How to Examine Your Skates Properly?

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2022)

How to Examine Your Skates Properly?

If you are a health-conscious person and looking for a game that involves physical practice apart from fun for your kid, Roller Skating is the best recommendation for your kid.

Roller Skates is a very trendy game nowadays that covers both aspects (fun plus physical) exercise of a game that you are looking for. Inspecting your skates is very important to avoid injuries.

There are a lot of Roller skates available in the market and many manufactures selling brands are in business who is claiming their products as best among all. But to find out the best suitable skate for you and to examine which skate is best for you who meets your all requirement is a bit technical job.

Here we are going to discuss some of the key features which will help you in examining a proper skate for you.

First of all, decide which type of Skate you are looking for? If you are a beginner in skating and just entering the game of skating then you must go for a Quad skater. Quad skaters have wheels that are configured in a two by two arrangement.

This arrangement of wheels makes the skater more stable on a roller and helps them in maintaining balance. That’s why Quad skaters are best for beginners. The break system here is “toe stop” which is attached to the plate that is configured under the toe of booth boots.

If you are an experienced and pro skater and want more challenges in this game and then you must go for an Inline skate. As Inline Skates consist of wheels that are configured in a straight line this makes it easier to move.

But this configuration of wheels results a bit of difficulty in balancing when rolling on skates. So this type of skates is recommended for experienced ones. Here the break is located at the heel of one boot.

Further, another factor that is necessary to kept in account while examining skate for you is the material used in the production. The material used in wheels plus the material of frame has a great impact on the durability and life of skate.

A good skate has a mainframe made up of reinforced aluminum alloy with polyurethane wheels with ABEC-7 bearings that must be made up of very fine quality carbon steel that will help you enjoy a very smooth and sound ride.

Moreover, the frame must feature with Integrated CNC Shell, this feature will ensure your stability and less vibration while cruising which helps in rolling a smooth and vibration less skate.

Additionally, skate adjustable/size is also a factor of examination. Size is a big factor while finding out the suitable skate for you, and how long the product can fit your size, and how long it will be adjustable in case if the size of feet increases.

These are the key features of a suitable skate which one should keep in mind while examining the best skate for himself and get the one that benefits you more in terms of budget and durability.


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