Best fishing rods for backpacking 2024-The Ultimate Guide to Lightweight Fishing Rods for Backpacking

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2023)

A backpacker fishing rod is a small and lightweight fishing rod designed for anglers that are constantly on the go. Anglers that want to travel and fish in isolated spots loves such rods, because they are frequently built of high-quality, long-lasting materials like carbon fiber, which gives strength and sensitivity while keeping the rod light and easy to transport. So, this piece will go over the best fishing rods for backpacking. Simply keep reading.

Backpacking and fishing are two excellent pastimes that allow you to disconnect from the stresses of modern life and reconnect with nature. Combining these two activities may be a really pleasant experience, but obtaining the correct equipment is critical.

A sturdy fishing rod is one of the most critical items of equipment for trekking fishers. In this guide, we’ll look at the top backpacking fishing rods to help you choose the right rod for your next expedition.

What to look for in a Backpacking Fishing Rod when choosing?

There are several key factors to consider.

Length and Weight

Weight is an important factor when trekking. A decent backpacker fishing rod should be lightweight and small in order to be easily packed and carried. When hiking, a shorter rod is usually handier, and most backpacker fishing rods are between 6 and 8 feet length.


The weight and durability of a fishing rod are also affected by its material. The most prevalent materials used in fishing rods are fiberglass, graphite, and carbon fiber. Fiberglass is stronger and more durable than graphite and carbon fiber, although it is bit heavier. Carbon fiber and graphite are smaller, but much more expensive and less resilient.


A fishing rod’s “action,” or degree of flexibility, determines how well it bends and handles various fish species. An appropriate rod for casting light lures or bait is one with a rapid action, which bends around the tip. A slow-action rod bends more gradually and has greater strength to contend with larger fish.


A fishing rod’s strength and the size of fish it can handle are referred to as its power. When capturing smaller fish, light power rods work best; when catching larger fish, hefty power rods work best. It’s crucial to choose a camping fishing rod with a power that corresponds to the species of fish you intend to catch.


 Choosing a rod for trekking also requires careful consideration of storage. If you intend to travel with the rod, you should choose one that is simple to store and transport. Look for rods with features like collapsible sections, carrying cases, and detachable portions that are small and convenient to transport.


When selecting a rod for backpacking, cost is another crucial aspect to take into account. Find a rod that balances quality and cost while offering good value for your money. Look for rods that provide a nice blend of quality and features without being prohibitively expensive.

The Best Backpacking Fishing Rods After discussing the qualities to look for in a backpacker fishing rod, let’s examine some of the top models available.

Best fishing rods for backpacking (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Color
St. Croix Rods Triumph ‎29.9 x 4.1 x 3.2 inches (Package) ‎Deep Run Blue

Check Price

St. Croix Rods Mojo Trout Fly ‎102 x 3 x 3 inches Black Check Price
Wild Water Tenkara ‎4 x 2.5 x 22 inches ‎Tan/Black Check Price
Sougayilang Combos ‎17.72 x 8.94 x 2.68 inches (Package) ‎A-Fishing Full Kits With Carrier Case Check Price
TROUTBOY Fishing Rod ‎23.3 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches (Package) ‎Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Check Price

St. Croix Rods Triumph Spinning Rod, TSR

St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

A renowned producer of fishing equipment, St. Croix Rods, makes the St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod (TSR), a high-performance fishing rod.

The spinning fishing rods in the TSR range are manufactured using a combination of premium components and cutting-edge production methods. These rods are a great option for fisherman of all skill levels because of their reputation for sensitivity and durability.

The TSR line comes in a variety of lengths and powers to accommodate various fishing techniques and species. You may find a TSR rod to suit your needs whether you are fishing for little trout or large salmon.

With St. Croix’s exclusive technology, including as high-modulus graphite blanks, IPC® mandrels, and Innovative Reinforcing TechnologyTM, these rods deliver the best performance and sturdiness.

St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rods offer excellent performance together with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and lessened fatigue during extended days on the water. Additionally, they have premium parts including machined aluminum wind check, Sea Guide® XH® rings with zirconium inserts, and a soft EVA handle.

Pros Cons
Extra features Case not included
Premium SCIII Carbon Construction
Premium grade cork handle


Overall, anglers seeking a high-performance spinning rod that delivers sensitivity, strength, and comfort should strongly consider the St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod (TSR).

The TSR line of rods is guaranteed to be a favorite with anglers of all skill levels with to its cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and variety of options to suit different fishing techniques and species.


St. Croix Rods Mojo Trout Fly

Mojo Trout Fly

Fly fishing aficionados frequently choose the St. Croix Rods Mojo Trout Fly Fishing Rod. The lightweight and small design of this rod, which makes it simple to carry and maneuver on the water, is one of its main advantages. The rod is comprised of premium materials that offer great sensitivity and responsiveness, such as advanced graphite and resin.

The Mojo Trout is a popular choice among anglers who favor fishing with lighter lures and flies because of its rapid action and smooth throwing. The rod also has a cozy grip, which eases fatigue after extended fishing sessions.

The Mojo Trout rod, however, has several shortcomings. One of the primary problems is that it costs more than other similar rods on the market, which is a rather high price. The rod’s probable inadequacy for heavy use or fishing in challenging conditions is another potential worry.

Pros Cons
Premium grade cork handle No lifetime warranty
Amazing features
Good all around trout rod


Overall, anglers searching for a lightweight, responsive rod with fast action and smooth throwing may consider the St. Croix Rods Mojo Trout Fly Fishing Rod. For those on a tighter budget or who require a more robust rod for more difficult fishing conditions, it might not be the ideal option, but still it could be a great choice.


Wild Water Tenkara Starter Package

Wild Water Tenkara

For those new to the sport, the Wild Water Tenkara Starter Package offers a fly fishing setup that is user-friendly for beginners. A long rod, line, and fly are used in the ancient Japanese fly fishing technique known as tenkara to catch fish in streams and rivers.

Everything you need to get started is included in the Wild Water Starter Kit, including a telescoping tenkara rod, a tenkara line, tippet material, a variety of flies, and a rod case.

Casting and landing fish are made simpler by the rod’s progressive action and premium carbon fiber construction. Anglers can easily feel the bite and catch, thanks to the line’s superb sensitivity and tapered design. The flies that come with the kit are chosen based on the kinds of fish you’re likely to catch, and the rod case makes it simple to move your equipment around.

The Wild Water Tenkara Starter Package offers newcomers to the sport of tenkara fly fishing an economical and practical entry point. It’s the ideal option for anyone seeking to try tenkara for the first time due to its simple setup, lightweight equipment, and outstanding affordability.

Pros Cons
Has protective rod case Very delicate rod
11 feet of blue-colored PVC floating line
Waterproof fly box


The Wild Water Tenkara Starter Package offers everything you need to start catching fish and enjoying the beauty of tenkara fly fishing, whether you’re fishing in a mountain stream or a little pond.


Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos

Sougayilang Fishing Rods

Anglers of various levels can use Sougayilang fishing rod combos. The set makes it simple to transport and store your equipment because it comes with a telescoping fishing rod, a spinning reel, and a carrying case.

The high-density carbon fiber used to make the fishing rod gives it strength, durability, and lightness. You are able to cast and retrieve with ease because to the reel’s smoothness and adequate line capacity.

The fishing rod’s telescoping construction makes it simple to pack and transport while also enabling you to change the length to meet the circumstances of your fishing expedition.

The Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos give you the adaptability you need to capture a range of fish species whether you’re fishing in a lake or a river. The balanced configuration that the spinning reel and fishing rod together helps you fish for longer periods of time and decreases tiredness.

Pros Cons
100 percent carbon fiber Rod is not so flexible
Light weight and portable
Ideal for backpacking


In conclusion, anglers seeking for an economical, premium fishing setup should definitely choose the Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos.

Anyone seeking to start fishing or improve their equipment will find it to be the ideal choice due to its lightweight design, easy operation, and diverse features. The Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos are a fantastic purchase for everyone who loves to fish, whether you’re a novice or an expert.


TROUTBOY Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

TROUTBOY Fishing Rod Reel Combos

For dedicated fisherman, the TROUTBOY Fishing Rod and Reel Combos offer a high-performance fishing setup.

The package makes it simple to transport and store your equipment because it comes with a carbon fiber telescopic fishing rod, a spinning reel, and a carrying case. The high-density carbon fiber used to make the fishing rod gives it strength, durability, and lightness. The smooth spinning reel has a considerable line capacity and is simple to cast and recover.

The fishing rod’s telescoping construction makes it simple to pack and transport. You can catch a variety of fish species with the spinning reel because it is made to accommodate different fishing methods. A balanced configuration that is produced by the use of a spinning reel and fishing rod makes it easier to fish for extended periods of time.

Pros Cons
Affordable fishing rod It does not come with the reel
Comfort EVA handles
Ideal for multiple uses


In conclusion, those who are serious about fishing and want a top-notch fishing setup should consider the TROUTBOY Fishing Rod and Reel Combos. It’s the ideal option for anyone wishing to advance their fishing abilities because of its lightweight design, easy operation, and diverse features.


Final Conclusion:

The right rods for hiking are crucial since they are portable, lightweight, and tough, making them ideal for usage outdoors. The proper rod can also improve the backpacking experience by offering a cozy and secure support system for carrying big packs and by aiding in the even distribution of the weight.

In general, the best rods for hiking should be built of high-quality components like lightweight, strong aluminum or carbon fiber and feature adjustable lengths, plush grips, and safe locking mechanisms. You can make sure that your backpacking trip is secure, comfortable, and fun by picking the right rod.



What is a good all round fishing rod?

  1. A medium-heavy power, fast action rod is appropriate for a variety of fish species, including bass, walleye, and catfish.
  2. A spinning rod is a wonderful option for novices because it is simple to use and flexible. They are suitable for a variety of species and fishing methods.
  3. Multi-Purpose rods can be employed in a variety of fishing situations and are appropriate for a wide range of species and tactics.
  4. Bait casting rods are made for larger species and are best suited for seasoned anglers.

Does an expensive fishing rod make a difference?

 In comparison to less expensive options, expensive fishing rods can provide a number of advantages, but it ultimately comes down to the needs and tastes of the individual angler.

High-end fishing rods frequently have better materials and construction methods, enhancing their sensitivity, toughness, and accuracy. They are best for fishing in challenging situations since they are typically lighter and more robust.

It’s crucial to remember that a more expensive fishing rod does not necessarily result in better performance.

The success of an angler depends much more on ability and technique than on the equipment they utilize. Additionally, some anglers might like the simplicity and affordability of a straightforward rod, which can nevertheless function effectively in specific circumstances.


Which rod will sink more?

The weight, length, action, and kind of line being used are some of the variables that affect how quickly a fishing rod sinks. In general, longer, heavier rods sink more slowly than shorter, lighter rods, which sink more quickly.

The rod’s action, or how it bends and flexes, can also influence how quickly it sinks. Fast action rods produce more resistance and sink more slowly than softer action rods, which tend to sink more quickly.

It’s critical to remember that buying a fishing rod involves more considerations than just the sink rate. The target species, fishing methods, and environmental conditions should all be taken into account.


Does sink thickness matter?

Yes, the thickness of a sink can affect its longevity, sturdiness, and appearance in general. While thinner sinks might be more susceptible to warping and dents over time, thicker sinks often last longer and have a more robust appearance.

The cost of the sink and the quantity of counter space it requires are, however, also impacted by the thickness of the sink. It’s critical to select a sink thickness that balances functionality, price, and appearance.


Which rod expands more hollow or solid?

A hollow rod will generally expand more than a solid rod when subjected to the same temperature change. The rate of expansion depends on the material’s thermal expansion coefficient, which is influenced by the type of material and its temperature-dependent properties.


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