Best Garage Door Opener for Google Home 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Garage door openers are a must-have in the 21st century as they provide the user with convenience, security, and are a reliable tool for customers who are looking for automation technology. Automatic garage doors are now integrated with smart Artificial Intelligence software such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other modern and up-to-date software. We have compiled some of the best garage door openers for Google home in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and keep your research going.

Automatic garage door openers are a remarkable piece of engineering that operates in several different ways. Automatic garage door openers are also fitted with safety measures such as automatic lighting, automatic sensors that detect movement between the paths whenever the doors are operational.

The motors are heavy duty and are built to last years with low maintenance costs. Automatic garage doors are easy to connect to the consumer’s home Wi-Fi and only require a power input for the electric motor to work. Normally, Automatic garage door openers consist of 2 types including an elevator and a sliding automatic garage door.

In an Elevator, the motor has connected to an actuator which pulls in connection with a hydraulic. It can easily lift gates and also comes with the facility to fold gates as well depending on the amount of space available from the customer.

In the sliding Automatic garage Door, the gate is connected with a heavy-duty rail on which the gate can easily slide. The rail is fed to the motor which pulls or pushes the gate whenever commanded.

Automatic garage door openers come with a wireless remote or a panel that the customer can fit inside his/her car. With the push of a button, the door can easily open or close. Smart sensors in modern automatic garage door systems recognize the owner’s automobile and open the gate without the need for the user to reach for the remote.

Voice-activated gates are also available with the help of smart advanced Artificial Intelligence Software such as Google Home which activates the gate whenever the consumer tells it using voice command.

Best Garage Door Opener for Google Home (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
LiftMaster 8165W 15 x 10 x 5.75 inches 19,86 Pounds

Check Price

Remootio 2 2.12 x 2.12 x 0.78 inches N/A Check Price
LiftMaster Elite Series 7.5 x 7.9 x 21.5 inches 38 Pounds Check Price




Manufactured in 2019 but Lift Masters, the Lift Master 8165 W Contractor series is a heavy-duty chain drive garage door opener.

The Lift Master 8165 W can easily be connected with the customer’s smart devices and also has the facility for wireless entry.

Moreover, the Lift Master 8165 W easily syncs up with the customer’s smart home devices such as Google Home for easy usage with just a voice commands.

The Lift Master 8165 W has a powerful 0.5 horsepower AC motor. This motor supports chain drive motion as the garage gate is connected to a heavy-duty industrial chain which is then fed to the Lift Master 8165 W motor.

Using the chain, the Lift Master can easily open and close doors with a snap. The motor has the feature to consume 75% less power when in standby mode.

The package comes complete with the Motor, Wireless remote, smart panel, and instructions manual for installation and usage. The smart panel is fitted with sensors that detect motion in the pathway and stops the door from closing and entering in case some movement is detected.

This safety feature is necessary as it helps in avoiding potential injury for the occupants and the owner’s vehicle. Lift Master 8165 W also includes a deadlock bolt.

The Deadlock bolt is fitted in the rail and is activated whenever the garage door is closed. It prevents the garage door from being opened using hands and other mechanical devices unless unlocked using the smart panel or device.

The Lift Master 8165 W supports Wi-Fi compatibility which lets the user connect to their My Q account for easy usage and managing using the consumer’s smart mobile devices.

The customer’s My Q account can also be linked with their Google Home and their Google Assistant. This feature lets the user easily operate their device using simple voice commands and provides easiness for the consumer. Google Home lets the user also monitor device usage and also serves as a safety feature.

Lift Master 8165 W comes with a wireless bulb that can be hooked up anywhere in the user’s garage due to its compact size. It gives out a bright glow which easily illuminates a decent sized garage door.

The light can be programmed to illuminate as soon as the Lift Master is activated, furthermore, it can be used independently using the smart panel, the customer’s mobile device, or using Google Home smart device.

Pros Cons
Has an excellent response time The rail is not included in the package
Durable wireless bulb
High quality door motor


The Lift Master 8165 W is a smart and innovative, home innovation device that has all the capabilities of a modern garage door opener. It features a powerful ½ horsepower AC motor.

The rail technology makes the gate very responsive and its functions are plentiful. The smart panel features safety features to provide the customer with a safe and secure operation. To sum up, Lift Master 8165 W is a complete unit guaranteed to provide with a click of a button.





The Remootio 2 Wi-Fi is a smart and innovative power adapter made by Remootio manufacturers in 2020. It is a smart tool that easily connects to the user’s smart device and controls the electronic gate. Simply, plug in the Remootio with the electric gate power supply, and watch its magic. It is equipped with smart sensors and is equipped with foolproof safety features.

It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection capabilities. Users simply have to download the Remootio App from the Play Store or App Store. It can easily be paired with the customer’s home Wi-Fi.

This feature allows the it to be controlled using Smart Home gadgets such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Home.

The sensor is connected with a simple USB-type A which supports backup power. The sensor is small and has a range to the driveway to detect any motion during operation.

While talking about security features, it is jammed pack with safety mechanisms as it supports 256-bit end-to-end encryption. Each unit is given a unique passcode.

The Remootio is not connected nor does it support cloud sharing. This helps to keep the passcode inside the unit and permits sharing to keep a foolproof safety system. Due to Bluetooth connectivity, it even functions in the event of power failure or blackout.

Furthermore, the Remootio App has great customizability options that enable the customer to modify it to his/her needs. The App also supports smartwatch integration which allows it to be easily controlled using an Apple or Wear OS smartwatch.

The App has a virtual passcode sharing feature that can be utilized via QR code or text messaging, granting multiple usages for one household. The App can support 20 virtual keys and an unlimited number of guest’s keys. The Smart LED can also be controlled from within the app. The App is free on every App Store and comes with no monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Pros Cons
Has a compact size which enables it to fit anywhere Instructions manual can be confusing for first-time connection
Perfect smart product
Accepts voice commands


The Remootio is a smart alternative to the traditional electronic gate panel, giving the user complete freedom and authority. It has a complete safety mechanism and provides the user with all types of information and details using its smart App.

It supports great connectivity statues to make it compatible with almost every modern smart device and its Google Home integration makes it extremely helpful as users can utilize its features using simple voice commands. Overall, it is a great tool in making a complete smart home.





The Lift Master 8500 W is an elite and exclusive Jackshaft garage door opener with Wi-Fi connection capabilities. It has a sleek design that consumes less space and has a powerful and efficient motor as well as silent in working.

Lift Master has introduced a built-in Wi-Fi feature it which allows easy access through the customer’s mobile device. The device also features a backup battery which enables the user to operate the system in the event of a power failure.

Lift Master also provides a deadbolt which serves the purpose of locking your door once closed as it jams the running belt. The deadbolt serves to avoid the door from being pried open and serves to enhance the security of the overall system.

The 8500 W comes with a My Q app which enables the user to be easily used using their smart devices. My Q app has to be paired with the Wi-Fi for the user to access it.

The Package is complete with a My Q LED Light which has a wireless connection and can be easily paired and set up in any part of the customer’s garage. The My Q LED Light can throw out 1300 Lumens of light, giving the customer balanced and ample lighted surroundings.

The Lift Master 8500 W has introduced a unique security code for every model. Each model has a unique frequency on which it operates. Using this feature makes it very hard for hackers or robbers to sabotage and clone the customer’s wireless remote, giving the user total security and safety.

By linking the customer’s My Q account with Google Assistant, the user can easily operate the door and lights using their smart home devices such as Google Home or Google assistant. Using Google Home, the user can easily activate the Lift Master various systems with just a voice command.

The Smart Control panel included with the Lift Master 8500 W has a 150-degree viewing angle which can detect motion and stop the gate from closing or opening in case of any movement in the driveway while the device is operational.

The smart home panel also has the facility to hook up the garage cooling and regulate it using the smart panel or the customer’s smart device.

The Lift Master 8500 W has a lifting capacity of 850 pounds or 380 kilograms. The motor has a lifetime warranty, and its speed is variable. Variable speed can be controlled from the smart panel or the customer’s smart mobile devices.

Pros Cons
Its sleek design can be fitted in almost every home It has an expensive price
Has Google Home connectivity which enables users easy usage Can only lift 850 pounds maximum
Has lifting capacity of 380 KGs


The Lift Master 8500 W ranks at the top of the lists for garage door openers as it ticks all the boxes for accessibility, usage, and work performance. It has a sleek design and has a wall mounting ability which makes it a popular choice among users.

The Lift Master 8500 W has very low noise and its motor works with minimal vibrations, providing the customer with a soothing and hassle-free experience.



Final Verdict:

Electronic Smart garage Door openers are an awesome and unique piece of technology that provides ease of access and comfort to the user as well as providing security and safety to the complete household.

These devices are all capable of mechanizing any garage door while providing easy usage and the capabilities of possible up-gradation and updates shortly. Smart Garage Doors deliver ease as they can be used from simple voice commands.

This leads them to be easily used by people of all age groups and medical reasons. They are integrated with sensors that provide safety from any possible injury to humans or cars during usage. Overall, Electronic smart Garage doors are a must-have for every household looking for simple automation and easiness in their house’s garage door.


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