Best Ladder for Cutting Hedges 2023

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A well-maintained garden is the main attraction of every home. All things that everyone would like to purchase are well-designed hedges, perfectly cut shrubs, and topiary sculptures. However, hiring a full-time gardening professional, particularly in small or medium-sized gardens, is not cost-effective. In these situations, it is more practical to do it yourself. We have compiled some of the best ladders for cutting hedges in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and carry on exploring new products.

Additionally, many homeowners who have green fingers prefer to cut and trimming of their hedges by themselves. But, even when you trim your hedges on your own, you should use the same equipment and tools like professionals.

It is because trimming hedges are a specific job, and using standard tools used in everyday life could be anything from uncomfortable to dangerous. It is a practical approach to the ladder that you use to tackle your hedges.

They can come with a variety of dimensions, widths, and lengths, and different specifications.

A ladder-like one you would use in your home is not equipped with all the features needed to be suitable for use on dirt surfaces like those found in gardens generally and for trimming hedges precisely. The only thing you will need is a unique ladder designed to cut hedges.

When we think of ladders and the ways they can be used to work, we are all able to think of a picture of a ladder set in the air, or on hard ground, and propped up against a solid object or close to it, while we work on something near or the surface.

The ladder has to be positioned on the garden’s surface, typically rough and soft, to cut hedges. It requires features that provide extra stability and security for gardeners. It is achieved by making the bottom of the ladder wider than the top and giving additional strength to the sides, rails, and legs on the ladder.

Hedges are available in various sizes, ranging from knee height up to several feet in height. Ladders designed for the general purpose might or might not come with height adjustment, which would render them incompatible for cutting hedges.

Even if the hedge has an adjustable height, the number of peaks allowed could not be sufficient to cover all hedges. Hedge cutting ladders always come with a higher height that can be adjusted than standard ladders, making them ideal for managing hedges of all sizes.

Additionally, a ladder for cutting hedges must have adjustable legs to be set up comfortably over uneven surfaces, particularly in areas where the distance between the fence and the one further from it is different in height.

A ladder is a heavy piece of device. It might not be able to fit between the leaves and branches of a hedge, and trying to force it to do so might not provide the ladder with an adequate footing that will be safe to work on.

A ladder to cut hedges has been specially designed to be lightweight enough to handle this problem. The ladder you purchase for any use should be rustproof to ensure safety and longevity, and a ladder used for cutting hedges must be more durable.

The hedges can get wet for numerous reasons, like transpiration, watering, and more. Therefore, a ladder for cutting hedges has a higher chance of being in contact with water and, more often. It must also be made from corrosion-resistant substances like steel, aluminum, and hard plastic to last for an extended period.

If you read this guide, you will get to know the best practices and rules when it comes to purchasing the best ladder for cutting hedges and safely using them.

Considering all these points in mind, we have compiled a list constructed of the hedge cutting ladders we think are the best on the market to make it simpler for you to select the ideal one for you.

Best Ladder for Cutting Hedges (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Little Giant 14013-001 27 x 8 x 56 inches 30 Pounds

Check Price

Werner FTP6212 300 144 x 54 x 7 inches 51 Pounds Check Price
Little Giant 15131 9 x 36 x 73 inches 39.7 Pounds Check Price


Little Giant 14013-001 Model 17

Little Giant 14013-001

Little Giant is the most reliable manufacturer of ladders of any kind, and it does not disappoint with this ladder. Its Model is M17; thus, it provides a rise of 17 feet when you are at its most apexes.

The aluminum body of aircraft quality can hold more than 250 pounds and two people on either side in the double-sided stepladder arrangement. Still, it is lightweight and easy to transport around.

The hinge that locks triple ensures the ladder is set correctly before climbing it. It is essential if you are working on unpaved surfaces inside the yard.

The ladder also comes with anti-slip feet, which make it safe for use on walkways paved within the gardens. It is secure for help because it meets all OSHA and A14.2 ANSI A14.2 standards.

It also comes with wheels on one side, which allows you to quickly move it from one spot to another without needing to lift or drag it.

In addition, the ladder comes with a lifetime warranty for the item. The ladder is constructed of 6005-T5 aircraft-grade aluminum that makes it highly sturdy and durable. It is resistant to every type of stress and impact.

You can use this ladder in an array of 24 options. The arms can be turned with the hinge mechanism at the middle, transforming it into an A-frame-style extended ladder and a 90deg ladder because the legs that can be independently extended can also change in a stairs ladder that is helpful when trimming hedges on the top of a hill, near an escalator into the yard, or even on uneven terrain.

It also offers extensions with various heights, eliminating the requirement for ladders of different sizes to manage hedges of multiple peaks. If your platform is already in place, you will not require an additional ladder to create these two trestles. Therefore, if you intend to build a scaffold to cut hedges, you do not need to carry two ladders.

Both arms are telescopic, and the rails that are inside can be separated from rails outside. Thus, it creates two ladder parts, the components on either side being held by the hinges that hold the rails inside and the locking mechanism for the railings outside.

Pros Cons
Affordable Little heavy
Durable and lightweight
Quality of product is very high


The thick aluminum walls make sure that the body of the ladder does not break or become damaged quickly. It allows the ladder to last for a long time despite the inevitable rough use when working around hedges. Despite that, the ladder is light and straightforward to carry and move around.



Werner FTP6212 300 FiberGlass Tripod

Werner FTP6212 300

This FTP6212 Tripod 12-foot Stepladder has a load rating of 300lbs. The single rail on the rear lets the tripod ladder be used in places that other ladders cannot, making work in tight spaces effortless. In addition, the easy spreader handle design makes it easier to set up and makes the ladders simple to carry.

The Traction-Tred steps that are slip-resistant are double-riveted. Backup plates are used to reinforce top connectors. Fiberglass rails are not conductive when being used near electrical sources.

It is a Werner FTP6206 tripod ladder with 12 feet. It makes it the ideal tool for work on medium and tall hedges. It lets you move closer to fences in small spaces and corners and safely cuts them.

In addition, it is possible to place them on barriers, such as walls that have been smashed or low hedges, as opposed to other ladders, which mean you, have greater access to hedges.

These steps have been double riveted, which gives them incredible strength and is long enough to permit users to work for a long time without fatigue or discomfort.

The ladder also features an adjustable handle that assists in setting up the ladder secure and stable manner and assists in carrying and transportation.

The ladder has specially designed treaded feet to help to keep it in place on uneven terrain. They can also be replaced when they wear off too quickly. In addition, the ladder is equipped with an attached Tool-Tray-Top, which allows you to put all your tools on it and work without stressing your body too much.

The ladder is made of fiberglass, making it highly resistant to all types of damage. However, the risk of abrasions and scratches is very high. Avoid when working with hedges, as most hedges are made of shrubs that are not as soft as herbs.

The external rail shield molded of the ladder guards the body of the ladder from all types of damage and abrasion, not just from hedges but also because of accidental falls and collisions. The ladder’s steps come with treads for traction. They provide plenty of friction that ensures good climbing stability and avoids slips for any reason, even if it is wet.

Pros Cons
Convenient spreaders handle design For Small Hedges
A better setup and improved transportability
It helps to work in tight spaces


It has double-riveted Steps and is comfortable to ensure slip resistance and long lasting. Molded rail shield on the outside helps guard against abrasion as well as rail damage. It also has a fully braced section on the front and a replaceable feet pad that is slip-resistant.



Little Giant 15131

Little Giant 15131

The Little Giant Select Step ladder is a combination of ladders of five heights into one. In other words, it is adjustable to provide you with a boost in the size of 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 feet. In addition, it allows you to reach hedges of all heights without the need to purchase additional ladders.

The ladder’s rails are constructed of fiberglass-resin composite, which is not just to give to its IAA ANSI rating of the ladder but also for making it non-conductive.

Therefore, it is safe to plant your hedges in proximity to electrical wiring; like lampposts, you will not be in any danger of getting shocked.

The black resin fiberglass is resistant to fading and damages from UV radiation. In addition, the ladder’s rails can be stretched or contracted independently of one another, making it ideal for cutting hedges in uneven ground, sloping grounds, and stairways in the garden.

It also has a flared base to provide additional stability. The telescoping feature that controls the ladder can be controlled with the help of proprietary Rock Locks and the Select Grip Handle. It allows you to alter the ladder’s height easily and makes the ladder solid.

The highest rung of the ladder that is supposed never to be utilized was eliminated here. It offers two benefits.

The first is that users will not be enticed to take the top step to get a higher height. The use of the top step is among the main factors that lead to ladder-related accidents. The space created by removing the rung gives more movement and keeps the user from striking their shins when working.

The front end of the ladder has additional rail reinforcement, which significantly increases the length of the ladder, while the back rails are equipped to complete with feet stabilizers that serve the same purpose.

Flared legs provide a lot of stabilization to the ladder, mainly when the ground is uneven, as encountered in gardens. They also stop the ladder from falling even when users attempt to reach over. The Little Giant ladder is an absolute giant when it comes to weight ratings. It comes with an IAA rating that means it can effortlessly carry up to 325 pounds.

Pros Cons
A comfortable standing platform Warranty is limited
Ideal for obstacles and sloped ground
Simple to use Rock Locks


Overreaching, fatigue, and using the improper ladder are the leading causes of ladder injuries. However, this ladder comes with the Select Step Fiberglass to tackle these problems. In addition, its Select Step Fiberglass is fully adjustable on both sides, which means you can utilize it in various dimensions and heights.



Final Verdict:

Whether you are a topiary artist professional or just a regular gardener who loves to do things by themselves in their gardens, using only the most secure and safe equipment is crucial to make your work effortless and safe. It is why you should use only ladders explicitly designed for cutting hedges. These ladders come with additional features built into them, explicitly considering the issues you encounter during hedge cutting.


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