Why It’s Important To Carry a Lightweight Stoves During Camping?

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2021)

Why It’s Important To Carry a Lightweight Stoves During Camping?

Every hiking, fishing, trailing, hunting, and camping trip is incomplete without food. And while you are planning and packing to go off on an adventurous camping endeavor, one thing that must be on your check-list is a portable lightweight stove for cooking or warming up your food. Otherwise, firewood and other tools for starting a fire can be used and that is a hectic process on its own. You can also not survive on the bland tinned and canned food throughout your trip. So yeah, it’s definitely important to carry a lightweight stove with you on the hike.

One of the biggest problems while camping and hiking is the cumbersome journey made even more terrible due to the weight of your luggage. You don’t want unnecessary addition to your backpack weight because of a heavy stove! The heavier the equipment you carry, the more space it needs. So yes, it’s a lose-lose situation. You need a lightweight, easy-to-use, efficient and compact stove to carry during camping. Owing our thanks to the great new inventions of science, we no longer have to worry about the bulk and weight of stoves. They come in super-efficient packing bags and sturdy but smart designs that fit every accessory of the stove into the firebox or under a special lid. This not only ensures safety but also makes sure the stove occupies as little space as possible.

It is extremely important to travel with a super lightweight stove because, well, you don’t want to tire yourself out just because your backpack was too heavy to carry, trails and hikes are in themselves pretty energy consuming. And it is always preferable to get tired after having fun rather than after laboring your way up a mountain. Some steel bodied stove can be heavier in weight and the utensils also add to the weight, and they are also prone to rust and corrosion, this is the type you need to avoid. These days, stoves as light as 6-pounds are available in the market. They are incredibly easy to carry even in your hand because of a skillfully engineered system and design.

Lightweight stoves are also easy to set up and wind up. With their simple designs, only a stove and ignition are what you need to find a place for. Unlike other options, these stoves neither need special heavy metal legs to stand upon nor do they require special cooking plates to be set up. Also, when you are camping the ground is not always smooth. If the surface is rocky or can even be muddy and uneven, a lightweight stove will stand up straight on any such place, and even if it doesn’t fit right, you can easily carry it up and move it and keep going without making yourself tiring. No doubt portable and lightweight stoves are beneficial.


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