Best Laser Pointer for Outdoor Use 2022

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2022)

A laser pointer or a laser pen is a pocket-sized device that works on a power source and a laser diode that emits a coherent and narrow beam of visible light.

This gadget was devised to highlight a point of interest by illuminating it with a small spot of bright-colored light. We have compiled some of the best laser pointers for outdoor use in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Typical cheap lasers work best in the dark and comparatively clean atmosphere because their maximum output power does not exceed 5mW (milliwatts).

While the higher powered and higher-frequency visible light lasers can make their path through air molecules and water droplets and they are a good choice for outdoor use.

Rayleigh scattering process is involved in high frequency and high energy blue and green lasers, they pass through clean air and moderate to dimly-lit conditions and they can go on for a long distance to be used in astronomical teachings. Infrared laser diodes are very common nowadays, they have revolutionized the laser power output reaching up to 300mW.

The new generation created is IR pumped, which has doubled frequency wavelength, maybe green, blue, or violet DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser pointers. The infrared contents of the laser pointers are extremely hazardous for human eyes and skin and can cause temporary visual disturbance to complete blindness.

Although infrared rays are very dangerous, their filtration brings extra heat to the device, and the heat dissipation requires additional technology which is not possible in handheld gadgets.

The wavelength of the emitted light has a great influence on the perceived visibility of the illuminated spot and the majority of devices work in the red spectral field, where the eye sensitivity decreases steadily with increasing wavelength.

Devices with 650-nm output look almost half as bright as those with 670-nm output, and 635-nm devices appear almost two times brighter.

Shorter-wavelength laser pointers, on the other hand, are usually more costly and this is especially true for green lasers, which are considerably brighter than red lasers but they are very expensive.

A diode-pumped solid-state (DSPP) laser and a frequency double amplifier is used and due to its usually weak conversion performance at low power levels, hundreds of milliwatts of infrared (typically 1064-nm) light are needed to produce a few milliwatts in green, and the batteries would not last for long unless comparatively strong batteries are used.

And when we talk about the range or the maximum distance a laser light can travel, we come to know that there is no limit as we know that the light is not scattered or absorbed in the atmosphere. However, with the increasing distance, the width of the light beam increases because of the light divergence phenomenon.

In this case, the power of the laser may remain the same but the intensity will decrease and it will not remain as dangerous for humans as it is on a short distance. As the pointing lasers are extremely eye-catching, they are used for education and business presentations to raise verbal guidance by pointing the laser spot on the area of question.

Red light lasers perform well with indoor and dimly lit conditions while the green lasers can work well in outdoor as well as the indoor environment.

Green lasers have a wide range of application but one of the most important is that it is used in astronomical education and working. Green laser beams are often mounted on telescopes to align a star with the laser beam, they are used to point out stars in astronomical teaching sessions and much more.

Laser is also used in construction industries, robotics, education, photonics, chemistry, physics, medicine, magic tricks, hiking and outdoor actives, weapons, and much more.

To conclude the area of application of laser pointers is not possible, so we will now move towards some basic and useful features of advanced laser pointers that one should always check before buying it.

1- Color of laser beam:

Laser pointers come in a variety of colors, each with its own set of applications. The wavelength of a laser pointer is exactly proportional to the hue of its beam or spot.

Although red lasers are the most common for indoor usage, blue and green laser pointers are becoming more popular as they can be used in an outdoor environment. You can choose from a wide range of colors including 532nm green, 450nm blue, 405nm purple, and many others.

2- Output power:

The output power of a laser determines the frequency of its beam and the laser pointers are classified into many classes depending on their capacity. High power ratios, measured in milliwatts, deliver beams with a longer range and a more vivid appearance. The amount of power decides its brightness, burning ability, and protection class.

3- Burning ability:

The output power of a laser pointer is the most significant element in determining its ability to produce fire. A laser pointer must have at least 200mW of peak power to produce enough energy to ignite objects such as matches, firecrackers, balloons, tobacco, and other materials.

So, while purchasing a laser pointer, bear in mind that the higher the voltage, the more efficiently and quickly the laser pointer will burn items.

4- Design features:

Some laser pointers have a comprehensive range of safety features, as well as an adjustable focus that allows the users to customize the strength of the beam to accommodate a variety of applications, lens caps, and other accessories. Another thing to remember is the system’s durability.

Best Laser Pointer for Outdoor Use (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight  
BOSCH GLM400CL 1.13 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches 0.46 Pounds Check Price
DEWALT (DW089LG) 6.13 x 17.75 x 12.5 inches 8.23 Pounds Check Price
DEWALT (DW088K) 8.66 x 4.72 x 8.66 inches 2.3 Pounds Check Price
Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser 4.8 x 2.7 x 4.2 inches 0.5 Pounds

Check Price




Bosch manufactured this device with outdoor blaze technology that is used as an outdoor measuring gadget up to 400 ft.

A Bosch MeasureOn app has been introduced for convenient connectivity among users and a camera is installed in the device with an adjustable zooming feature that can find the laser spot at a far distance, even in busy outdoor backgrounds.

The measuring accuracy of 1\16 in along with a far distance measuring ability makes this laser pointer very useful and advanced in its function.

Furthermore, multiple measuring features GLM400CL including real-time length, length, volume, indirect functions, area, and addition and subtraction capabilities are also offered by this device.

An inclinometer installed into the tool measures the angle of pitch and confirms when the tool is even.

It is a Class II laser product with less than 1mW power output. There is a backlit color display that lightens the background to read the measurements with a distinct resolution, allowing the work in low-light or no-light conditions.

The instrument is constructed with plastic material and a 2AA battery is used to power up the blazer device which is added into the box. A micro-USB cable, battery charger, hand strap, and pouch are also provided within the package.

Pros Cons
Measurement up to 400 ft No Cons reported
Accuracy up to 1\16
Multiple measurement features


This instrument was created by Bosch using outdoor blaze technologies and can be used as an outdoor measurement device up to 400 feet. This laser pointer’s measuring precision of 116in together with its long-distance measuring capability which makes it very useful and advanced in its work.

This system also has several measurement features such as real-time weight, length, volume, indirect functions, area, and addition and subtraction capabilities with an inclinometer to pitch the angle and checks when the tool is even.





DEWALT manufactured this laser pointer model DW089LG, powered by a 12V lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This green beam laser tech has an integrated magnetic bracket with 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch thread.

It supports a full-time pulse mode that allows its use with the detector, maintains full brightness for visibility, and extends the range for efficient functionality.

A full 3-year warranty is also provided with the product to assure the product’s durability to its users.

A locking pendulum is inserted to control internal damage of its components, the instrument is manufactured with over-molded housing, and IP65 water and debris resistance technology is also inserted.

It is a class 2 laser with less than or equal to 1.50mW power output to provide a visible range of 100’and it is green in color, ideal for environments where visibility is concerned.

The battery time is fantastic, even in harsh conditions found on the worksite. Perfect for outdoor and indoor working and provide much better visibility as compared to red lasers because the human eye has more sensitivity for green color than red.

Pros Cons
12V lithium-ion rechargeable battery Price
IP65 technology to provide water and debris resistance
100’ long laser range
3 years warranty


This green laser with a 12V lithium-ion battery is a perfect option for outdoor and indoor working, even in harsh environments. The battery is rechargeable, the output power is equal to 1.50mW, and the visible range of the laser beam is 100’. With many other outstanding features, a 3-year warranty is provided to users for its durability assurance.

Over-molded housing with IP65 technology prevents the damage of the internal components along with the water and debris resistance for effective and long-term functionality. The long battery time is another plus of this device.



DEWALT Line Laser (DW088K)

DEWALT Line Laser (DW088K)

DEWALT DW088K laser is very durable with its over-molded housing and 1-meter drop rating. This a self-leveling laser with IP54 technology of water and debris resistance for outdoor and indoor effective functionality.

A storage case is provided for long-term workability and a lithium polymer battery is used to power p the device. A user manual, 3 AA batteries, kit box, and an acoustic ceiling mount is presented within the product package.

Its magnetic pivoting base and 1/4-inch thread make mounting on metal surfaces easy. For different leveling and designing uses, the DW088K designs bright overlapping horizontal and vertical sections. Furthermore, the laser has individual buttons on the side control panel that operate all three lasers, and it comes with a hard-sided kit box for storage and transport.

At 30 feet, the laser projects bright overlapping horizontal and vertical lines with a precision of 1/8 of an inch, while its real-time pulse mode allows for use with a detector while retaining full brightness for illumination and increasing the laser’s working range to 165 feet.

Perfectly ideal for workers working on residential and industrial projects such as installing floor and wall tile or planning out wall plans along with many other applications.

Pros Cons
IP54 water and dirt resistance Not suitable for astronomy
4 degrees of measurement accuracy
Self-leveling and laser range up to 165 ft


The DW088K is a laser pointer with IP54 water and debris resistance for outdoor and indoor usage and the self-leveling feature makes it just perfect for the customers. The laser beams its light overlapping horizontal and vertical lines at the distance of 30 ft. with an accuracy of 1/8inch.

The real-time pulse mode permits its usage with a detector while maintaining maximum visibility for illumination and increasing the laser’s working range to 165 feet. Best suitable for residential and commercial construction projects.



Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level Cross Line

Hepar Self-Leveling Green Laser

Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser  360 cross line has beaten up all the records when it comes to versatility and design. This device is a prevalent one for shooting the green lasers and not the standard red ones.

Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser is taking upon with the 2x brighter light and has the advanced 360-degree feature. You will be impressed by how this product is shooting the laser all-around in both vertical and horizontal directions.

As we talk about the measurement range, this machine has the upper hand compared to brands like Pacific Laser Systems or Dewalt. Hence, it has a maximum working range of around 150ft.

Plus, you will be equally impressed with +/- 1/9 of the inch accuracy range. We strictly recommend using it for professional usage.

Being strictly resistant to the water, it features a powerful frame for an added protection against any damage. In addition, the model is also available with the smart pendulum system, which can lock itself automatically once the tool is switched off.

Talking about its durability, the machine has TPR soft rubber covers for the shock-resistant quality along with being dustproof and waterproof. Although with such materials, it is expected that the machine will run for long, it still has 12 months of warranty. The use of laser is more potent as indoor in comparison with outdoor.

This Huepar is not featuring manual mode. Some laser models allow you to power up these laser lines without unlocking your pendulum. This is quite handy if you want to shine a line at any specific angle, such as fixing handrails on the stairs.

Pros Cons
360-degree laser feature Battery coverage is unimpressive
Offers Green laser light
100% Water-resistant and durable frame


To end with, Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level Cross Line is a multi-functional one that allows you to work in various room areas all at once. You can freely operate it in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is also available with the outdoor pulse mode with which you can smoothly work in brighter environments.



Final Verdict: 

Different kinds of laser pointers with a different range, color, wavelength, and so on have been introduced so far, but not every laser pointer can be fit for every function.

Buyers should know the workings he intends to do with a laser pointer than he needs to do his homework for the latest and advanced features provided by laser devices present in the market at the time. With a finished set of requirements and budget, a buyer should consider his options.

Do compare all the pros and cons of the seemingly ideal options and get yourself a good, reliable, and stable laser instrument. Do not forget to study the laser devices described above in this article, we have made conclusions of the descriptions and also provided you with their pros and cons.


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