What You Should Not Do With Headphones?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

What You Should Not Do With Headphones?

Buying headphones is easy but taking care is little hard. You bought new headphones, enjoy the fantastic sound, listen to your favorite music, and do not suspect that your joy can end very quickly. However, unfortunately, the fact is that most of us do not know how to properly handle headsets, whether they are miniature in-ear models or large full-size ones. What You Should Not Do With Headphones?

The manufacturer designs the audio devices to last about five years under normal conditions of use, and with careful handling, the headsets can last up to 10 years. However, it usually does not happen, especially if devices are bought not for neat home listening to music, but for using them on the road while walking or traveling in public transport.

With a careless and lazy attitude to headsets, even the best models will break down very quickly. A sluggish owner will blame the manufacturer for this as if they made terrible audio devices, and not he treated them like stones.

Remember that the headsets, although they are simple in appearance, have a design that is very sensitive to physical influences – the driver. It is the driver that reproduces sound; its design is complex and consists of miniature parts and fittings of several parts, which, if handled carelessly, can fail very quickly.

We often use headsets to listen to music or podcasts while driving to work, school, or just walking along the city streets.  We connect devices to phones or players then put them in our pockets. Would you please make sure the headset jack is on top so that the player or phone does not press on it at all times?

Firstly, it will be inconvenient for you if the jack is on the bottom. Secondly, this position will constantly expose the wire to completely unnecessary physical stress, which will very soon lead to a wire break and audio set breakage.

To protect the headsets cord from premature breakage, always carry the phone or player in your pocket with the jack facing up. Also, make sure there is no pressure on the wire from above. Do not put anything in your pocket on top.

It may seem to you that the wire is solid because a silicone braid protects it, but inside, it consists of many fragile copper strands. Copper, although it bends well, nevertheless has a minimal bending resource.

Therefore, if the wire is bent many times in different directions in the same place, it will fail very soon because the copper conductors inside it will burst, and electricity will stop passing through them.

An internal break in the wire is a very insidious breakdown of the audio sets. Externally, the wire may be intact; there may be no traces of internal damage at all on the silicone braid. Therefore, it will be impossible to determine the breakdown immediately.

At the same time, for many models of headphones, the wire is not removable, which means that due to the careless attitude with the cable, you will have to buy new sets, although the old headsets work great. Either you have to re-solder the cable or repair it, which not everyone can do.

To protect the ear buds from quick breakage when connecting to the phone, always put the phone in your pocket with the jack facing up.


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