to stay mentally active and sharp. It enhances your problem-solving capacity, determination, endurance, and imagination. We have compiled some of the best metal detectors under $100 in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Not only this, treasure hunting with a metal detector is usually very profitable! Searching relics, artifacts, old coins, and silver items revitalize your mind as you’re learning about their history. Beginner models are made for people who want to amuse metal detecting as a hobby and higher-end ones are designed for professional treasure hunters.

Most beginners like the concept of discovering only coins with their metal detector as it is simple and is almost nearly bounteous. Jewelry and watches are other prominent findings with a metal detector and you can give them away or sell them also!

A good metal detector is lightweight and contains sufficient features that make your treasure hunting successful. It can typically discover all metallic objects including iron, silver, gold, copper, brass, bronze, lead, tin, and aluminum.

You may also find some valuable features such as a visual depth indicator, target identification display, a large easy-to-read LCD screen, and multi-tone audio target identification.

Its target identification display provides the best functionality and indicates whether you have found gold coins, silver, copper, or relics. Further, there is a sensitivity ground adjustment feature that permits you to increase your target range for deep targets and minimize the effects of ground mineralization.

The thrill that comes from searching for something valuable from metal detecting is hard to beat. Unfortunately, the cost of getting into metal detecting can be rather overpriced. The metal detectors range from hundreds of dollars to thousand and it can be a risk making this investment for someone who just starts.

So many people who are beginners want to start with a low-priced metal detector as they can also offer great performance and quality. It depends on what you map out on detecting! If you’re just getting cracking in the metal detecting world, affordable choices are best for you. As a newcomer, you may not want all the hoots and bells some of the higher-end models have. Also, you need one that performs better and leads you to treasure!

There are ample amount of options when it comes to buying a new metal detector. So where do you initiate this process? The first attempt to make out is which metal detector will go best for you under your budget.

So if you’re looking for cheap metal detectors with enough features, this guide is going to be most beneficial for you! Now you can find the potentially valuable targets without spending hundreds of dollars on a high-end metal detector. Whether you’re a beginner or a keen detectorist, these suggested models can help you best in finding exactly what you’re looking for!

Best Metal Detector under $100 (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Sportuli 21 x 9 x 5 inches (Package) 5.44 Pounds

Check Price

ETE ETMATE 18.1 x 3.9 x 3.8 inches (Package) 1.1 Pounds Check Price
Tilswall 16.73 x 11.02 x 5.91 inches 3.63 Pounds Check Price
Winbest pro 200 45 x 7.5 x 10 inches 2.1 Pounds Check Price


Sportuli metal detector


Sportuli is a powerful metal detector and is perfect for anyone stepping up in the treasure hunting game. It features a lot of functions that make it a key purchase for any metal detective out there! Let’s check it out!

The Sportuli metal detector is equipped with an ergonomic design handle with soft foam that gives a comfortable feel for long-term usage.

Its adjustable stem is 41.3 inch to 47.6 inches long which is the ideal one for every age group like both adults and kids.

The metal detector comes with a 10-inch diameter IPX7 waterproof search coil that permits you to detect treasures underwater.

It is perfect for outdoors like on the puddles, beach, yard, stream, rivers, and oceans. It features maximum depth detection up to 9 inches deep, so you can easily locate targets like coins, gold, jewelry, relics, and other metals from a depth of 3 to 9 feet.

The Sportuli metal detector holds three operating modes naming All Metal Mode, Disc Mode, and a Notch Mode. These three distinct modes help you in optimizing metal detection very well. The metal detector sends you a notification signal whenever it sees any metal from its All Metal Mode.

You can use the Disc Mode for discriminating between different metals for finding a specific one. The Notch Mode is used for eliminating the targets which are not valuable while discovering treasures. It works by pressing ‘‘NOTCH’’, then press the ”+’’ or ‘’-” button and choose the desired target to eliminate.

Moreover, there is an intuitive LCD screen function which is the mesmerizing feature of the Sportuli metal detector. You can see the sensitivity level, detection volume, battery level, and audio level more accurately and conveniently with its LCD screen.

Moreover, the metal detector holds an audio jack, so you can also connect it to your headphones. Furthermore, there are three distinctive audio tones of this metal detector that offer audio recognition and sensitivity adjustment features.

You can see low, medium, and high tone displayed on the icon that helps in distinguishing different targets. There are a total of 8-level sensitivity adjustment systems that can adapt to different complex environments.

Coming next, the Sportuli metal detector requires 2pcs 9V power batteries for better performance. When its battery getting lower, the indicator light on the LCD screen turns red and reminds you to charge its battery.

Moreover, you’ll get a multi-functional shovel, a portable bag, and a headset as a treat by buying this metal detector.

Pros Cons
Three operation modes Batteries are not included in the kit
Waterproof search coil
Audio recognition with sensitivity adjustment


Sportuli is a compact yet powerful metal detector available at a very low price that meets all the features required for the best relic hunting experience.



ETE ETMATE metal detector

ETE ETMATE metal detector

The ETE ETMATE metal detector is a vigorous gadget that can detect all kinds of metals whether they are silver, gold, iron, copper, or other relics and artifacts. Let’s discuss its features!

The ETE ETMATE metal detector comes with a sealed design that can be used under nearly every extreme soil condition and permits hunting in any environment.

So you can enjoy your treasure hunting experience on any surface like mud, dirt, sand, grass, water, and black sand. The metal detector features a pulse induction function that emits pulses of bright light and vibration.

There is a self-microprocessor that controls the circuitry and its vibrating signals communicate to the user. In this way, you’ll not require any adjustment planning and can all set to use it any time.

Further, the metal detector is also designed for underwater use, so you can operate it in fresh or saltwater at a depth of approximately 100 feet.

Therefore, we can say that this waterproof metal detector is also perfect for the divers seeking treasure undersea and for the beaches.

The target distancing feature of the ETE ETMATE metal detector is much appreciated because it helps you indicating how close your target is! It works as the vibration increases in frequency and the probe tip of the detector approaches near the target.

Moreover, it can detect the exact location of buried metal objects such as gold jewelry, iron, or silver pieces. Further, the ETE ETMATE metal detector offers a three-tone audio discrimination function that gives high, medium, and low tones. These tones provide accurate differentiation between various metals.

Coming next, the ETE ETMATE metal detector holds a true target direction feature that can detect the treasures and enable the precision of target pinpointing. Further, there are no push-button switches in this metal detector, so it will turn on and off automatically after the last detection.

Also, there are two indication modes in this metal detector such as an LED mode and a vibration mode that locates target signals in the screen. So we can say that ETE ETMATEis a perfect metal detector for snorkeling, searching the sea, or discovering small locations for hidden treasures.

Pros Cons
Waterproof detecting The handle is not adjustable
Automatic calibration
Target discrimination


The ETE ETMATE is a fully-featured metal detector at a low price that can maximize the treasure hunting experience to the next levels.



Tilswall metal detector

Tilswall metal detector

Tilswall metal detector is a perfect treat for you and your friends who love outdoor adventures! Yes, this marvelous metal detector can complete the dream of every normal people to be a gold digger!

It is perfect for detecting lost gold, silver jewelry, coins, and other metal products and thus enhances your treasure hunting. This metal detector is easier to use for beginners as it is lightweight and very simple to operate. Let’s have a look at it!

The Tilswall metal detector is equipped with an ergonomic design handle that gives a relaxing feel for long-term use it.

Further, there is an adjustable stem extending from 35” to 45” that fits all age metal detectives. The metal detector is perfect from a construction perspective as the frame is made up of metal and holds together well.

Also, the plastic components don’t look flimsy and therefore it is the ideal one under a low price. The fascinating feature you’ll see in this metal detector is its ALL Metal, Auto-tone, and Disco mode.

You can detect metals such as aluminum, bronze, gold, silver, and iron with its ALL Metal mode. The distinctive Auto gives a low, medium, and a high tone that is displayed on the icon and can differentiate between various metals. Next, the Disco mode helps you in reducing the target varieties and improves your detecting efficiency.

There is an instinctive LCD screen that gives perfect and suitable display mode for viewing detection mode, sensitivity level, battery condition, and volume level. Moreover, the metal detector features a 10’’ highly sensitive waterproof search coil that allows you to use detecting underwater.

That’s why it is an ideal detector for hunting in rivers, seas, oceans, lakes. Further, the Tilswall metal detector provides you deeper detection that is approx. 20% (up to 8.7 inches) and is ideal for divers who are hunting deep in the water for finding treasures.

Moreover, the metal detector has a specific audio mode that enables you to distinguish the kind of metal that has been discovered.

Further, you’ll see a backlight in this Tilswall metal detector that can help you detect in dark places. Moreover, the metal detector comes with beneficial accessories such as pair of headphones, a carrying bag, and a foldable shovel.

Also, the metal detector includes a 1AAA battery with it and you don’t need to buy it separately, so it’s a surprisingly good value for anyone! Therefore, in the end, we can say that the Tilswall metal detector is perfect for beginners as well as for professionals due to its advanced technology and powerful searching features. You can easily take it to the park, beach, ocean, sea, lake, or on a hike and get treasure everywhere you go!

Pros Cons
Auto-tone and disco mode No cons yet
Accurate LCD screen
High deeper detection


Tilswall metal detector is a gift for anyone due to its incredible features, ease to handle, comfortable usage, low price, and lightweight.



Winbest pro 200 metal detector

Winbest pro 200

BARSKA Winbest Pro 200 metal detector is a trustworthy and user-friendly device in the market. It comes with easy-to-understand and adjustable sensitivity. The device’s meter tends to provide audio and video indications of searched outcomes.

This convenient display makes it suitable to use for everyone. You can comfortably use it to search for several metal kinds by managing its sensitivity. It means the detector better focuses on the specific metal kind. The device can easily differentiate one metal from the other. For this purpose, it tends to adjust the spectral response.

The search coil is about 7.5 inches, waterproof, and weather sealed. You can use it to detect objects in shallow water. The device comes with 2 search modes and an audio tone ID level. Its package doesn’t include a battery, but it is required.

Winbest Pro 200 metal detector comes with a volume control/headphone jack and an adjustable stem. The device is easy to use and good to provide accurate results.

If you are new to the device or searching process, you have to spend several hours finding cans, tins, screws, nails, and other metal items.

But once you have learned how to adjust sensitivity, you can comfortably use the device and get the most accurate results. The overall build quality and performance of this metal detector are impressive.

Pros Cons
It comes with a water-resistant search coil It turns off suddenly sometimes for no reason
The beginners can comfortably use it
It allows you to find items in shallow water


It comes with excellent sensitivity to different metal kinds. It works great by producing accurate outcomes. All the features of the device are innovative and surprising.



Final Verdict:

Treasure hunting reveals a new world of excitement and outdoor adventures and it is the best way for engaging in a useful hobby. It’s the only hobby that pays for itself with the price and valuables you find!

Moreover, metal detecting from different areas and surfaces is a fun way to explore the valuable treasures of all types. But wait, don’t you have enough money to buy an ideal detector for treasure hunting? Now no worries at all! We’ve listed here in this guide the top best metal detectors under $100 that’ll surely fulfill your treasure hunting demands.


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