How Wood Chipper Works and How Do You Maintain It?

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2022)

How Wood Chipper Works and How Do You Maintain It?

Wood chippers are excellent machines that save your time and efforts. They do the hard task of processing the woods down to chips and providing you with only the useful part. If you do this task manually, it would take a lot more time and effort and would still not provide you the best output. How Wood Chipper Works and How Do You Maintain It?

Hence, wood chippers are more efficient for this task. They are also easy to use and portable. They come with wheels that are easy to move around or to tow with a vehicle.

Although they are easy to use, their working is a bit complex, especially for beginners. To answer the question, how wood chipper works and how do you maintain it? We have to break down the question in to two parts. It would provide a much clearer picture for everyone and would help understand better. So, let’s look at the first part which is, How wood chipper works?

Wood chippers work in such a mechanism that it uses two chutes. The first chute is the smaller part and is used for shredding the branches of the tree into small chips. This is used for large wood parts so that it can be shredded into small chips. The small chips are useful for many purposes. The second chute consists of blades, hammers, and other additional tools. It is used to turn plant materials into mulch. Unlike the first chute, this one is used for plant material like leaves that need to be cropped down.

Now, the question which is, How to maintain a wood chipper?

There are a number of tips that would you in maintaining a wood chipper, let’s discuss the simplest and the most effective ones.

Keeping it clean:

This one is a no-brainer. You must always keep your wood chipper clean, no matter if you have used it only once or have not used it at all. It also means cleaning the fuel tanks of the machine. Wood chippers can also collect a lot of debris after use. To make sure it works well, it is recommended that you clean the wood chipper properly after every use.

Make sure the blades are sharp:

After chipping a good amount of wood, the blades of the machine can be damaged. Once the blades are damaged, they might not provide the same efficient result and would take longer than usual. To prevent such issues, always make sure the blades are sharp before you chip any woods.

Use genuine parts in the machine:

Genuine parts increases the life of your machine. If you face any issues with the parts of your wood chipper, don’t replace those parts randomly. Always make sure you are using the genuine parts instead of low-quality ones.

With all these tips, you can guarantee the maintenance of your wood chipper easily.


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