Best Inline Skates for Overweight 2022

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2022)

Are you a bit large-size and thinking of an exciting idea of losing weight? If yes, then cheers up – you can go for inline skating! This game is so fun as it can help you lose weight plus enhance your fitness levels in the best way compared to the other tedious workouts.

Not only it gives you recreation but you’ll get so many benefits in different ways. It introduces the best way to burn your calories as it’s an excellent workout and is secure than most other sports.

So, we have compiled some of the best inline skates for overweight in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Roller skating gives a complete aerobic workout and includes all of the body’s muscles, especially the heart. Moreover, it is equal to jogging in terms of health advantages and caloric usage, leg strength development, and reduction of body fat.

If you do one hour of moderate roller skating, it can burn your 330 calories instantly. Further, if you have vigorously done this job, you can burn up to 590 calories in an hour.

You have seen people of various ages with different body weights rolling at skates and are thinking if the same rollerblades can fit people of varying body weights.

If you occupy giant body weight, you are nervous about making a hilarious scenario to your audience as you try to balance yourself on skates.

Also, you might be dreadful and injure yourself by landing face down to the ground. So the question arises, do inline skates have a weight limit? This question is frequent among people who are participating in skating for the first time.

When buying rollerblades, most people look out for the determinants such as the wheels, design, model, frame, structure, buckles, etc. People are typically anxious about comfort and durability but never think about the highest affordable weight limit.

But your weight is an obstacle when it comes to roller skating! Yes, you can’t skate on the same pair of rollerblades with a person who has developed the weight limit. Therefore, before buying it’s crucial to consider the weight limit of skates.

So now you might be thinking why does the weight limit of an individual much matter in skating? The weight of the person influences the overall roll time and acceleration of the rollerblade wheels.

When you’re skating, your body weight affects the rollerblade wheel’s reaction time and performance.

People who weigh above 200 lbs. typically have the best grip as compared to normal skaters. Therefore, it makes more perception to select higher durometer ratings to recompense the additional weight. Moreover, you can also go for a more firm core; an aluminum core will perform great for you because it is more diligent and provides better support.

Further, if your body weight is less than 100lbs., then 92A wheels will go best with your weight.

Searching for a pair of roller skates for yourself is like considering a regular pair of shoes. You must know what your exact size is and what leads you to the comfiest experience.

The roller skate market has been enhancing and occupies various models with different forms, sizes, and appearances.

So, it’s hard to search for a pair of skates that serves best to your personal preferences. If you’re already intimate with this type of sport, finding the best will not be a problem for you.

Best Inline Skates for Overweight (Comparison)

Name Closure type/Material Weight  
Epic Skates Engage Lace-Up/ Blend 7 Pounds Check Price
LIKU Performance Lace-Up/Aluminum 7.52 Pounds Check Price
Rollerblade Macroblade Lace-Up/Plastic 7.2 Pounds Check Price
LEAFIS Roller Skates Classic Lace-Up/Leather 6.61 Pounds

Check Price


Epic Skates Engage

Epic Skates Engage

The Epic Engage is designed for refined speed and agility that gives you a complete sense of fashion when cruising down the boardwalk, skating rink, or streets! These inline skates are exactly what you are searching for in affordable, quality, and classic skates.

These Epic skates are the best gift for beginners to intermediate-level skaters. Further, the skates are a fantastic selection for everyone as they feature a design giving full comfort, support, and protection. Let’s discuss its further attributes!

The epic skates are composed of 195mm mounted hard-shell gold polished aluminum frame with CNC aircraft-grade that offers a seamless combination of relaxation and reinforcement.

They are equipped with a rigid upper shell with a pure-comfort liner giving skaters effortless and unwrinkled speed.

Further, the Epic wheels are imperturbable with Polyurethane glass-filled plastic core covering and 125mm high rebound 86a lining. These indoor and outdoor Polyurethane wheels make an easy transition of skating at the local rink and sidewalks!

The Epic inline skates come with laces that give you a tight tie and the straps add excellent extra support to your feet. The classic high-top design of these skates gives your ankles extra protection, support, and moderation.

Moreover, the skates hold pre-spun ABEC – 7-speed bearings, aluminum plates, and double-action trucks. Further, the Epic classic speed skate design combines with an adjustable speed strap and a padded collar that gives skaters the perfect combination of reassurance and maintenance.

Uniquely designed with top-level constituents, the Epic skates are the perfect blend of fabulous and fierce giving reliable performance, a sharp style, and extreme durability that can’t be beaten!

Coming next, the Epic wheels and bearings roll in a combination giving less pushing force and the skater will experience much better balance and stability. Moreover, you’ll find an incredible feature in the Epic inline skates that they are fully adjustable.

The parts are also replaceable and they are easily available like buckles, straps, and brakes. The Epic promises you in quality of their boots as they occupy high quality, extra padding, and durable lining around the collar.

The boot and the heel area are upholstered with cushions for giving maximum comfy experience. You’ll love sliding your feet into these ultra-soft skates due to their amazingly smooth interior lining.

Further, the Epic inline skates are weighing only 7 pounds, and their technology works to keep the weight slightly down without compromising the construction of the skates.

Pros Cons
Hard-shell aluminum lining Breaks
7-speed ABEC bearings
Pure-comfort liner
Glass-filled plastic core wheels


Brace yourselves with incredibly smart Epic skates as they provide all the support, comfort, relaxation, balance, and stability a skater need.



LIKU inline Skates

LIKU inline Skates

The LIKU inline skates are super-starter rolling shoes that encourage you to get out on the rink and start enjoying skating! They are designed for every age and ideal for beginners and recreational skaters!

The skates are fully functional and bring fashion plus performance together to the skating rink. Ever since their release, LIKU skates have been identified as one of the best-selling shoes in the market.

The LIKU inline skates are composed of a lightweight and strong aluminum frame with an integrated CNC shell that provides maximum protection and is perfect for the fitness enthusiast and racer while distance skating.

These skates provide you a triple secure closure system with two micro-adjustable buckles and a lace closure function that is easier to use and helps fasten your feet to fit more properly in skates.

Besides, these skates are composed of hard 125mm 85A wheels that go faster and smoother and are perfect whether it is a simple outdoor entertaining skating or competitive racing.

Additionally, the LIKU skates use EVA elastic cotton and a stretch band that gives flexibility and adapt easily to various foot types. This phenomenal EVA lining gives you a perfect, pleasant, and comfy adventure while skating.

These skates are equipped with an ABEC bearing that gives less vibration and a better rolling experience. These shock-absorbing aluminum alloy bearings promise to keep you comfortable and relaxing, even if things get a little rutted.

There are multiple reasons to love these LIKU skates, but the most prominent reason is that they are made of durable and molded materials which offer secure and reliable skating performance.

These high-quality skates built-in a strengthened PP lining that provides extra stability and support to limit ankle or foot pain and permit you to roll longer. The freestyle comfort fit LIKU skates uses a high-class and soft design with comfortable padded lining to add adolescent charm to the roller skates.

In addition, the skates hold a high-elastic heel that gives protection to your ankles and knees plus reflects a resistant impression on the wearer. When it comes to skating safety, the LIKU skates are excellent at it as they are designed in a form that they tighten above your ankle. They offer superb grip ensuring the skater does not hurt and stumble themselves.

Also, LIKU inline skates are composed of ventilation holes that will cheer airflow, keeping your feet cool and restful. After you’ve completed your skating, you can pull off your skates and remove the cotton liner padding from the interiors. These liners are easier to insert in and out of the skates, making it incredibly trouble-free for you to keep your skates scentless and clean.

Pros Cons
Shock-absorbing sole No variety of color options
Perfect lace and buckle closure system
Integrated CNC shell
EVA cotton liner


LIKU offers durable, easy-to-clean, and comfortable inline skates with high-end features and is an excellent pick for all the skaters out there.



Rollerblade Macroblade

Rollerblade Macroblade

Rollerblade is a top skating brand that divides its products up into fitness, lifestyle, recreational, and marathon. The Macroblade 3wd-3, these high-rated skates are health-focused allowing a perfect mix of speed, comfort, and stability.

Instead of excelling in one slot, they enclose a little bit of everything, so you can squad, jump, and skate to hit your daily fitness goal. Let’s have a look at its features!

The Rollerblade inline skates are composed of 10.8’’ 3WD frames that are firm, stable, and occupy a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity. It enhances the skater’s speed and maneuverability and provides the best stability.

These skates are equipped with supreme 100mm 85A wheels that maximize rolling, gripping and facilitate additional speed. Further, the wheels are combined with SG9 bearings that provide incredible fast, accurate, and superior speed.

Furthermore, Macroblade inline skates come with a rigid structure that gives lateral support for longer skating sessions with minimum foot fatigue.

The constructors of these skates provide a higher cuff to the shoes for an additional safe foothold. The high cuffs give both flex and lateral support to your feet. You’ll feel the boot vigorously around your feet whichever direction you turn.

Coming next, these Rollerblade inline skates prioritize your stability and safety by giving a 3-component closure system i.e. buckle, strap, and lace. They encompass an aluminum buckle that securely fastens your feet with additional durability.

What’s more? The strap and lace closure system tie up the heels in the anterior for the best fit to minimize heel lift. So this firm closure system prevents contusions and other forms of injuries in beginner skaters.

In addition, these inline skates offer one of the most comfortable liners with extra padding that gives you a higher level of the easement. Padding is especially targeted to cradle your feet that reduce fatigue and helps you enjoy skating for prolonged periods.

The cushion filling in the ankle areas provides uniquely consolation and amusement. With such cushioning support, you’ll hardly notice the collisions on the ground and vibrations of the wheels.

The final touch that explains the constructor’s clear understating of the skater’s needs is the excellently engineered mesh upper designed for the greatest comfort and breathability.

Pros Cons
Large durable 3WD wheels Bit pricey
Improved padding and cushioning
Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame
Comfy, soft interior lining


The Rollerblade are user-friendly inline skates that ensure your comfort and safety by providing incredible generous features.



LEAFIS Roller Skates Classic

LEAFIS Roller Skates Classic

These amazing roller skates are great for both male and female adult outdoor skating. Even the children like to use it for skating.

These skates include rollers with ABEC 5 rollers and ecological leather above, which completes the overall four-wheel skating concept in the perfect way.

These fantastic roller skates are based on controllable high-top shoes, ensuring optimal safety and having high-quality shoelaces.

This is how it brings maximum protection for the guarantee of safe and comfortable feet. Hence, they have the perfect fit with a high level of comfort to ensure that your feet stay comfortable even if you wear it for long hours.

Plus, there is also an involvement of the support column on the front side. This makes it great for beginners to use it for skating purposes.

They are capable enough to maintain control and brake very easily. The whole structure will make sure that the support is not damaged at all.

They also have a traditional double-row design that makes your skating as a whole stable and safe as possible. Even the women can utilize it to learn how to skate. The elegance and durability of these skates are incredible.

Roller skates have been fully equipped with durable four-wheel skates made out of durable material. In this way, you will be able to experience a reliable and safe skating performance. Shin wheels look so cool and classy!

Available in vibrant colour shades, you will find them to be a perfect gift for your kids. It is an ideal option for indoor ice skating and outdoor skating.

Pros Cons
Optimal safety Wheels needs more improvement
High-quality shoelace
Wear-resistant wheels


In short, these LEAFIS Roller Skates are the classic option for outdoor skating, which makes the whole skating fun so much thrilling. For beginners, this is a top recommendation as equally best for the male and female. A variety of color options are available here at an affordable cost.



Final Verdict:

In fitness and fashion, the trend of inline skating is coming back from the 70s. Skating is better and more fun for an overweight person than spending several hours in the gym. Skating burns more calories.

But, it may consider a bit difficult to find the best inline skates for overweight, but this is not. Just because you are a bit heavy person, it does not mean you can’t search for the perfect pair of skates. To make things easier for you, here, we’ve listed some of the top best skates for you!


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