Best Wood Chippers under 2000$ 2022

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2022)

A wood chipper or woodchipper is a machine used to shred stems or trunks of trees into small chips. Wood recycling or other manufacturing processes like paper making require shredded wood or sawdust, this mission is accomplished by wood chippers.

It is a large machine comprising of many parts including a hooper, collar, chipper with blades, a collection bin, and an internal power source, typically a combustion engine with a power range of 3 to 1000 horsepower or an electric motor. We have compiled some of the best wood chippers under 2000$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Woodchippers can be portable, mounted on wheels and trucks for heavy-duty cutting big lumber pieces. Irrespective of the size or working of the machine, all wood chippers work on the same principle.

There is an internal power system and a gear system with pulleys and v-belts to pull the input wood into the machine and to push the output shredded wood out of the chipper. For wood processing, there are two different sized chutes or blades are present.

The smaller ones are utilized for branch chipping and the larger ones may have additional blades and hammers to process the leaves and wood pieces into mulch. The separate shaft or intermesh blade cutting systems are introduced in chippers and both systems process wood differently.

Separate shafts have separate blades on them, they cut the wood piece repeatedly as it passes down the shafts at a very fast speed. Intermesh blades may have a slow speed but they cut down the wood into same-sized chips. Furthermore, these woodchippers have self-feeding mechanism as it draws the wood into the machinery by itself.

Disc, drum, or other woodchippers involving whole tree chippers, recyclers, and many more have been introduced so far to process wood. Disc chippers normally have a steel disk with sharp blades mounted on it along with reversible hydraulically energized wheels to draw the input towards the disc.

Commercial-grade and industrial-grade disc chippers have different material diameter capacities to shred the wood.

The drum wood chippers employ drums powered by the motor and they have blades on them. Conventionally-fed chippers utilize these drums for feed mechanism, the drums pull the material fed by workers and immediately attain high speed and begin the chipping process.

These woodchippers are exceptionally dangerous as if an operator gets snagged on the feeding material, serious injuries or death can occur.

Larger wood chippers like whole tree chippers and recyclers may use drum or disc mechanism or both but the largest of them all is often called tub grinders and they employ hammers to pulverize the wood instead of cutting it.

With all the types and mechanisms explained, now we will move to important features that one should look for in a good and reasonable wood chipper.

Material diameter capacity: One should know the branches and wood pieces he wants to process then get a woodchipper with a blade diameter that matches your requirement. For instance, if you want to process young tree saplings or fruit plant branches and stems, then a chipper with a 3cm cutting capacity is more than enough for you.

1- Power source: Wood chippers come in the market with different sizes, capacities, and power sources. Electric chippers are small, portable, and very easy to use for small branches. While the gasoline or fuel-powered chipping machines are heavy and they require more effort to move them but their high and heavy working capacity cannot be compared with electric ones.

2- Bag capacity: Some wood chippers are equipped with bags to catch the wood chips when they come out of the machine. Smaller bags will require to be emptied more frequently than a bag with a larger capacity. But if weight is a concern for you, you should go with the chippers having a small bag capacity.

3- Separate chutes: Secondary chutes may be installed in a wood chipper to grind smaller entities like leaves. They are very useful for a user if he intends to use his wood chipper for his backyard work.

Best Wood Chippers under 2000$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight  
SuperHandy 3" Mini Wood Chipper 34.6 x 32.2 x 22.8 inches 86.8 Pounds Check Price
SuperHandy Wood Chipper 7HP 29.5 x 25.7 x 40.6 inches 120.7 Pounds Check Price
SuperHandy Wood Chipper 2AWG x 50' FT N/A N/A Check Price
SuperHandy Wood Chipper Bundle Deal N/A N/A Check Price
Landworks wood chipper 20 x 15.67 x 37.99 inches 24.9 Pounds

Check Price


Super handy 3″ Mini Wood Chipper

Super handy 3" Mini Wood Chipper

This efficient wood chipping machine is specially designed to process 3” branches, limbs, and leaves with a reduction ratio of 15:1 and it is highly capable of shredding, chipping, or mulching through the large extended chute.

The unique design is highly compact and lighter than steel-made chippers and it has a highly desired vertical discharge chute with a guide to delivering accurate discharge debris.

The angle range is from 90 to 145 degrees. The gas-powered engine is very powerful with recoil starting and a 7HP 212cc horizontal 4-stroke single cylinder that can handle 3” chipping duty very easily.

This gasoline-powered mini wood chipper has 0.7 gallons maximum capacity for fuel and the motor powering this machine is 15-AMP, 1800 Watt, 120VAC, with 60Hz Electric Belt Driven motor is highly capable of 0.5” (12.7mm) maximum diameter small branches and twigs mulching.

The motor provides consistent speed to three 11inch blades gyrating at 4100RPMs. Unlike other gasoline-powered chippers, this wood chipper is quieter and produces no smoke, making it a user and eco-friendly machine.

The best design and capabilities in it are a great choice for green recycling and waste management, it is portable with two 6inch wheels and it is highly efficient in its work.

An on\off switch is devised on the machine along with a heavy-duty protection button. Furthermore, steel housing is supported with a firm & sturdy powder-coated steel frame for motor assembly protection.

Pros Cons
A vertical discharge chute is available Not suitable for VERY large branch processing
Gasoline-powered motor to support efficient chipping
Portable with two 6inch wheels
Noiseless and no smoke production


This wood chipping machine is suitable for the recycling and waste management of green areas. Gasoline energized motor, vertical discharge chute, no smoke and noiseless, portability with 2 wheels, light steel body, 3inch material capacity, and many other features have contributed to the success of this machine. On\off switch and heavy-duty protection switch are also installed in the wood chipper.



SuperHandy 7HP Wood Chipper

SuperHandy 7HP Wood Chipper

This superhandy wood chipper has a top hopper for 1\5” maximum chipping or mulching with a reduction ratio of 15:1, a side chute for 3” brand and limbs chipping, and an attachable leaf vacuum for mulching.

A tow bar and vacuum kits (both sold separately) can be attached with its sleekly designed body and a jam-reducing technology is used in it for effective usage and working.

A small mower\small tractor is installed for convenient transportation from one place to another. This wheeled chipper has a 7HP 212cc, 4-stroke single cylinder with OHV gas engine to provide excellent performance of the machine.

To ultimately control your land, the max power output of 4.1kW, wind force speed of 150-200MPH, the high rotation speed of 3600RPMs, and a metal impeller of 350mm are installed in the machine.

The durable and efficient design of this wood chipper includes jet sweep blowers, rust-resistant steel body for heavy-duty, 87 octanes gasoline powered engine, and much more.

To avoid accidents, it is very important to operate the machine according to the direction given in the guide book and this machine is EPA\CARB certified. Suitable for forestry, gardens, landscaping, and green waste recycling.

Pros Cons
3-in-1 wood chipping technology Not suitable to process petrified wood or vines
EPA\CARB certified
Jam-free working
Powerful engine with a 4-stroke motor


The 3-in-1 wood chipper technology is devised in this chipping machine. Many excellent features like 4.1kW power output, 150-200MPH wind force speed, high rotation supporting motor, heat-resistant steel body, and many others are present in this wood chipper. It is a gasoline-powered chipper and it is very suitable for heavy working of mulching or cutting the branches, limbs, bushes, or corn stocks.



 SuperHandy Wood Chipper 2AWG x 50′ FT

SuperHandy 2AWG x 50' FT

The chipping machine has 3-in-1 technology with a hopper, side chute, and an attachable leaf for mulching, shredding, or chipping the branches or limbs along with a reduction ratio of 15:1.

The slanted design of the given machine is jam reducing and it has a small mover for transportation. The tow bar kit and vacuum kit can be attached separately with the machine as they are not involved in the package.

This chipper has recoil starting 7HP 212cc single-cylinder gasoline engine to handle 3inch diameter wood pieces for shredding. It has 0.7 gallons of maximum fuel capacity and it works best on fuel w\87+ unleaded gasoline.

There is a cord reel devise in this wood chipper that is formed of propylene with an enclosed spring driven case and it comes with a 12AWG x 50′ FT. 3C/SJTOW cord and triple tap (S3) connector.

A commercial premium grade material and it is rated at 15A 125VAC 1875W 60Hz energy. It utilizes a 3-prong plug NEMA 5-15R / NEMA 5-15P including a 54″ lead-in cord, adjustable cable stopper, and 2 non-snag rollers.

The safety of users is important as the extension cord is appropriate for indoor use, night and day environments for industrial and DIY operations. To keep your workplace safe, the extension is allowed to be out of the way of people.

Pros Cons
3-in-1 shredding, chipping, or mulching technology Not suitable for large material diameter processing
Gasoline-powered engine with 0.7 gallons of fuel capacity
An extended cord reel is added


3-in-1 shredding technology is installed in this wood chipping machine and jam reducing design is also added. The reduction ratio is up to 15:1 and the engine is very advanced for working on 3inch diameter wood pieces. A cord reel is devised which is formed of propylene and it comes with various latest features and it is suitable for indoor use, night and day environments.



Superhandy Wood Chipper 3″ In 7HP [BUNDLE DEAL]

Superhandy Wood Chipper 3" In 7HP [BUNDLE DEAL]

Superhandy wood chipper has multi-functional capabilities with a 3-in-1 chipping design that has a 15:1 reduction ratio. It has a hopper for 1\2inch shredding action, an aside chute, and an attachable leaf vacuum for munching. The uniquely designed chipper reduces jams, unlike other chippers.

Tow bar kits and vacuum kits can also be attached to your machine and they are bought separately. 20V DC 150W lithium-ion driven electric motor is installed in this chipper and a powerful recoil starting 7HP 212cc horizontal 4-stroke single-cylinder gasoline engine is inserted with a fuel capacity of 0.7 gallons (no ethanol recommended).

The EPA\CARB certification is also present and a guide book is provided for users with the package.

Customers are recommended to operate the device according to the direction of the user manual to prevent any injuries and damages. Forestry, gardening, and landscape recycling are suitable for this chipping machine.

Pros Cons
20V DC 150W lithium-ion motor Cannot process large wood pieces
Reduced jamming
Very powerful machine


The wood chipping engine is a powerful recoil starting 7HP 212cc horizontal 4-stroke single cylinder is inserted in this machine. This chipper is very specially designed for recycling and landscape management.

Lithium-ion electric motor is installed in this chipper. Many other latest and advanced features make this woodchipper very reliable and effective.



Landworks wood chipper

Landworks wood chipper shredder

Landworks wood chipper shredder has a sturdy polypropylene structure. It is a user-friendly and eco-friendly product that is better than a gasoline-powered device.

It works without producing any noise and smog. These features make it the best pick. Its build quality and overall performance justify its price. The dual-edge blades deliver enough longevity so that you should enjoy its services for several years.

Feeding materials to a hopper is safe and easy with the durable push paddle. All the capabilities and efficient construction of the product are excellent. This chipper shredder produces the most effective results. The strong body of the shredder will never dent or rust with time.

It comes with an overloaded protection switch and a start switch which adds to the easiness of the users. It has the best chipping features and supply cable of about 13.7″ inches.

Additionally, its tires tend to offer the best portability without any difficulty. Its sleek design makes it the perfect product for easy debris feeding.

This uniquely designed shredder assists one in keeping the plants green with the best functions and keeping the whole lawn clean.

Moreover, it has a strong bag for garbage disposal and a safety paddle. It operates perfectly in outdoor environments.

The excellent tool also helps in shredding leaves, weeds, and yard garbage. When it gets clogged due to lots of thin stuff, you can easily clean it with big branches. It is a reliable, advanced, and quicker shredder that is helpful.

Pros Cons
It is a fast and durable tool It can't operate nicely on the small branches
It provides excellent shredding services
It has all the essential features


Landworks wood chipper shredder saves you from messing up with a gasoline-powered device. It is a powerful device that makes the shredding process easy and quick. Its low cost doesn’t imply that it’s a cheap product.

The product tends to make your garden a clean place and operates without any issue. The overall build quality and reliability are excellent.



Final verdict: 

Gardens and backyard, community parks, many other manufacturing processes involve the wood chipper for shredding and cutting of branches and limbs. Before buying any wood chipper for your use, do a little research. Weigh all your options, consider all of the pros and cons, and determine your requirements and budget.

Check the latest and advanced features in the market devices, consider the power consumption of the wood chipper, and then finally choose a machine for you. Always read the user manual, read the fuel recommendations, and take protective measures to avoid accidents.

Also, check the material diameter capacity, provide the input according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Do not use those input materials like pine cones and many others to prevent your machine’s jamming and other faults. Take the products explained above into your kind consideration and buy one for your backyard management.


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