Best Ethernet Switch for Eero 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Eero is a brand that manufactures the fastest and the latest technology Wi-Fi devices. It provides a mesh system that connects multiple devices and forms a fast, reliable, and secure network all around the place without leaving any Wi-Fi dead spots. In case of any data disruption between different devices, its mesh technology steps in to maintain the balance and regulate the strong and uninterrupted network signals. We have compiled some of the best Ethernet switches for eero in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

No annoying installation process is needed with its ready-to-use technology and guiding app. The app gives control in your palm as one can check anytime the devices are connected along with the internet speed.

It specifically figures out your home layout, connected devices, and completes network utilization with the outcome of fast speed and better coverage of your network. The eero Secure feature ensures the high-end safety of the user devices and can prevent incoming threats and viruses.

Contrary to its numerous benefits, the only problem is that it only contains one extra port to connect with other devices demanding an ethernet switch to extend its connection capability.

Unlike any light switch or Nintendo switch, an ethernet switch is a form of network switch that is used to connect various devices like computers, game consoles, printers, and more to your home router as a central station. Although ethernet switches are mainly used to connect multiple devices to a network router, there are other functions such as adjusting speed, the combination of users in subgroups, traffic supervision, and activity reportage that can be accomplished by managed switches.

While the unmanaged switches can only connect devices to a network as they have no special features or setting installed in them. Whether it is a public place or a working organization, a reliable, secure, and speedy network connection is inevitable.

And to support such a large number of users with the same connection is only possible with a large mesh network supported by speedy internet routers and ethernet switches.

Now the question arises that what kind of features should you look for in an ethernet switch for your network puzzle? The answer to it is just written below. Read it through and get the best ethernet switches for your network.

1- User count:

Firstly, you should know the number of users that will connect to the network. Don’t confuse yourself thinking that only a man with a computer is a user because it does not work like that. Every printer, security camera, wireless access point, and mobile phone that links to your network is a user and a higher number of users need a higher number of ports and fast internet.

2- Power:

There are some devices like wireless access points (AP’s), mobile phone, firewalls, and much more than acquiring their electricity from Power over Ethernet (PoE). Thus, look for an ethernet switch that can support the PoE requirements of your network.

3- Speed:

Internet speed is not created by ethernet ports by low-quality switches can slow it down greatly. If your network has heavy-duty, you should buy 10\100\1000 Gigabit ethernet ports and in case of low network duty, 10\100 ports should be enough.

4- Value:

Better quality always comes with a high price tag, but an expensive switch doesn’t need to suit your network needs. Thus, find a switch that has the good working quality and it matches your needs and budget.

5- Managed vs unmanaged switch:

As it is mentioned before, an unmanaged switch does not have a brain and it does not provide any additional features but a managed switch can. Large enterprises demand managed switches for security, fast network speed, and other such features.

Best Ethernet Switch for Eero (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
IntellinetPoE Powered 5-Port 5.51 x 3.07 x 1.1 inches 1.32 Pounds

Check Price

Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8 1 x 1 x 1 inches 0.59 Pounds Check Price
NETGEAR (GS324TP) 8.1 x 13 x 1.7 inches 5.93 Pounds Check Price
CISCO CBS350-8P-E-2G 10.56 x 7.28 x 1.73 inches 7.43 Pounds Check Price
NETGEAR 16-Port Switch 16.93 x 6.57 x 1.4 inches 2.3 Pounds Check Price


IntellinetPoE Powered 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

IntellinetPoE Powered 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Intellinet network solutions have manufactured this ethernet switch with 5 ports of 10\100\100 Mbps speed. It takes the power from an existent power switch or Power over Ethernet (PoE\PoE+) injector and it passes the internet as well as the powerto the 4 ports designed in it.

The ports support 4 IEEE 802.3at or 802.3af compliant edge devices and it has the auto-sense device connection feature installed in it.

Every port transmits power up to 25watt to the connected device that is on 100m distance from the ethernet switch, while with the addition of an AC power adapter, the connection distance of 100 meters can be extended to 200 meters.

It has the advanced Green Ethernet Technology that works with existing network cables to deliver power and network connection to devices and saves a great deal of money spent on rewiring and electrician fee along with the unsightly installation of cables and adapters on the walls of one’s house.

A normal ethernet takes up the same amount of energy whether all ports are working or not, while this ethernet switch automatically cuts off the power supply to the port that is not connected to any device.

This is an amazing feature of this switch. A good, fast, and reliable network connection is established with the help of an IntellinetPoEethernet switch without any annoying and costly installation system.

The metal housing of this ethernet switch is very trustworthy as the brand offers a 3-year warranty with this ethernet switch when you buy it from a manufacturing company or a reseller.

Pros Cons
It offers 4 ports for connection Expensive
Supplies power and network to the connected devices Noisy
100 meters connection distance can be increased to 200 meters easily


This ethernet switch can support up to 4 devices and it supplies power along with the network connection. Coupled with AC power adapters, the connection distance of this ethernet switch can be increased to 200 meters, and also, they can increase the power supplied to this particular switch equal to 68 watts.

The Green ethernet Technology avoids excess electrical power usage but turning off the power supply to the inactive ports.

Also, this ethernet switch does not demand a bothersome installation process as it connects the devices with a fast and dependable data network. It does not leave any network bottlenecks in your house regardless of the size and structure.



Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8

Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8

This ethernet switch is devised by Ubiquiti Networks that is a full-featured and advanced networking solution for small and large enterprises.

Two SPF Ethernet Ports (1 Gbps) that link up fiber optics cables and 8 Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet ports are installed in this device that supplies a maximum Power over Ethernet (PoE) wattage and fastest data network to each port. 150 Watts is maximum power consumption and it comes with wall brackets to mount on walls or desks.

The robust performance is accomplished by its total and non-blocking throughput that is up to 10 Gbps. It is a fully managed Ethernet switch, PoE+ Gigabit switch, and allows speedy switching for growing data networks.

It can be switched from advanced layer-2 protocols to layer-3 routing features. The forwarding rate is 14.88 Mbps to regulate the data transfer on all 8 ports without any packet loss.

The convenient graphical user interface is designed for EdgeSwitch 8 users to supervise the connection ports and other features besides, a Command-Line Interface (CLI) is provided to large industries for better networking.

Pros Cons
2-layer and 3-layer routing abilities Expensive
2 SPF ports and 8 Gigabit ports are present Sometimes little hard to integrate into the existing network
Convenient graphical interface


Powerful functionality is ensured by the advanced features of VLAN, private VLAN, voice VLAN, DHCP snooping, IGMP snooping, static routing, policy-based routing, link aggregation, DiffServ, CoS, and many more. 2 SPF ports are given for fiber optics cable connection along with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports that auto-recognize IEEE 802.3at/af compliant devices and can provide 24V passive PoE.

The 2-layer and 3-layer routing capabilities are significant benefits of this ethernet switch. There is simply no match to the robust and versatile performance of this ethernet switch.



NETGEAR 26-Port PoE Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch (GS324TP)

NETGEAR 26-Port PoE (GS324TP)

Netgear S350 series, 26 port ethernet switches is exceptionally managed and it offers 24 Gigabit ports along with 2 SPF ports to connect fiber optical cables. These ports are all PoE+ and have up to a 190 W power budget.

The GS324TP’s convenient graphical user interface allows users to get refined control of their network for secure setup, access, and SNMP management.

The product package has all the accessories to mount the item on desk or walls and it has a fan with reduced noise that protects the office or house environment from irritating noises.

The energy-efficient technology optimizes the electrical power usage and effectively lowers the cost. The advanced features of this ethernet switch include VLAN &QoS, IGMP, DSCP, DiffServ, Link Aggregation, and many more.

The management levels are L2 and L3 along with the smart-pro management type. The multicast efficiency is phenomenal with spanning tree, routing, and stacking and it ensures the high-end security of its user devices and network.

Pros Cons
26 ports to support massive networks Little noisy
L2 and L3 management levels
Whisper-quiet technology, easy-to-use GUI


26 ports are devised in this ethernet switch and it is capable to support a network system of a large industry. The PoE+ ports get the data and power from this switch and its total wattage is up to 190 Watts.

Whisper-quiet technology is another plus of this network switch as it avoids the destruction of the office or home environment by loud and irritating noise.

L2 and L3 management levels are installed in this switch and it can be controlled very easily by Netgear’s simple and easy graphical user interface. The advanced features of this switch also make it user-friendly and a perfect choice for a large network system.



CISCO DESIGNED Business CBS350-8P-E-2G Managed Switch


CISCO enterprises manufactured this ethernet switch that is a perfectly managed switch that may become an important part of a small business network. It has 8 Gigabit ports and 2× 1GE copper or SPF combo that are PoE and PoE+.

The Power over Ethernet technology permits the total power budget of 67 watts and it passes it on to the devices connected in ports. An intuitive business dashboard or on-box user interface makes its control and installation process very convenient.

The advanced security of CBS350-8P-E-2G network switch ensures the safety of the user’s data and information from foreign threats and unauthorized users.

It has IP-MAC biding port feature and an IPv6 system that deliberately secures the network and user devices.

The elegant and compact design with compatibility to install it on desk or racks. The power supply is external and the advanced network features include Static routing, QoS, Voice/Guest VLAN, GVRP, MSTP, Time-based Access Control Lists, IPv6, and so on.

Pros Cons
Enhances security system Makes noise
Suitable for small business offices


This ethernet switch is very suitable for small offices and home networks. The 8 Gigabit ports along with 2 SPF ports have PoE and PoE+ features and this switch is of managed typed. The on-box user interface and intuitive dashboard are provided by the brand for the user’s ease.

The enhanced security system introduced in this network switch is a big benefit as it secures the user devices and the network from threats, viruses, and unauthorized users.

The security features involve Advanced 802.1x, Web-based Authentication, IP Source Guard, IPv6 First Hop Security​, and Dynamic ARP Inspection. The advanced features also contribute to making it useful and attractive to the users.



NETGEAR POE+ 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch

NETGEAR POE+ 16-Port Gigabit Switch

This Poe+ 16 Port Switch best extender system for you to have a terrific and standard Wi-Fi switch connection for the home use to have it paired with the outside accessibility. It’s backed up with the first-class aspects which you constantly want to have in a notable extender machine.

It would possibly be highly-priced for you to purchase; however, all in all, it will enable as in “mirroring” of the complete predominant router, which possibly capability that the connection can be without problems prolonged a good deal more excellent without problems inside rest of the house areas.

Another mesh aspect about this system is that it makes use of the same SSID as well as a passport with which you don’t want to signal out of a single device and go into every other one with brilliant pace power.

All in all, this whole-home Wi-Fi device is exquisite for those who are looking to reconnect their complete home and their entire exterior to one system.

Wi-Fi products are in excessive demand simply because they are handy to multiply and keep excessive connectivity speeds. This whole system is exceptional to cover all the bases, and as a result, it even ensures the exceptional Wi-Fi connection.

The extender has won so much recognition in the market because of the extenders it produces with some superior features. This has been ideal for effortlessly extending Wi-Fi out of the house with which you can quickly join all your products very without problems and, as a result, use a complete weatherproof satellite TC for PC outside.

Pros Cons
Extra Budget-friendly Limited performance
Compact sizing
WPS button for the easy installation


This switch system is the CPE/access point which is specifically designed for outdoor use. If you are fond of using ultra-Wireless technology, you should try it right now.

It is best when it comes to covering vast stretches of area. It has been perfectly built for outdoor use. Therefore it is available with a secure, weatherproof box to let your connection feel strong and safe.



Final verdict:

A fast, uninterrupted, and reliable internet connection is a must-have in this era of technology. People of almost every age utilize the internet in their normal life while in the business community, the internet is very important.

No organization can survive without a stable network and if the network is unstable, an organization can lose a lot of money and clients in merely one day.

To make a stable and fast network, ethernet switches are a crucial factor that is used to connect routers, printers, computers, phones and so much more to a common network system. But before buying an ethernet switch, one should do a little research to know that what he requires and what the latest market product is offering.


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