Best Wireless Headphones for Office Calls 2021

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2021)

Speakers, whether they are Bluetooth or classic, can be too annoying sometimes. You can have a discreet transducer worn on the ear or directly in your ear with headphones. The only person who hears and enjoys what you hear is you. It is up to you to decide which sets you want. It is not an easy choice, as there are so many options. It would be best to consider where, how, and with what signal source you would use the headsets.

The outer ear headsets are ideal for use on smartphones and portable audio players. In addition, shell sets are more comfortable and allow for music enjoyment in the living area. Therefore, it is essential to understand the construction principle of the padded shell sets. We have compiled some of the best wireless headphones for office calls in the article. Our advice is to have a look at them.

It is essential to consider whether the line should be attached to headsets or whether it can be removed if necessary. For portable playback devices, a model with a diameter of 3.5 millimeters is recommended. A 6.3-millimeter-diameter jack plug is the best fit for a home stereo system. If you prefer to use your phone without any cables, Wireless headsets are the best option. However, you will need to tolerate some hissing or interference. Wireless models have a limited range and a shorter battery life. Wireless headsets can be divided according to the type of transmission technology.

Moreover, Bluetooth headsets allow you to enjoy music anywhere you like, regardless of the wiring. In addition, you can connect Bluetooth sets with modern devices like smartphones and tablets automatically.

There are many options for Bluetooth headphones. For example, the Air Pods are ideal for pairing with an Apple smartphone. Bluetooth headsets are an excellent option for flexible phone calls. These headsets have an integrated microphone. Classic sets with Bluetooth support are for those who do not want to sacrifice sound quality. These Bluetooth in-ear sets can be used for sports, work at the office, or simply for music enjoyment. High-quality headsets can playback music as well as full-blown cables, despite the wireless transmission. You do not have to worry about ambient noise if the sets are noise canceling.

Additionally, the Bluetooth headset gives you more freedom for making calls in your office. You can use the headset to make calls via Bluetooth or Internet telephony or using any web or cell phone applications. Further, the headset allows you to use your hands for other tasks more efficiently. For call center representatives who communicate with others online, Bluetooth headsets can be a great option.

The Bluetooth sets both in-ear and on-ear open up a world of wireless music to you. These are essential if you listen to music frequently on your tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player. Modern transmission technology allows you to enjoy great sound without worrying about connecting via a cable. Wireless headphones with Bluetooth are a great way to listen to music while on the move.

Best Wireless Headphones for Office Calls (Comparison)

Sennheiser MB Pro 5060438 x 3.27 x 6.65 inches16 Ounces

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Sennheiser SDW 50667 x 6.8 x 5 inches30.4 Ounces

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Sennheiser ML 5060096.3 x 6.5 x 6.3 inches7.2 Ounces

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BlueParrott B450-XT3.6 x 1.1 x 0.63 inches0.9 Ounces

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Sennheiser MB Pro 1 UC ML (506043)

Sennheiser MB Pro 1 UC ML (506043)

It is one of the best headsets to connect wirelessly with your devices, allowing you to perform conversations with the best sound quality. You can use it by pairing it with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or notebook.

Sennheiser designed this headset with one earpiece to ensure you are always aware of your surroundings. The earpiece is comfortable and precise and provides natural sound on calls. It also features an earpiece with a single-channel noise reduction system. It reduces background noises from fans, cars, and air conditioners. The MB Pro 1 UC ML headset is optimized for Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync) and offers up to 15 hours of talk time, allowing you to relax between calls. For business calls that are important to have a unique communication setting, ensuring the sound is natural for both speaker and listener.

Moreover, its talk time is ideal for providing excellent sound quality throughout your working day. Its ActiveGard technology, a patented Sennheiser invention, protects users from sudden volume peaks and acoustic shocks. Further, it has a first-class sound quality that professionals can use. It also features a robust, elegant design and large, synthetic leather ear pads that provide a comfortable fit and clear sound.

The magnetic charging stand for your headset is slim and space saving. You can make calls by attaching or taking off the headset from its charging stand. If desired, you can also accept and terminate calls directly. This version is best for Skype for Business and allows additional features in conjunction with a Skype for Business client.

It is a premium Bluetooth headset with a monaural (one-sided design) design. It provides wireless communication freedom, excellent sound quality, and great comfort for business use.

ActiveGard technologyLimited range of Bluetooth connectivity
Synthetic leather ear pads
It reduces background noises


It is a Plug, and the play headset means, no need to install software or make any extra settings. It has a button that allows you to control call acceptance or termination with a single touch. It also contains a switch to control volume along with a mute option with a single touch.



Sennheiser SDW 5066 (507024)

Sennheiser SDW 5066 (507024)

Sennheiser SDW5066 is a dual-sided wireless DECT headset that will help you meet the future needs of communication. All-day users get more talk time thanks to the increased battery life. It has a headband style and soft leatherette pads that provide comfort for long-term use. It also helps in reducing noise levels, which can help improve productivity. Besides, it provides a new standard in voice quality, with super-wideband audio that delivers a voice experience far beyond what business expects.

DECT headsets are renowned for their exceptional stereo music reproduction. The two Microphone noise-canceling systems and the pioneering own voice detection technology provide excellent speech quality in noisy environments. You can stay mobile and connected in the office with one secure headset system. It can handle all your mobile, softphone/PC, and desk calls. The ultimate communication tool will make you well equipped for the future. It has superior sound quality, natural sound with wideband audio and outstanding stereo quality for multimedia and office use.

Additionally, for maximum flexibility and desk sharing, you can use the base station with all SDW5000 headsets. Your all-secure conversations are kept confidential with 128-bit authentication, protected pair, and a DECT security certificate. It is fully certified for Skype for Business with UC optimization. It features intelligent call controls and busy lights to increase productivity. Its control manager makes it easy to manage and configure the different options.

Modern office environments require employees to have mobility and flexibility to allow spontaneous meetings to take place at any time. In addition, professional users need to use a flexible, reliable, and reliable communication solution that can work across multiple devices and workplaces.

Increased battery lifeLittle heavy
Two Microphone noise-canceling systems
Allow spontaneous meetings


The SDW5066 is a wireless DECT headset that is one the best in professional offices. It has a dual-sided binaural design. It provides next-generation communication quality, future-oriented flexibility, and advanced safety features for modern workplaces. A communication tool can meet the needs of modern workplaces.



Sennheiser SD Office ML (506009)

The Sennheiser SD Office ML is a complete office headset that includes everything you would need. The SD Office premium wireless DECT headset is single-sided and can be used as a desk phone or softphone. You can choose from a variety of styles for excellent Voice Clarity. This headset is for professionals who use their desk phone or softphone to communicate.

This headset is for business professionals who use Skype for Business and their desk phones. The SD Series is the best in sound quality and performance. Its exceptional design and built quality make the wireless headset ideal for your business. With its 180-meter wireless range, the SD Office series maximizes productivity and flexibility for busy offices.

It allows intelligent, fast charging with a full day of talk time for hassle-free usage. You can have a secure connection at work. The office series uses a DECT-protected frequency range, which prevents interference from MI networks. At the same time, efficient encryption ensures secure communications without compromising sonic clarity.

Besides, individual wearing styles professionals can choose the most comfortable and visually appealing style based on their needs and preferences. Further, you can switch from a desk phone to a PC with a simple touch of the base station. Its Noise-Canceling microphone removes background noise to ensure crystal-clear conversations.

It allows connecting of four headsets at a time with one DECT base station to make conferencing easy. For added simplicity, use the intuitive call control to answer/end calls, muffle the microphone, and adjust the volume on the headset.

Its ActiveGard Technology is for patented hearing protection that protects against sudden sound bursts and acoustic shock. You can rest assured that your headset will be in good condition with a 2-year warranty (including batteries).

DECT base stationFor professional use only
It offers a 2-year warranty, including a battery
180-meter wireless range


Provides a natural, warm sound that will allow you to hear your callers and avoid miscommunications. Extra soft leatherette ear pads and a comfortable headband ensure maximum wear comfort. In addition, it extends your working distance up to 590 feet in line of sight, so you can always be in touch with your phone.



BlueParrott B450-XT

BlueParrott B450-XT

BlueParrott’s best-selling B450-XT wireless headset has been updated to meet the demands of modern life. As a result, this wireless headset has more features than any other does. You will enjoy more talk time, more excellent wireless range, and more advanced features that will keep you connected throughout the day.

It can transmit wirelessly up to 300 feet/100m from paired devices (Class 1 required). You can also wear your headset throughout the day. Besides, the headset features more significant, more cushioned ear pads and a more comfortable, durable, padded headband.

You can have all-day conversations and get up to 24 hours of talk time per charge. It is also easy to charge your devices with standard USB-C charging. In addition, BlueParrott App allows you to get more out of your headset by allowing for easy firmware upgrades and feature selections without the need to connect to a PC.

In addition, its Button allows you to personalize your headset experience. It gives you quick access to your favorite features like speed dial, mute, and push-to-talk. Further, this headset is rugged enough to withstand dust and moisture. It is ideal for truckers, warehouses, hospitality, field service, and warehouse and retail businesses.

It has a design for professionals who need a reliable headset that can work in adverse environments and provides excellent voice quality even when there are loud surroundings. Additionally, it blocks out background noise up to 96 percent thanks to its industry-leading noise canceling.

You can connect it with up to eight devices and can be connected to two devices simultaneously. You can use the headset simultaneously within a car without having to make any hand movements. You can also use it to transfer music, commands, and telephone calls to the navigation system.

Standby time of more than 500 hoursOnly 15 yards range
Easy firmware upgrades through an app
Industry-leading noise canceling


The improved headband and large ear cushions make it easy to use all day. The B450-XT has an excellent standby time of more than 500 hours and a talk time of up to 24 hours. It charges via a standard micro USB connection without any issue. Its unique Voice Control feature allows you to speak commands to keep your hands free. You can program the Parrott Button via the app to your preferred functions.



Final verdict:

It is a great idea to have headphones that block out any outside noises. The Active noise-canceling headsets have the best use of the office, train, or plane to block outside noises. Wireless headsets, small, in-ear models that are wireless, offer this convenience and ideal for official and professional use.


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