Best Garage Door Opener for Double Door 2023

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2022)

Most house garage doors are designed with one-panel attachments, but this is just if the house is small and does not require parking too many cars. But if the garage area is giant enough and requires the parking of maximum cars, then availing double door garage set-up is the best option. Choosing a reliable and excellent garage door opener is another primary task to fulfill to have a double-door garage set-up. We have compiled some of the best garage door openers for double door in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and keep exploring which is ideal?

Different garage door openers for double doors are available with specific advanced functions to perform the security check-in hassle-free. But all the garage double door openers have the same function to perform, which is to protect the garage areas against theft attacks and keep the vehicles and other valuable tools safe from intruders.

Essential components in a Best Garage Door Opener for Double Door

For the modern homeowners, an excellent garage door opener for the double door is based on a few major components, which are:

  • Remotes

When choosing a garage opener for the electric double door, you can smoothly activate the door movements via remote control. These garage doors generally use the keypads or the wall-mount buttons to enter the secret code for closing or opening the double door.

Most of the homeowners use handheld remotes for activating the door externally. Thus, most walls mount are compatible with single or multiple garage door units.

  • Manual release

There often comes a moment when you have to lower or raise the garage door manually and not through remote control access. In such a situation, the manual release feature is the one that allows you to disengage the door through the electric mechanisms fully. This will allow you to raise the door of your garage to any height according to your preferences.

  • Security light

Having a door opener with a security LED light is an important consideration to look for. It assists you to walk or even drive through the garage quickly during the night time parking.

A few new garage doors are equipped with security lights that turn on automatically whenever the door is opened for enhanced convenience. Unlike the rest of the regular garage lights, these security lights will often get power off just after a few minutes of inactivity.

  • Key-chain remote

To let the garage door get activated through the car or inside your house, you should let the door opener function through miniature remote devices that can easily fit into your keychain. There is no need to hop out of the car to activate the door to open it. You can make it happen by controlling it with the key chain attached.

  • Wi-Fi integration

Integration of the Wi-Fi is another important double door opener feature that makes the entire opener functionality a smooth process for you. With this access, you can operate the garage door even through a tablet or smartphone.

Best Garage Door Opener for Double Door (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Genie B6172H 21.3 x 6.86 x 14.55 inches 31.4 Pounds

Check Price

Genie StealthDrive Connect M-7155-TKV 8.5 x 12 x 28 inches N/A Check Price
SKYLINK ATR-1722C 3/4 HPF 12.13 x 5.63 x 5.5 inches 9.35 Pounds Check Price


Genie B6172H Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener

Genie B6172H

This is an innovative wall-mount design B6172H for the ultimate smart house safety for the double door. It eliminates the traditional rail design of the double door by letting your garage area stay more usable.

The slim and sleek design of this opener makes it easy to install on either side of the door. It’s a high recommendation to use for the garage doors.

Genie wall mount garage door opener is often included with the advanced Aladdin Connect smart home control, certified to work with Alexa.

This Connect start control option makes it more accessible for the user to remotely control and monitor the garage door through a smart device. Once it gets connected with the home Wi-Fi, you can function with Alexa.

It comes with an integrated battery backup as well for better functioning. Upon the power outage, you can close or open the garage door easily.

Buyers from California know that this model is complaint with California State Law SB-969, in which all the installed garage door openers should be in a state to work as the battery backup.

The entire unit is designed to be attached with the garage door spring tube which can quickly mounted high and towards the side of the garage door. This will let the garage door operate without making any loud noises.

Once you have installed it at the side of the garage door, you will be getting the space above so that the cars can park in the garage without any hassle. For residential purposes, the model is often available with the best side-mount direct-drive Genie.

This wall mount model is also included with some latest Genie garage door opener accessories. Hence, this includes with the Genie wireless wall console, as well as Bluetooth LED light, and the remote garage door lock.

You will be so much impressed with its space-saving and compact nature, which makes it lightweight too. You can mount it directly on one side of the garage door tube spring so avail of its space-saving nature. This unit is highly recommended for people who have garages with vaulted ceilings, storage on the ceiling, or attic access points.

Furthermore, Genie 6172H has a set of powerful DC motors. This 24v powerful DC motor provides a quiet but a long lasting performance for an easy lift of 850LB sectional residential garage doors.

Pros Cons
Compact as a space-saving option Not easy to install
Powerful motor
Ensure safe door access


To end with, Genie’s Model 6172H acts as a brilliant wall mount design with an integrated Aladdin Connect. It often eliminates with the traditional rail and the power head which is designed by attaching a spring tube directly with the garage door.

Using this opener product gives you a feeling of enjoyment and often saves much of your space for storage or other purposes. Its compact design often fits into the tight side room spaces.



Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV

Genie StealthDrive

The 2nd we have, Stealth Drive Connect 7155-TKV smart belt drive garage double door opener with access to a battery backup system. It is ultra-quiet in operation for your double door with the steel-reinforced belt, making it a demanding choice for homeowners.

Plus, the product is also available with the integrated Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi smartphone technology, with which you can smoothly let the double garage door be part of your smart home. Through app alerts, a user can manage and control their garage in a much better and secure manner.

Genie Aladdin Connect smartphone app is free to download which let’s users to set up the virtual keys for the individual users through the use of the app. This app is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Aside from that, the smart garage double door opener’s Stealth Drive Connect system incorporates a powerful DC motor with Genie Sense technology.

To have added convenience and extra safety, the door opener offers integrated battery backup. This advanced battery backup can easily power the double door opener for almost 50 cycles once the main power is out.

To have extra convenience and safety, some extra accessories are also included in the packaging box. It has a multi-function wall console and two pre-programmed 3-button remotes based on a wireless keypad. This wall console has a vacation lock and a light control button.

You will also find the brilliant feature of Genie Safe-T-Beam garage door safety sensors to make sure that the family stays safe with the help of an infrared beam of light. This infrared light is visible across the garage door opening.

As we talk about installing this double door opener, it has a powerful 5-piece rail system that fully snaps together for quick installation. Being lightweight, no added hardware is required. Manual guide instruction is also available for beginners to install in just a few minutes.

In short, with this fantastic garage double door opener, a house owner can close, open and monitor the door safely. We only recommend this opener to use it for residential garage doors. It is often an excellent option to get it to tie with smart home systems compatible with Control 4, Brilliant Smart Home, and Yonomi.

Pros Cons
Quiet and strong operation You can't buy extension rails separately
Compatible with Google Home and Alexa
Easy in installation


To have an ultra-quiet operation with an easy installation process, we bring for you Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155 garage double door opener as the best recommendation.

It is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home with battery backup access for extended-lasting use. Thus, it gives excellent safety to the house garage against theft attacks.





It’s a dream come true to have your garage double door operated through just a single button press. Based on stress-free and effective operation, Atoms ATR-1722C Garage Door Opener by SkyLink serves you with everything you wish to get!

This product is becoming the most favorite one due to its simple and easy operation. It functions with a quiet DC motor system.

The motor is attached with the smooth chain drive system and 7ft rail to have a soft start and stop function. This feature will prevent any wear and tear from occurring in the mechanical parts.

The product is straight forward to function for the new users due to its keypad, two-button remote control, and wall console availability. The involvement of built-in LED light offers long-lasting illumination.

For extra security, this opener uses a unique code encryption system which you need to use each time you use the remote control.

For activating the remote, you have to enter the code, which you can enable or disable quickly. The involvement of numeric display on the head units will make the programming functionality an easy process.

The most impressive thing about this double door opener is, in-car garage feature in which you can control the door opening and closing by sitting in your car. Feature of automatic closer timer closes the garage door automatically after an already set-up stipulated time if you have missed closing it.

The installation process is effortless and can be done in just a few minutes as we talk about the installation process. No extra tools and accessories are required. The manual guide is a bit complex to understand for beginners, but that is okay!

Sky Link offers the users online guides/videos to operate installation without any pain. Extension kits are offered with the 8 feet and 10 feet garage double doors.

One major disappointment which the buyer has met is the lack of battery. Although the battery is compatible with the battery backup, it is not provided with a built-in battery! You have to purchase a set of battery separately.

Pros Cons
Powerful DC motor system Complex instructional manual guide
Durable set-up of chain driver
Offers built-in LED


It’s time to end all your worries to invest in the best quality garage double door opener with Atoms ATR 1722C Garage Door Opener. It has a quiet and smooth chain drive system for a reliable performance that is long-lasting too.

No doubt, it offers advanced controlling and high-security features to meet all your security needs. It is an ideal choice to invest in right now!



Final Verdict:

All the houses have double door access on their garage; for them, we have presented the top 3 garage door opener reviews above, which are advanced and excellent in functionality to grant high security against theft.

Remember, always find something that is long-lasting, powerful in performance, and stands according to your budget. Go for it now and let your house have the excellent security which it deserves the most!


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