Is Signal Booster Safe To Use?

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2021)

Is Signal Booster Safe To Use?

It is a question that some curious people ask themselves before purchasing this product. Well, telephone signal amplifiers are a technology that generates doubts and concerns like any other electronic device.

So. are phone signal boosters safe in every sense of the word? Sure they are. However, if you go for a faulty, damaged, or illegal device, there will be consequences. High-quality cell amplifiers do not emit radiation in such a range that it is lethal to health. They are designed to improve the strength of your mobile network without becoming a risk to your health. If you look at the facts, a cell-boosting device emits less radiation than a smartphone. Therefore, you can use a cell booster without any risk.

We will explain this to you much better. Generally, a cell phone uses 500mW – 1000mW of power, while many mobile amplifiers use 10mW of power. The radiation from the telephone signal amplifiers decreases as you move away from the telephone, that is, from the place where it is installed. Even if it is about 1 meter away, the radiation will decrease by 30%.

Although this might not be the case, however, you can put your health at risk with a low-quality cellular reinforcement since they emit more radiation. That is why we recommend going to verified sellers to get a safe and reliable device. It would be best if you were not fooled and pay more for this product. That is why we will help you understand in more detail what telephone signal boosters are and how they work.

All mobile devices emit electromagnetic radiation. High levels of radiation can affect human health. So the weaker the signal from a tower, the more effort your phone will make to pick up that signal. Did you know that this emits a lot of radiation?

For example, imagine that you have to shout so that someone else can hear you. It takes more effort than whispering. The same happens with your phone. Well, it will do an excellent job to have coverage.

The other alternative is that you avoid unnecessary efforts to your phone to reach a good signal. If you have stable and robust coverage, your cell phone will work the right way. You will only achieve this with a cellular signal amplifier. This way, you can guarantee that the electromagnetic radiation ends up at the lowest possible level.

However, it is true that Cellular Amplifiers also emit signals like any other electronic device. Nevertheless, the radiation from this technology is much lower than from an overloaded phone.

In addition, unlike a cell phone, you do not have to press an amplifier against your head to find the signal. Instead, you only have to install the antenna outside your home and receive coverage in your home through the internal antenna and repeater.


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