Best Garage Door Opener for Single Door 2024

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During the past few decades the development in advancing the technology has emerged massively. It has changed the working mechanism of things as simple as opening the garage door. If we talk about technological development in the context of time efficiency, then it won’t be wrong to say that it has sped up day-to-day activities and made life a lot more convenient for people. We have compiled some of the best garage door openers for single doors in the article. We suggest you have a look at them to find out what they offer?

No doubt, the modern era is enhancing even the tiny operations of the things around us. Discussing the technological advancements, we will be focusing on that specific household thing which we operate daily.

Imagine its mid-winters, and heavy snowfall is in progress. You return home in your warm and cozy car, but you have to get out, take the snow slap, and open the garage door manually to enter the house. Well, what’s worse than that, especially when your body temperature is way more than that of the outside. This sudden temperature change might land you in illness too.

Now consider how a simple addition of an automated garage door opener could have prevented a lot of these discomforting things. Well, that’s how you know the true value of technology.

The automated garage openers are one of the best inventions that bring ease and comfort to your life. All you have to do is give the commands to the opener by pressing the button or simply speaking to Alexa, and the garage door opens itself to welcome you into the house.

It is the best household automation solution that you can add to your house to make it stand out of the circle. It makes entry and exit to the house convenient and allows you to flex by having a machine-operated garage opener.

The garage openers use electric power to operate the motor to slide the garage between open and close positions. They are very popular these days, especially when people are opting for a complete home automation solution.

These garage door openers come in various sizes and load-bearing capacities to be versatile with diverse garage doors. In addition, there are chain drives, belt drive, and screw drives garage door openers so that you can choose the right one depending on your affordability and the garage door size.

The automated garage door openers of the modern century are way more advanced than you think. There is a huge list of features that you can get after spending a minimalistic amount of money, which makes garage door openers a popular device in the market.

But how would you choose the optimum garage door opener that suits your needs? What are the right door openers if one has a single-door garage? Well, this article is something that will assist you while deciding between different garage door openers.

We’ve also made a list of the top three garage openers best suitable for single-door garages. So read out about the following best garage door openers for the single door:

Best Garage Door Opener for Single Door (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Decko 25 x 11.9 x 9.1 inches (Package) 33.4 Pounds

Check Price

Happybuy Single Swing 35.8 x 11.4 x 8.7 inches 17 Pounds Check Price
Genie Chain Drive 1035 30 x 14 x 10 inches 28.1 Pounds Check Price


Decko 24300 belt drive door opener

Decko 24300

Top on the list is the famous belt drive garage door opener by decko. The 24300 garage door opener carries a 0.75HP motor that’s more than enough to open single-door garages smoothly.

The decko heavy-duty door openers feature a full-power motor, two 100watt lightbulbs for security, an automated reverse opening system for safety, and three opening functions that will be explained below.

Starting with the motor power, the decko door openers are designed to be powerful enough to bear one of the heaviest garage doors. It ensures a smooth door opening mechanism that is quick and effective.

While having the 0.75HP powerful motor, the decko door openers stand between the fastest door openers available in the market. So you can enter into the garage without waiting for longer until the door opens completely.

It comes with non-polarized wires, making the whole installation process easy and error-free. These high-quality wires ensure a longer lifespan of the door opener, so you won’t have to call the repairing guy frequently while the door opener faces electrical issues.

The door openers can be installed on a single door that is as high as 7feets.

It’s designed to match the standard door height and be versatile with it. However, if your garage door is even higher, the extension is also provided in the box. The highly versatile design makes the deck door openers suitable for all the garage doors.

There are multiple ways in which you can operate this device. The decko door openers also come with three types of control devices. A wireless keypad is installed on the wall to operate the door opener from the garage.

There is a wireless wall button that is used mainly to open and close the garage. It also comes with two wireless remotes that you can put into the cars to open the door as soon as you reach home.

To ensure maximum security, it features two 100-watt lights bulbs. So, in total, you will have 200watt of light that will turn on while the garage door opener is functioning. It lightens up the garage to make a clear view for you.

For safety concerns, this door opener has an emergency reverse-opening feature that comes into action if the door feels resistance while functioning.

Pros Cons
Quit door opening It doesn't have smartphone connectivity
Safe and secure household automation procedure
Noise-free environment while operating the doors


Overall, the deck belt drive door opener is an optimum solution to automate the garage door. It has all the standard features that a garage door opener should have. However, there are door openers in the market that allow smartphone connectivity and Alexa voice command feature.



Happy buy Single Swing 551lbs Electric Gate Opener


Happybuy Single Swing

If you are looking for a versatile door opener with swinging doors, then the happy buy electric door openers are right for you. It’s specially designed for traditional swinging garage doors usually found in farmhouses or even bigger homes.

Among the available options for swinging door openers, the happy buy is the most affordable and suitable option that can move the heavy doors conveniently.

Furthermore, this door openers offers all the features that you can expect from a standard door opener.

The happy buy electric door opener uses a DC 24V motor that speeds 16mm per second. It also has a remote-control operation to be controlled wirelessly.

The safety features include a flashing red indicator light and two play cards placed on both sides of the door.

The happy buy door opener’s powerful motor can bear the door weight of up to 551Ibs. It makes it suitable to move the heaviest single garage doors. You can install it on the heavy metal doors, especially on the farmhouses, and it will swing them smoothly to welcome you to the house.

The security features offered in this door opener are interesting. In case you leave the house with the door opened. The device will count the time to 60 seconds; then, the door will close itself, keeping the home secure.

The remote control offered with this purchase has a longer range of up to 98 ft. You can press the open button as soon as you enter the street, and it will open the door completely when you are reading the door front. So, you won’t have to wait in front of the garage this way.

The happy buy door opener is compatible with all the door types, including vinyl, wood, metal, etc. So you don’t have to worry about its suitability for your gate type. Just consider the maximum weight and go for this purchase to automate your swinging door.

People living in areas that face extreme weather fluctuations are often concerned that whether the electric door open could bear that an operation for a longer timespan.

To ensure this, the robust steel frame gives it a durable structure that can bear extreme weather conditions, especially in village areas. It has passed all the quality standards to stand firm against different weathers.

Pros Cons
Best for single doors Slower door opening
Energy efficiency brings down electricity bills
Compatibility with all door types


The happy buy door openers bring in a lot of features for your garage door automation. The steel structure makes it durable to operate over a longer timespan, but there are certain factors to consider while purchasing this device. It’s only compatible with swinging doors, so you should not buy it for sliding doors. But overall, it is a good value-to-money device.



Genie chain 500 1035

chain 500 1035

The third garage door opener among the popular options is the genie chain glide model 1035 door opener. It’s the most advanced and optimum solution for your household door automation. The reason that makes it an attractive option is the countless features that it offers.

The genie glide door opener is the most affordable option among its competitors, even while offering more features. The product affordability ensures that everyone who desires an automated garage door can buy it.

The list of features that it offers includes a complete automated garage door that won’t require you to get out of the car before parking it in the garage. All you have to do is press the buttons on the remote provided, and it will open the door for you.

The genie glide garage door opener operates on a powerful ½ HP motor that can move the heaviest doors. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of this door opener is up to 500ibs, which makes it stand among the power full door openers.

The genie glide door opener uses the traditional chain drive mechanism; it may create a misconception that it will create odd noises while functioning.

But that is not true, the advanced technology used to build these doors opens their working quite and smooth. It won’t disturb your neighborhood or the housemates sleeping while you reach home late at night.

The five-piece rail system makes the installation process easy and simple. You can install it by yourself if you are a DIY person. The installation guide is also provided in the box. The overall door height where this device can be installed without extensions is 7feets. However, there are extensions available for doors exceeding this height.

The self-diagnostic safe-T beam system uses infrared rays to detect any object while the door is functioning. If it detects any object, the door reverses back to the previous position. Its ensure safety if your kids run to the door during the door closure.

To make your garage smarter, you can also add an Aladin connect kit. It will enable you to connect the genie door opener to your smartphone and know its status from anywhere. There are also backup batteries provided with the door opener to keep it functioning even if the electricity goes off.

Pros Cons
Best for single garage doors Limited battery life
Most affordable option
Easy to install


Overall, the genie door opener is a recommended purchase as it offers many features for your garage door automation. It’s also recommendable because you can add a smartphone connectable device to enhance its user-friendliness.

The maximum load-bearing capacity makes it a good option for heavier single doors. So consider this traditional and affordable option before you opt to purchase a smart door opener.



Final Verdict:

No doubt, garage door openers are an amazing invention that provides a complete home automation solution to your garage. By reading the top three garage openers for single doors, you can confidently buy the suitable one for your garage.

Single door garages require lesser power to operate. So the door openers for them are built accordingly. They are cheaper, so consider purchasing the door openers and saving yourself from unnecessarily spending extra money.


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