Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for T Mobile 2021

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2021)

Cell phone signal boosters or amplifiers are bi-directional devices that are used to enhance the reception capacity of cell phones. A mobile repeater system includes a donor antenna that collects and broadcasts signals from surrounding cell phone towers, fiber cables, a signal booster, and an indoor broadcaster antenna. A “donor antenna” is a device that connects to a nearby cell phone tower through its installation on a window or the roof.

A donor antenna can be directional or omnidirectional and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A booster system that amplifies coverage for all cellular carriers often uses an omnidirectional antenna (which is specialized in broadcasting in all directions). When a certain tower or carrier has to be isolated for better performance, a directional antenna is utilized. We have compiled some of the best cell phone signal boosters for t mobile in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

By using a highly directional antenna, the signal-to-noise ratio of the donor can be amplified, resulting in better signal redistribution inside a building. The next component of a cell phone booster is the Amplifier. It is also known as the repeater, it amplifies the signals coming from the tower to your phone and also amplifies the signals going back to the tower from your phone. The amplifier connects to the donor antenna through a coaxial cable. An indoor antenna distributes and receives the signals to and from the user’s cell phone. The most popular types of indoor antennas are panels and dome.

Here are some factors you should pay attention to, before choosing the signal booster for your home or office or for your vehicles.

Amplifiers specifications:

The two main specifications of an amplifier are Downlink and Gain, you should consider them before buying.

Downlink power:

The maximum value of downlink output power measured in dBm sets the maximum area coverage of the system when the signals are enough. Downlink output power means the amount of signal that the amplifier can retransmit into a building.


Gain is a dB measurement of how much a signal has been amplified. The signal from the donor antenna is amplified to a greater extent as the gain value increases.

Weak signals outside the building:

When signals are weak outside, on the donor antenna, less than 80dBm, then the amplifier you choose should have maximum gain value. An amplifier with a high gain value will enable you to get the maximum output of downlink.

Strong signals outside:

To get the maximum output power from an amplifier, when the signals are very strong on the outdoor antenna, the downlink power of the amplifier is the factor you should focus on.

Choosing the most suitable donor antenna:

To maximize the performance of the signal booster, the right donor antenna must be selected and it must be positioned rightly on top of the building. Donor antennas with high gain will perform better when signals are quite weak outside. Similarly, you can select a directional antenna for clear and strong signals.

The number of indoor antennas for maximum signals:

We know that signals travel smoothly through coaxial cables instead of air, walls, and doors. So the greater the number of antennas, the better the signal will be. For homes and small offices, one antenna per 1000 square feet, for maximum coverage is recommended.

Panel antennas/Dome antenna:

When the space that is being covered is long, like a hallway, and the space is not accessible from behind the ceiling, then panel antennas must be installed. Similarly, if the area is accessible from behind the ceiling and is not long and thin, then a Dome antenna can be installed.

Here are some best cell phone signal boosters for T-Mobile.

Best cell phone signal booster for T Mobile (Comparison)

Hiboost Mini13.89 x 13.39 x 4.84 inches (Package)8.05 Pounds

Check Price

SolidRF 202b14.65 x 9.61 x 7.09 inches (Package)8.8 Pounds

Check Price

SureCall FlareDB20 x 10 x 10 inches7.54 Pounds

Check Price

Drive Sleek 4701350.65 x 1.6 x 7 inches1.8 Pounds

Check Price

Weboost Connect 4G 6.5 x 1.75 x 4.25 inches7.25 Pounds

Check Price


Hiboost Mini Cell Signal Booster

Hiboost Mini

This Mini cell phone signal repeater works with all mobile phone services across the United States of America, including T-Mobile. This cell phone signal amplifier will boost 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G signals in your home or office.

You can manage it through its App, which allows you to find the most substantial signal direction to place an outdoor antenna. Its App also displays real-time data about the signal repeater operation so that you can see the status of your signal. This App also offers online support to ensure that you have the best settings and performance.

This mini cell phone amplifier offers an indoor panel antenna as well as an outdoor directional antenna. It ensures 100% coverage. It covers 500-2,000 square feet but can be affected by outdoor signal conditions.

Its package also contains a user manual with instructions to help you during the installation process. In addition, this cell repeater has an LCD to monitor signal strength and make adjustments as needed. It is equally compatible with smart phones, tablets, data cards, and laptops.

It comes with FCC and I.C. certifications to avoid any legality. You will also get a 3-years manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, this amplifier complies with international telecom standards for safety, reliability, and style. Finally, it will make your life easier by eliminating dropped calls and giving you faster internet connectivity for your browsing, downloads, and uploads.

Moreover, its installation process is a bit technical and requires care to ensure the best quality signals. It is advised to follow the instructional manual systematically to connect all the components correctly. A robust outdoor signal is essential, as the repeater amplifies the signal rather than creating it.

Therefore, it will not provide you service if there are no mobile signals outside. So, to ensure that your signal amplifier is connected to your indoor antenna quickly for the test, please link it first to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The application is used first to guide the outdoor antenna. Next, install the repeater and determine the position of the indoor antenna.

This innovative and intelligent repeater works on a simple principle:

  • The outdoor antenna does the transmission of signals from outside to inside the repeater unit.
  • The amplifier unit amplifies it and then distributes it to the indoor antenna.
  • The antenna broadcasts the boosted signal inside the house or office.

As a result, you will receive faster mobile data and no more dropped calls.

Boost 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G signalsLimited indoor coverage
FCC and I.C. certifications
A 3-years manufacturer's warranty


It is an excellent product for home or office use. It is fully compatible with T-Mobile cellular signals to provide you best call quality, unstoppable messaging, and faster internet connectivity. In addition, its amplifier has state-of-the-art technology to ensure you the best services than other products on the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the best cell phone signal repeater for your convenience of better calls and data connectivity, this cell phone signal repeater will be the best choice.



SolidRF-Cell Signal Booster 202b

If you are looking for one of the best cell phone signal repeater for your home or office, then narrow down you research, because SolidRF cell phone signal repeater kit 202b is offering what you are looking for with a wide range of applications. This cell phone signal repeater will enhance your voice call quality and provide boosted signals for your data usage. This amplifier will give you the best experience with no or fewer missed or dropped calls.

It supports all renowned cell phone mobile services providers, including across the United States of America. It has the capability of picking up signals over long distances of up to 70DB. It can amplify the signals up to 1000X with a coverage area of up to 8,000 sq. ft. However, the coverage area ranges depend on outdoor signal level: 1-2 bars, (-100dBm), 1,000 sq. ft., 3-4 bars, (90dBm), 3,500 sq. ft., 5 bars, (-80dBm), 8,000 sq. ft.

It is suitable for people having their home or office far from the nearest mobile signal tower or any construction site near you blocking signals. It also works best on metal roofs at home, office, shop and pole buildings, warehouse, etc.

Moreover, it improves your voice call quality and provides improved and faster uploads/downloads and internet browsing. You will not have to wait for long buffer times or slow internet connections while streaming your favorite movies and shows. It will provide equally faster internet speeds for your tablet, smartphone, data card, notebooks, and other devices simultaneously.

This cell phone signal amplifier has an elegant and sleek design with innovative technologies and new processes. It is also available with dual-interior panel antennas. Its unique feature is a powerful outside antenna, a high-gain amplifier; Tru5 Band enhanced internal circuitry, and much more. No doubt, it is the best dual-interior antenna cell repeater on the market today.

Its amplifier is fully enclosed in an aluminum enclosure for a longer lifetime, which has two significant advantages. First, the aluminum enclosure helps to reduce the heat content produced during the amplification process. In addition, the second advantage, avoiding the radiations produced during the booting process. It has an indoor two-panel antenna, which increases coverage by up to twice the one-panel indoor antenna scheme.

Coverage area of up to 8,000 sq. ftInstallation process requires professional person
A powerful outside antenna
A high-gain amplifier


This cell phone signal amplifier is an innovative product with many exclusive features. It provides two coverage zooms for small to large homes or offices. It is the best option, especially if you have a 2-story building or an internal building not covered by one antenna. In addition, this moile signal amplifier possesses FCC and I.C. certifications for your peace of mind. A 3-year warranty backs all its unique features.



SureCall FlareDB/Booster

SureCall FlareDB/Booster

The FlareDB signal repeater provides up to 3500 sq. ft. indoor coverage for reliable connectivity. It will reduce your dropped calls and slow data speeds. As long as you have the frequency signals you need to improve, this is the best SureCall cell phone repeater deal.

Before purchasing, confirm which bands your device uses. Your iOS version may affect the process. If you have any problem in this regard, contact your carrier or phone manufacturer to determine which bands your service and cell phone are using.

This amplifier kit is available for all local mobile phone service providers along with T-Mobile. It increases voice, text, and data signals in bands 12 and 13. This repeater kit is affordable and can boost your 4G LTE signal.

This signal repeater covers LTE frequencies within 700 MHz, ranging from 698 MHz up to 787MHz. These frequencies, which are longer-range in the Seven-hundred MHz range (SMH), provide cellular coverage in urban and rural areas as part of 4G’s Long Term Evolution plan (LTE).

You can use an exterior Omni antenna when the signal outside your home/office is strong. It can pick up signals from all directions and not point them towards the nearest relevant mobile phone signal tower. When the signal outside is weak, you can use a Yagi antenna. It can pick up signals much further away than an Omni antenna when pointed at the nearest relevant carrier’s tower.

Moreover, it provides multiple room coverage without the need for complex installation. The longer-range directional outdoor antenna provides greater coverage than the normal one. The indoor range varies due to the outdoor signal strength. 1-2 bars = 1500 sq. Ft. 3-4 bars 2500sq. Ft. 5 bars 3500 square. Ft.

This repeater kit comes with a Yagi directional antenna. The indoor antenna is combined with a signal amplifier to make it a straightforward setup. High gain Yagi antennas can reach distant cell towers easily and provide up to +9dB more uplink power than an Omni antenna.

It is one of the intelligent 4G signal amplifiers available. The Yagi outdoor antenna is all you need to set up, then run the cable into your home and place the cellular amplifier base unit wherever you like. Its indoor amplifier does not require that you run lines or drill holes to install it.

This cell phone signal extender looks like a speaker. It can be placed in any modern living space, bedroom or office. The amplifier can be placed anywhere in the building that has a poor cellular signal.

It is the Most Powerful and Simplest Cell repeater for Mid-Sized Homes. For a quick and easy DIY installation, you will get all components of the kit. You can ask for local installation assistance in case of need. It is FCC approved amplifier and is built and tested in the USA. It features high-quality components and durable metal housing.

Intelligent 4G signal amplifiersLimited coverage sometimes
Multiple award-winning kits
Multiple room coverage


Its latest modern technology doubles the uplink transmission power to a tower to provide reliable voice and data coverage even in difficult signal areas. These multiple award-winning kits have a combined amplifier/indoor antenna for a simplified installation that creates an attractive, low-profile appearance. This stylish, one-piece unit you can easily place on a tabletop or shelf.



Drive sleek 470135

Drive sleek 470135

Our phone is of great importance while driving a car for getting directions, keeping contact for safety and listening to music, and much more. Sometimes there can be dead zones with no signals, so we boost Drive sleek booster is an affordable device you can buy for getting strong signals while driving. This booster can increase the range of a cellular tower to half a mile, giving you some extra coverage.

One phone is boosted by the Sleek, which is placed in an adaptable cradle on or around your center console. There are three basic components to the booster. The rooftop of your car has a fin antenna that magnetizes to it. A wire connects it to the booster itself, which is Velcro attached underneath the backseat. You run a cable underneath the seat and over to the center console, where you can either stick the cradle to one of your A/C outlets or attach it to the cradle itself.

The sleek booster makes sure that you have better calls experience with fewer dropped calls, fast internet service, improved voice quality, and enhanced streaming of videos while driving your car on road, for one cellular device. It enables the collection of better signals from all carriers in the US, specific for drivers. This booster like other we boost products is also 5G enabled. It is equipped with a USB – A wire to charge your phone while on road.

Special feature includes a single user amplifying cradle, its customizable design permits any phone device or Hotspot of sizes 5.1”-7.4”. A free installation guide is given for easy and smooth installation in any vehicle, van, or truck. The kit includes a sleek booster, a magnetic outside antenna, cradle mounting for the dashboard, power supply, and sleek cradle along with users guide.

Great cellular signals booster for cars on the roadNot for installation in homes or offices
Compatibility with all networks and carriers
Comes with fast charging wire


You can improve your cellular signals, data speeds by using this sleek drive booster for one user. Its uplink power is 25.6dBm, 2.5dBm downlink output, and 23gain output for amplified cellular signals. The outdoor antenna on the top roof of your vehicle can be secured by a magnetic mount. Kit includes a 12V DC wire that is used for phone charging. This sleek booster is compatible with all the carriers and networks available in the USA. It is easily accessible and can be set up in your car in just a few minutes with the help of the guide.






Weboost Connect 4G cell phone signal booster for T mobile is responsible for supporting the range of about 5000 square feet. The booster works excellent to amplify the weak signals that it receives. It works as a relay between the nearest cell tower and your phone. After that, the devices receive the highest quality data, calls, and signals. The premium quality antenna gets access to LTE, 4G, and 3G data signals. After that, the antenna manages to deliver these data signals to the booster. It is a professional and trustworthy product that features the best performance. It is a fully functional booster that allows you to stay connected all the time. You will never face difficulty in streaming videos or making a call.

Weboost cell phone signal booster introduces a way to get the most reliable signals without any trouble. These signals allow you to get uninterrupted connectivity throughout the workplace or a small apartment. This powerful booster saves one from waiting for the short videos to download or buffer for a long time. It aims to provide a powerful cellular connection at a suitable price. It works nicely with all the cellular devices and tends to improve cell signals on these devices. Weboost cell phone signal booster is known for working great in energy-efficient and modern buildings. The reason is that the materials of these buildings tend to weaken signals. Therefore, Weboost cell phone signal booster has become an essential element of these buildings.

For all US carriersIt comes with a bit of improvement
It tends to boost 3G and 4G LTE to 32X
It features a quick and easy installation


Weboost cell phone signal booster features the highest reliability and the best performance. The kit includes complete components to make the installation process super easy. All the parts work great to make weak signals strong enough throughout a small apartment.



Final Verdict:

We all know how stressful it can be to wake up in the morning and check the mobile phone without having any signal response. The situation worsens if calls get drop while trying to reach friends, family, employees, or other contacts. However, with a mobile signal repeater, your experience will change completely and you will have peace in your life forever.

All the cellular boosters mentioned above have unique features, user can select one according to its specific requirements. For drivers, there are separate boosters designed and for homes, there are others with one room or multiroom coverage area. So choose according to your needs.


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