Best Ladder for Painting Stairs 2023

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2022)

Have you ever painted stairs with the incorrect ladder? A bit challenging, right? It makes sense since ladders come in various styles and are suited for being used for different purposes.

A general ladder for your stairs could be difficult, as well as using your ladder for painting. It means that should you decide to paint your stairs and you want to paint, you will require a ladder that is durable and secure enough. We have compiled some of the best ladders for painting stairs in the article. We suggest you keep exploring and keep looking.

Before we look at the top ladders for stairs for painting, let us begin by examining some of the risks that you might encounter while using ladders to paint.

One of the most significant issues you will encounter while working on a painting project is an uneven floor. It increases the chance of falling and slipping. Therefore, it is recommended that you first determine the height of the step before adjusting your ladder to accommodate the space.

The majority of stairwells are taller than two stories. It means you will need to alter the level of the ladder. It can cause you to extend your ladder too far and make it necessary to work at very high elevations. Being at high levels increases the chance of falling since your structural balance decreases your stability as you raise the ladder.

Most of the time, it is the case that stairs are extremely narrow, giving you little space to perform your work. It is why you might attempt to reach a certain point while painting and you run a risk of falling.

There are several combinations of ladders suitable for painting stairs that you need to be aware of before the details in this article. Below are a few ladders that can be used in combination for painting stairways:

One option is a double section. The other is the ladder section, and the other is an inner section. If you want it, you could make the two sections angled at the top, creating something similar to a double-sided stepladder with a full stabilizer to improve the stability.

After that, you can lock it using a bolt as well as two leashes of nylon to make sure you have reached the most specific and appropriate angle.

It is an excellent way to paint your project because you will be able to create an unsupported and narrow structure that is highly stable. Furthermore, if you use these kinds of ladders to climb the stairs, you can elevate the ladder and secure it with an upside-down “y” shape so that you will be able to adjust the ladder.

The most significant benefit is that these ladders are not as wide and can be used on staircases with thinner widths. However, the bad news the ladders are not stabilized, but they come with splayfeet on the bottom to provide the highest level of grip.

The most flexible combo ladder can be described as a multi-purpose ladder. These ladders are made up of four different sections, with each connecting to the two other hinges.

When you are not using these ladders, they can fold down, making them easy to transport and put away. If you would like to open one part, then the catch of the lock is released, opening the hinge and allowing it the ability to move.

In certain instances, you will notice that the hinge is locked during the rotation process, resulting in an unbreakable connection. If you want to achieve a higher angle, repeat the procedure until you reach the angle you want. The ladders of this kind can be constructed in various ways, from the painting platform to straight ladders.

Best Ladder for Painting Stairs (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Revolution ‎57 x 25 x 9 inches 38.5 Pounds

Check Price

Cosco 7.68 x 23.03 x 54.92 inches 32 Pounds Check Price
TOPRUNG 27 x 11 x 58 inches 34 Pounds Check Price


Revolution M17

Revolution M17

Ladders come in many sizes and shapes, but there is a universal truth that having the best ladder for the task at the ready not only makes work more accessible but also more secure.

Its Little Giant Leveler Revolution Ladder offers that flexibility and has some additional safety features that go with it.

With its slimmest footprint, you can open it up into an inclined ladder and a straight ladder. Straight ladders are far from an extension ladder, but it does share the reach of an extension ladder. To extend the ladder, you must release those hinge locks.

Next, utilizing the big, round cap on both sides insert the spring-loaded pins and rotate them until they rest outside the holes.

You’ll see three hole positions that you could lock in: One is storage/transport (fully closed), and the second is a stepladder. The third is a straight ladder. Unfortunately, there are only three options available.

However, you can use a wide range of angles. We will get to this in a minute. The hinges are secure with a solid lock. Sometimes, it is necessary to provide the cap with an extra push to push the pins entirely out. Rotating them to adjust the position is an operation that requires two hands.

There are four locks on the uppermost part of base pieces that Little Giant calls Rapid Lock Fasteners. These locks pull out and then turn 90 degrees to open the adjustable level that the ladder is.

The Rapid Lock Fasteners can be simple enough to use but are not the smoothest. Therefore, when your hands have become sticky or sweaty, it may require a few tries to remove them.

The feature that is named after The Little Giant Leveler is the Ratchet Levelers you find at the bottom of the side that is not wheeled of the ladder. When working on a rough surface, it is necessary to use one of the downs to level the ladder on the surface.

In straight ladder mode in linear ladder mode, Ratchet Levelers is a tremendously helpful feature. It is rare to find an even surface even when you are not on the driveway or another hard surface.

Therefore, if it is a large angle or a shallow one, you will be able to make the ladder level. Stepladder mode provides you with plenty of flexibility, working from a height that ranges from 5′ until 9′.

Pros Cons
The quad lock hinges A bit heavy
Wheels for greater mobility
It can reach the height of 22-ft


Suppose you are looking for a ladder with multiple positions and do not mind the additional weight. In that case, The Little Giant, an excellent option with an extra layer of security.



Cosco 18 ft.

Cosco 18 ft.

The five in one – Cosco Aluminum Multi-Position ladder is an additional excellent ladder to paint staircases. It can be used as an extension ladder, stepladder and scaffold ladder, stairway ladder, and wall ladder. The ladder is made up of three parts. There is an inner ladder unit as well as two ladder units on the outside.

They can be divided and put together to make five ladders of different sizes that are described earlier. It can also be made into two A-frame ladders to help support the scaffold. It is constructed with high-quality aluminum, aircraft-grade.

The aluminum structure makes the ladder lighter however; it increases the load capacity up to 300 pounds, making it perfect for any household job. In addition, the feet with slip resistance and the flared legs give excellent stability to the ladder.

This ladder is one of the most effective ladders for painting stairs that you can utilize efficiently. One of the benefits of this ladder is that it can be used in five different positions to give you the loft space you might require when working.

As a stepladder, it can reach a maximum of 10 feet. The maximum reach of 17 feet can be achieved when it is used on extensions ladders. In addition, this ladder can reach a maximum elevation of 18 feet and can hold 300 pounds.

Additionally, Cosco’s components are of the best quality, meaning that you will get worth for your money when you purchase this ladder. The ladder is constructed using the aluminum of aircraft, which means you can be sure of its durability.

This aluminum telescoping, 18′ long max reach ladder has multiple positions and is great for cleaning the gutters and painting high ceilings, the walls, or hanging decorations within your business. In addition, this laddered 5-in-1 transforms from a stepladder into an extension ladder and scaffold ladder, as well as a staircase ladder and wall ladder.

This lightweight, versatile ladder is suitable for the most challenging work tasks. It can be folded to reach higher places. This ladder can be used in five ladder positions, including an extension ladder, ten heights to extend the ladder. There are also ten different positions as the stairway ladder, three sizes for a scaffold, and four for an indoor ladder.

Pros Cons
Top quality design Limited warranty
Aluminum structure
This ladder is simple to utilize


You can use this ladder in multiple ways. For instance, you could make it an extension ladder and an A-frame and is excellent for staircases. It is similar to that of the Little Giant Velocity ladder but with more minor functions and options.



TOPRUNG Model-17 ft.


TOPRUNG Model 17 ft. The extension ladder is considered one of the top ladders for stairs, with five stops to maximize flexibility.

In addition, you can be sure of your safety by this ladder since its feet are made of solid rubber that is non-slip that will stop you from sliding from the ladder and causing falls.

Toprung’s 17-foot ladder received this designation from a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience building high-quality ladders.

He also came up with a variety of ladders. These include ladders such as the Telescopic Ladder, Combination Ladder, Fiberglass Step Ladder, Multi-Purpose Ladder, and work interfaces with more than 30 specifications.

In addition, this ladder can be extended to 17 feet, and it can accommodate up to 300 pounds since it is made from aluminum. Because the aluminum substance is solid and light in weight, it can be easily transported, and it is easy to store it in a convenient place.

The warranty is an additional reason to opt to use the TOPRUNG ladder. You will get a warranty of two years. The manufacturer will be accountable for any damage that occurs within this time.

Its versatility makes it ideal for docks, stairs, curbs, ramps, or any uneven surface. It is constructed from high-quality aluminum, but it is also able to be easily transportable because of its lightweight. It is the best choice for projects that are medium in weight since it can hold up to 300 pounds.

With the wide legs, working on this ladder is easy. There is no need to worry about your safety ever again. It is lightweight and portable, meaning you can quickly move using it.

To ensure the longevity of your ladder, be sure to store it in a dry, excellent location to prevent it from corrosion. Also, keep the hinges in a place free of dust and other particles that may hinder the effectiveness of your ladder.

It is a beast. While we think it is most suitable for outdoor use, it can be used indoors without difficulties. It is, for instance, ideal for painting high ceilings or walls, too. Therefore, if you need an outdoor ladder as well as interior painting, this is an excellent option.

Pros Cons
Non-slip rubber pads Hard adjustments
It can accommodate up to 300 lbs
Strong and durable


Due to its broad legs and because it is made from aluminum alloy, you can be sure of stability and safety when working on painting projects for stairs. Additionally, it can hold up 300 pounds on both sides and makes it a ladder that two people can use. Therefore, if you are looking for a ladder for outdoor or stair painting that can also use in your home, you must be sure to consider this model.



Final Verdict:

In the case of ladders, we believe that safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, the first step is to select a reliable ladder. In terms of security, you can indeed go wrong using all of the ladders in this list. However, they are all safe if you utilize them in a secure method.


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