Best Garage Door Opener for Heavy Doors 2023

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

During the last few decades, technological progress has been massive in various fields of life. You can say a lot of things have changed their working mechanism just because of technological development. In this way, humanity is exploring enlarged limits to perform even simple everyday tasks. We have compiled some of the best garage door openers for heavy doors in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and carry on your analysis.

This complex phrase can be understood easily if you take the example of a thing as simple as the garage door openers. They are turning automated from the manual procedure to open the door for entry and exit of your car.

It’s a fact that your forefathers have never thought that there would be a machine-operated door that would open or close just with a press of a button.

Modern smart garage door openers are becoming increasingly trendy these days. You have to press the button on the remote that stays in your car, and the garage opens to welcome you.

These doors are even more advanced now as you can also operate them using voice commands or by the sensors that detect your car and open the door for you.

While knowing that these smart garage opening devices are so popular these days, we will highlight some of the interesting things that you can enjoy by installing these garage openers in your house.

There are also some of the best and top-rated garage openers that you can choose after reading out all the features and their pros and cons. To continue reading this article to explore everything about garage openers.

You never understand the true value of something until you have experienced something that could have been prevented if you had specific things in place. Similar is the case with garage door openers.

These devices would not attract you unless you have suffered from the heavy rain that fell on your clothes just because you had to get out of the car to open the garage door.

But what if you have one of these smart garage openers on your door? Well, you have to press a button without getting out of the car, and the garage door opens itself. You Park the car comfortably and walk into the house dry and confident!

These garage door openers are a perfect device to ease your life. It operates on the electric motors connected to a computer that links the whole device to your smartphones and wireless remotes.

The motion-detecting sensors play a vital role in detecting movement in the garage and operate the door openers accordingly. It is also equipped with heavy light bulbs that light up the garage and ensure a secure environment.

With so many features that it takes into your house, you must desire to have one of these garage door openers.

But how would you choose the right one for your house? Various factors like the door height, weight, and suitable space ensure the door opener’s compatibility with your garage. For example, if your garage door is heavyweight, you require a powerful door opener with considerable motor power to lift the heavy door.

To make your task easier, we have selected three top-rated garage door openers that you can explore to choose the most suitable one for your garage—read out about the following three best garage door openers for heavy doors.

Best Garage Door Opener for Heavy Doors (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight

Check Price

StealthDrive Connect 7155-TKV ‎8.5 x 12 x 28 inches N/A Check Price
beamUP Volta - BU850 ‎12 x 10 x 6 inches 32 Pounds Check Price


Chamberlain B1381 smart door opener

Chamberlain B1381

The next popular garage door opener on the list is the famous chamberlain B1381 door opener powered by a 1.25HP heavy motor that is enough o lift the heaviest garage doors. It’s a popular choice among smart door openers.

You get plenty of features by purchasing the chamberlain smart door opener like a three-button user-friendly remote, smartphone connectivity, powerful motor, Alexa voice command, led light bulbs, etc. This device with match your expectation perfectly.

The chamberlain garage door openers are made from the best steel material, giving them a robust frame to bear the heavy load of garage doors.

It supports the door frame firmly and assists in softer and quiet door functioning. So if you have a heavier garage door, this option is suitable to install.

These door openers offer smartphone connectivity. This enables you to operate the door openers using your mobile phones.

You can also check the door status from anywhere as it’s connected to your phone through the internet. Opening the garage door was never this interesting.

In addition, these door openers have a proper battery backup. It’s helpful for people who live in areas that suffer from frequent power breakdowns.

So you can use these automated garage door openers even when there is no electricity. The battery backup is also longer than standard door openers. It means that even if there is no electricity for the whole day, you can still open the garage door after you return from the office.

The 1.25HP motors provide enough power to lift heavy garage doors conveniently. You can also say that these heavy motors are the most powerful among this category of garage door openers.

It makes the chamberlain door openers stand out of the circle. You can use this reliable door opener in extreme conditions like heavy snow or rain, and it won’t run out of power.

Similar to the advanced door openers, the chamberlain door openers are also Alexa-supported. You can operate them with voice commands like you used to with other home appliances connected with Alexa. It’s one of the best features of modern automated houses that is a major thing to flex.

The security sensors are also provided in the box that is connected with 100lumas light bulbs. These sensors cover the whole garage area and warn you of any unwanted movement after you leave. The bulbs light up when there is any motion detected. Overall, it’s a must-have feature if you purchase a garage opener because safety comes first.

Pros Cons
Convenient to install on garage doors Software fails to operate sometimes
It makes your garage secure
It brings modernity to the household


Overall, it is a durable smart door opener for modern homes that have heavier doors. You might need to update the software sometimes as there are complaints regarding lags in the software while connecting the door opener with the mobile phone.



Genie StealthDrive Connect 7155-TKV

StealthDrive Connect 7155

The third one on the list is the advanced genie chain glide door opener. The StealthDrive Connect 7155-TKV is a perfect door automation tool for many households that desire affordability while purchasing automatic door openers.

The genie chain glide door openers use a chain frame that is installed on the doors. It’s the most affordable option among the other door openers, and that’s the center of attraction for a genie chain glide door opener. It enables everyone’s affordability which has a garage in the house and desires to automate it.

The genie smart door opener features a chain frame, a wireless connector with Alexa voice command feature, light bulls with security sensors to ensure a secure environment, a built-in Aladdin app to connect with smartphones, and tons of other features that enable you to receive the best from a door opener device.

It brings in a fully automated solution for your garage doors so that you won’t have to get out of the car and open the garage door while being soaked in rainwater.

All you have to do is press the buttons on the remote provided with the door opener or give a voice command to Alexa that will open the door for you. It eases your life considerably.

The genie garage door opener features a 0.5 HP motor that can lift the garage door quite easily. It doesn’t make odd noises like other chain glide door openers so that you can be a good neighbor for people living around your house.

These door openers offer wireless connectivity through the Aladdin app that the manufacturing company offers. All you have to do is connect the door opener with the app, and you are good to go. Operate the door openers using your smartphone and know their status when you are out of the house.

It also offers a vacation lock with sensors and light bulbs. The vacation lock holds the door openers in the lock position when you are out for more days.

It’s a perfect safety mechanism that protects the house against intruders. The motion-detecting sensors cover a wider garage area that turns on the light bulbs whenever there is a movement in the garage.

Pros Cons
Affordable for every house Difficulty buying rail extension separately
Very simple and easy to install
It can be operated with numerous other options


The genie chain glide door opener is an affordable solution to automate any house garage door. You can enjoy multiple features at a lesser cost. However, there are no additional batteries that could provide backup in case of power breakdowns. So, choose accordingly.



BeamUp volta BU850

volta BU850

The top garage door opener is the beamUp Volta BU850 smart garage door opener. It’s an amazing household automation tool loaded with tons of features that will be explained further.

The beam-up garage door opener offers a powerful motor to lift heavy doors, connectivity with smartphones, voice command feature with Alexa, 3000 lumens light bulbs with motion-detecting sensors, and so many other specifications that exceed your expectations.

It is specially built for a wide garage that fits in two cars at a time. Its frame is wide enough to support wide garage doors, so you can easily install them in bigger garages.

The heavy-duty frame is made to bear the heavy door’s load and work for a longer lifespan. In simple terms, if you have a bigger and heavier garage door, then you can go for this door opener that won break while operating on your garage’s door.

Furthermore, the device is not just strong but also energy efficient as well. The lithium polymer batteries use minimum electricity to keep the door openers functioning.

It’s an advanced form of the traditional batteries that used to consume more electricity to charge and operate. Lithium polymer batteries used in beamUp door openers are durable too.

They have a longer lifespan and don’t wear out easily. It means that you won’t have to replace the batteries for years before they wear out because of their advanced and efficient functioning technology.

In addition, the powerful motors are designed to be quiet enough that they don’t disturb your housemates and the neighbors. The door lifts smoothly and without making odd noises, unlike the shutter lift doors.

You can install these door openers on garage doors as high as 7-feets approx. For higher doors, an extension kit is sold separately to ensure the door opener’s versatility on the garage door.

It also comes with a security sensor connected with 3000lumens light bulbs, which lights up the garage when you enter or exit. It covers the whole garage area that lies under the sensor’s range. Moreover, the light bulbs are also that durable that you might not need to change them ever.

You can connect the door opener with your mobile using the Google assistant of the manufacturing company’s app.

This device also supports the Alexa voice command, so you don’t need to press any button. Simple speak and the door opener with operate accordingly.

There are additional safety features like an emergency release button and the emergency stop in any unwanted situation. You can open the door manually even if it’s facing technical issues—the power backup provided by the batteries works during electricity breakdowns.

Pros Cons
Low electricity consumption Extra money on extension purchases for high doors
Low-cost maintenance after purchase
Smart voice command door functions


These door openers are best suitable for heavyweight doors. But you have to pay extra to buy extension tools. Overall, it’s energy-efficient and heavy-duty.



Final Verdict:

These were the best garage door openers that you can consider. These are the top options that are loaded with features but with an affordable price tag.

However, to choose the right option for your garage, always take measurements and ensure that you have considered fitting in a door opener on your garage’s door. The door opener should be strong to operate.


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