Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T 2021

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2021)

A cellular repeater is designed to amplify a mobile signal in hard-to-reach places where communication is unstable. It is also called a GSM booster or repeater. Modern repeaters operate at 900/1800/2000 MHz and 450 MHz (CDMA) and 2500 MHz. Devices are produced both for operation in one range, for example, 900 MHz, and in several at once – 900/1800 MHz or 2000/2500 MHz; they are combined with 3G and 4G LTE networks.

Cellular pulse repeaters have a wide range of applications. They are used to amplify the signal in:

  • Office and warehouse;
  • Country houses and countryside;
  • Underground parking lots and shopping centers;
  • Buildings where it is necessary to enhance the transmission and reception of an impulse of only one of the mobile operators;
  • Shielded rooms and objects are made of reinforced concrete structures, where cellular communication with the supplier is completely blocked.

Repeaters are no less in demand in public places with high traffic: clubs, restaurants, cafes, large buildings. This approach allows you to reduce the overall level of radiation from cell phones and other client GSM equipment by decreasing the radiation emanating from these devices. We have compiled some of the best cell phone signal boosters for at&t in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The repeater scheme is simple. First, an external antenna, installed on the roof or in any other place with the best possible signal strength for the given area, receives the GSM signal. Then it transmits an impulse through the cable to the repeater itself. The latter amplifies the cellular signal and corrects its shape. Then the impulse goes through a system of wires and power dividers to internal GSM antennas. Then, to the transceivers of subscriber devices (phones, smartphones, modems, and other instruments of the GSM standard).

Signal transmission in the opposite direction, from the client equipment to the cellular operator, occurs along the same chain and reverse order. First, the user’s equipment emits pulses picked up by one of the internal antennas installed inside the premises. Then the signal goes through a system of cables and power dividers to the GSM repeater, which amplifies it and transmits it through an external antenna to the equipment of the cellular operator.

The heart of the amplification system is the cellular repeater. It depends on its characteristics and quality of work how the phones will communicate with base stations. Accordingly, the magnitude of its maximum output power and the gain will determine the size of the indoor signal coverage area. In addition, the set of supported frequencies determines which communication standards will be amplified.

For small spaces, it is usually convenient to buy a ready-made kit for enhancing communication. However, it is essential to contact specialists who will select it correctly.

Modern repeaters have a gain of 65 dB or more, and an outdoor antenna gain is added. In addition, the total gain of such a system will be more than 70 dB. No other method can match the effectiveness of such a system. The more amplification it gives, the weaker the signal can be received, strengthened, and stable 4G Internet in the country.

Digital repeaters are made with a software interface. It allows you to customize many metrics for gain. Additionally, it provides control of a group of repeaters that are connected to a standard amplifying system. Optical models can transmit radio signals up to 20 km between antennas. However, they are used only in the professional field, as they are of high complexity.

To help our readers, we have reviewed a few repeaters below. Let’s check them out.

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T (Comparison)

Mingcoll14.88 x 7.36 x 5.63 inches (Package)4.53 Pounds

Check Price

SolidRF BF4G-S214.21 x 9.49 x 4.72 inches (Package)5.2 Pounds

Check Price

Amazboost14.65 x 9.53 x 6.14 inches (Package)7.38 Pounds

Check Price

SureCall Fusion2Go Max8.6 x 6.3 x 5 inches3.21 Pounds

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Mingcoll Cell Phone Signal Booster

Mingcoll Cell Phone Signal Booster

AT & T’s cell signal repeater from Mingcoll can boost 4G LTE signals in your house and office. The repeater amplifies the signal you already have to give you more bars, maintain high data speeds, and allow you to browse the Internet and talk on the phone.

This amplifier works with the AT & T-Mobile Band 12/17 with frequency Uplink: 698MHz-716MHz; Downlink: 728MHz-746MHz. This repeater will result in fewer dropped calls and better voice quality. It also speeds up uploads, downloads, and streaming. You will not experience slow internet connections or lengthy buffer times when you use this amplifier kit.

The cell phone signal amplifier amplifies the existing signal to increase the speed of 4G LTE internet. Its coverage can reach up to 3,500 to 4,000 sq. ft. The 65dB High Gain signal amplifier is designed to reduce dropped calls and improve battery life. It also offers higher audio quality, faster data streaming, and better sound quality. You get multi-user support for all cellular devices.

It is important to remember that two key factors directly affect the size, coverage area, and strength of the boosted signals:

  1. The outdoor antenna receives the most robust signal strength. Therefore, you will achieve the best results by placing the antenna outside the place with strong signals.
  2. Distance between the indoor antenna and outdoor antenna.

It has simple three steps installation process. First, place the outdoor antenna in a location that receives the strongest signal from the tower and point it towards the cell phone tower. Then, install the repeater device in the home and locate a spot to place the indoor panel antenna. It is essential to mount the phone amplifier in an area that has good ventilation.

It would be best to connect the coaxial cable to the indoor/outdoor antenna and the indoor/outdoor ports of the signal amplifier. You should ensure physical separation between the indoor and outdoor antennas of at least 22 feet. Lastly, please turn on the repeater when the power adapter is connected to it. The repeater kit can only increase weak signals, not create them.

The signal amplifier can be used to adjust its performance for any signal conditions. It requires no technical knowledge, is plug-and-play, and easy to install.

Coverage up to 4,000 sq. ftDoes not work properly in bad outdoor conditions
A 30-day money-back guaranty
Installation requires no technical knowledge


This cell phone signal repeater will improve call quality, maintain a better voice environment, and reduce dropped or missed calls. You can watch your favorite streaming movies and shows without buffering. In addition, it has FCC certification and comes with a 30-day money-back guaranty along with a three-month defective part replacement service.



SolidRF- BF4G-S2 High Data Speed Signal Booster

SolidRF- BF4G-S2

This innovative high data speed booster with Integrated Antenna is also known as the All-Weather on Roof amplifier. The repeater has a low noise floor and a maximum data communication speed of 80 Mbps for download and 40 Mbps for upload. It works on Band 12/13/5/2/4/25 and is compatible with all USA and Canadian carriers, including AT & T.

It has a high gain (65dB), which allows it to pick up weak signals over long distances. It can communicate up to 4 to 7 miles. It can boost the signal up to 300X and has a coverage area of 4000 sq. ft. However, the coverage area depends on the outdoor signal level. 1-2 bars (-100dBm), 500 sq. ft., 3-4 bar (-90dBm), 2,000 sq. ft., 5 bars -80dBm 4,000 sq. ft. Ideal for Remote Areas

Its Unique Tru5 Technology separates its circuits into ten channels. It also supports band 12 and Band 13 Maximum Supportable data speed both for downloads and uploads. In addition, it provides excellent Voice and Text Signals to Multi-user using smartphones, tablets, modems, and Wi-Fi hot spots simultaneously.

Moreover, it provides better incoming signals to cell phones, which can significantly reduce the required transmission power of mobile phones and, therefore, lower electromagnetic radiation exposure to the human body. Its better signal quality also minimizes power consumption, saving your battery and increasing the lives of phones in standby mode by up to 2 hours.

It also provides an APP monitoring function. It enables you to monitor the status of your repeater’s workings through the app. In addition, you can manage three-core indicators represent each band gain: uplink, downlink, and output power. This feature helps you to determine the best outdoor signal and maximize system gain.

Its installation process is easy and supported by a detailed instruction manual included in the package. The installation process comprises of three main steps as described below:

Step 1: First, mount the outdoor antenna on the roof of your premises on the side with the strongest signal.

Step 2: The indoor antenna should face the signal dead area/weak signal zone area within the building.

Step 3: Lastly, power on the DC power adaptor by connecting the repeater with the panel antenna and turn it on.

Your modern cell phone signal repeater is now ready to boost weak signals making your life easier.

Works on multiple bandsCoverage area is limited
FCC approved
Fast Internet


This smart cell phone signal repeater is equipped with automatically adjusts system gain and power level to provide the best result. Its hassle-free installation does not require manual fixing and screwing and can complete installation in under 3 hours. This roof repeater features a powerful amplifier and a solid outside antenna. Tru5 Band enhanced internal circuitry is also included will help you to perform your tasks with freedom. In addition, it is FCC Approved for your peace of mind.





It is one of the best products by Amazboost, which supports all cellular technologies like 2G, 3G, and most importantly, 4G LTE signals. It is compatible with all wireless mobile phone networks in the United States of America, particularly AT & T.  It also supports all bands, including bands 12, 13, 4, 2, and 5.

It provides the highest 65dB Gain concerning its competitors on the market in its piece range. It has the capability of increasing signal strength up to 300 times. It gives a maximum distance range from 3 to 5 miles with a coverage area of up to 5,000 sq. ft. However, it is important to keep in mind that the coverage area ranges depend on signals transmitted by cell phone towers. Therefore, if you have 1-2 bars, -100dBm), it will provide coverage up to 800 square. ft., and with 3-4 bar (-90dBm), 3,000 sq. ft., similarly with 5 bars -80dBm up to 5,000 sq. ft. It is an ideal product for rural areas.

Moreover, it is also equipped with automatic adjustment for system gain and power level. It can provide you up to 2 hours more talk time due to its smooth signal transmission quality. Its appearance is simple and classic with an elegant and unique design. It’s all parts and accessories are in white, which gives a premium look. The main body is rectangular that is unique among its competitors on the market.

It is considered the best value signal repeater on the market and is popular with Amazon fans who love the original products it launches. This device kit is an excellent choice for more expensive models in terms of functionality and ease of use. It can impress you through its simple installation process, which can take only 10 minutes to mount the device and get it set up.

Apart from all the reasons, this cell phone repeater also increases the battery life of connected devices. All data transmission is encrypted, which provides you peace of mind concerning your privacy. This device will offer you fewer dropped calls, instant messaging, along with faster Internet for your downloads/uploads and video streaming.

In addition, Its FCC authentication, a 30-day money-back guaranty, along a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty adds more value to this product.

Increase signal strength up to 300 timesMust have more than 2-years warranty
White color
Reliable product


It is a sturdy device and works well. Multi-device capabilities are the most impressive feature. We recommend that you assess your outdoor signal strengths and cell phone tower distance before purchasing. However, its signal strength, FCC authentication, and a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty provide good reasons to buy this repeater.



SureCall Fusion2 Go Max

SureCall Fusion2 Go Max

SureCall Fusion2Go Max in-Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster is a powerful signal booster for in-vehicle use. It is responsible for increasing the reliability of calls and has an incredible 4G LTE data speed and performance. You will find this device compatible with all major carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, and much more.

This signal booster is available with the Extended Range Technology (ERT), which provides 2X more of the power than the rest of the wide-band vehicle signal boosters.

Users can use their cell phones, tablets, hot spots, and other devices to connect to the boosted cellular network with the SureCall Fusion2Go Max.

In conjunction with the SureCall, the device also provides the pre-installed system service to survey a potential site. It is often included with the system design, including antenna placement, booster selection, etc.

With the plug-and-play system, you can install the kit in just a few minutes. You must attach the device’s discreet magnetic antenna over the roof and plug it over the 12V DC power adapter. Its primary purpose is to optimize the mobile experience. Therefore, it turns out to be ideal for using it against any hands-free system or Bluetooth device. There is no need to use any cradle or the docking station.

If you find yourself getting stuck in any remote location with poor cellular, this device will come to your rescue. It boosts the text, voice, and 4G LTE signals for all cell carriers.

Low profile antennaPricey
Suitable for all types of vehicles


The SureCAll Fusion2Go Max is a compact cell booster that is a space-saving option for the RV. This booster can handle both 4G LTE and 5G signals without any problem. Plus, the antenna is also low profile to park your vehicle during nighttime.



Final Verdict:

You can find systems that enhance cellular communication with the mobile Internet in various design solutions on the market. However, selection depends upon the price range and quality of the components, and the characteristics of the devices. Therefore, when choosing an installation, it is worth knowing what it consists of and what is needed to amplify the signal reliably.


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