Where do you put a Pool ladder?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

Where do you put a Pool ladder?

Where do you put a Pool ladder? The pool ladder for using an aboveground pool is almost indispensable. In contrast to an open pool, getting in and out of a high pool is more complex and can only be managed with a ladder. A pool ladder for aboveground pools is either included with an assembly set, or you have to get it separately.

Usually, this is a construction with two to four steps on both sides, which you place over the pool’s edge in the pool. One side is in the water; the other is outside the pool.

Of course, how high the ladder needs to depend on how high the pool is. If this has an edge height of 100 cm, the ladder must also be tall enough to be 100 cm high between the rung parts. Too high, however, does not make sense, as the pool ladder loses its stability.

Usually, the respective ladder specifies the pool height for which it is suitable. As a rule, you do not attach a ladder for an aboveground pool to the pool itself. It stands outside and inside on two feet each, which are (mostly) equipped with rubber studs or the like.

Additionally, that is not enough to prevent the ladder from wobbling. Therefore, always place sandbags on the outside of your feet. So the ladder is always very stable and will never overturn.

You would not put anything in the pool itself to weigh down, and fixing it is not advisable because it could damage or tear off the pool liner. The pool ladders are designed not to touch the pool wall – that is on purpose!

If the pool ladder wobbles, you can – as we indicated above – put a weight on the outside (stone slab, sandbags, etc.). If the reason is that the bottom is uneven on the outside, you have to straighten it out on the outside or move the ladder to another place in the pool. It would be best to remedy this shortcoming – a wobbly ladder poses a high risk (for children and adults).

There are no special ladders for a quick up pool. Although this is different from a steel frame pool in terms of its type of construction, it is the same in terms of the use of the ladder.

The good thing about a poolside is that the walls are often high, and toddlers cannot fall into the pool as quickly as they would with a built-in pool. However, if the ladder is in the pool and no supervisor (or an adult) is present, this ladder can, of course, serve as a climbing aid.

You should not come across a pool ladder with child safety. The best practice is to remove the ladder from the pool if you do not want it to be used.

If you want to be sure that, nothing happens, it is best not to get a pool in the first place.


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