Best Small Refrigerators for Garage 2024

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If your basic earning source your garage? If so, you must be spending day-in and day-out to make your garage get started and going in the right direction, right? Now it’s obvious for any business owner to put all their time and effort to make their business started and working effectively. No matter if the business is small or huge, they all take your time and effort. And, when you do set up your business and start working on it, you’re usually alone in struggling in that journey. Because not many people can afford employees or quality services to help them boost up their spirits while they set their business.

Now that’s just the case for the people who are starting their business from zero. However, it doesn’t always have to be that hard and struggling in terms of putting your time and effort in a place. That’s because we live in a technological era, and there are plenty of helpful appliances that serve us with a fruitful dose of positivity and support throughout the hard struggling days. We have compiled some of the best small refrigerators for garage in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

So since we’re talking about owning or running a garage here, there’s no way one can feel the struggle and effort that the worker has to put in there. But even with that endlessly tiring struggle that a garage consumes from you, you can always treat yourself with a fruitful appliance that makes working hard less bizarre, right? Don’t get what we mean here? Well, we’re talking about the addition of a helpful and highly demanded appliance, i.e. a small refrigerator.

The role of refrigerators in our lives has become constant over time. And if we look at the frequent usage of refrigerators in our homes, there’s no way we can now manage living without one at our home space. But other than that, there are plenty of other surroundings that require an access of refrigerators too. Whether you’re living in a hostel, or you’re simply working in a 24/7 office environment; having a refrigerator can be highly befitting and supportive. And when it comes to working in a garage, there’s no way one wouldn’t want to treat themselves with cold water and snacks after every car service they perform – under the scorching heat of summers.

Now don’t worry if you think this is a great idea, but you aren’t sure if a whole refrigerator would be able to fit in your garage. Know why? Because there’s always the smart and remote option of having as all refrigerator (mini-fridge), that can serve you perfectly too. Sure, the small refrigerators don’t hold as much space as a large model would, but they are highly beneficial for office and business needs – giving you enough space to store your food, beverages, and snacks in.

So what are you even thinking about now? It’s time you go ahead and invest in the best small refrigerator for the garage. However, if you’re confused with the different options available in the market, we’re here to serve you with the best options you can invest in. so let’s go ahead and discover them in detail, shall we?

Best Small Refrigerators for Garage (Comparison)

Name Dimensiosn Weight
Whynter FM- 62DZ 18.5 x 28 x 21 inches 62 pounds

Check Price

CIGREEN 30.7 x 17.9 x 18 inches 51.9 pounds Check Price
Avallon AFR151SSLH 24.06 x 14.94 x 34.13 inches 78 pounds Check Price
ICECO JP42 Pro 28.4 x 15.9 x 17.5 inches N/A Check Price


Whynter 62 FM- 62DZ Portable Fridge

Whynter 62 FM- 62DZ

This Whynter 62 FM-62DZ Portable Fridge has a vast capacity being 62 quarts or 91 cans. This allows you to store enough snacks and beverages to fulfill all your working hour requirements.

This small refrigerator comes with a variety of setting options; including an adjustable temperature range from -8F to 50F, and LED temperature display design, and a fast freeze option that helps you rapidly cool your stored meal anytime you want.

Whether you want a small fridge or a freezer, this Whynter 62 Portable Fridge serves you as both in a single model. Hence, you can rely on it for your fridge needs, whether you’re in your car, garage, RV, home, or even office.

This appliance allows you to plug it with both AC power and the DC power; both at the same time. This way, if you plug in the AC and DC together and the AC source ever fails, then the DC power source will simply work as a primary source option, which is really convenience for the consumer. As a result, your refrigerator would serve you safely and efficiently throughout.

Furthermore, this Whynter 62 Portable Fridge comes with an 8-ft C power and a 10-ft DC wire that allows you to place the refrigerator at a decent distance from the power switch. Additionally, it also comes with two removable wire baskets and an insulated lid and walls for the refrigerator.

With the help of the power low indicator of this compact fridge, you can easily save the refrigerator from being damaged in low-power conditions.

Its ability to function effectively even if you tilt the fridge at 30-degree ensures that you won’t face any lack of quality in terms of this appliance’s performance.

With the presence of the tough and solid outer powder-coated steel housing of this compact fridge, you can be sure that it will serve you as highly efficient and durable electric appliance.

Moreover, it comes with a drain plug that provides you with the ease of easy cleaning of the fridge; saving you from spending a lot on the fridge’s servicing.

With the help of the stainless steel handles of this refrigerator, you can be sure that there won’t be any rusting or scratch issue for a long time. This ETL approved appliance is one of the best options for your garage workshops.

Pros Cons
Stainless steel handles Has a bit loud fan noise
Multiple usage ease
Dual voltage feature
Indicates on low power


If you’re looking for a highly durable and efficient working small refrigerator that serves you with smart features and usage ease, then this Whynter 62 Portable Fridge is certainly the best option for you. The dual voltage feature with 2 in 1 options can be ideal for you and your workspace.




CIGREEN 63.4 Portable Refrigerator

CIGREEN 63.4 Portable Refrigerator

This CIGREEN 63.4 Portable Refrigerator has a quality outlook that can match with almost any interior; no matter where you fit the appliance.

It comes with a compressor cooling technology that priced you with a fast cooling service between temperatures of -0.4F to 50F, along with a precision temperature control.

This portable refrigerator comes with two different functioning modes, i.e. the ECO (power saving) mode, and the TURBO (fast cooling) mode. Hence, you can manage the settings of the appliance according to your meals cooling requirements.

With the help of the 60 liter capacity of this CIGREEN 63.4 Portable Refrigerator, you are sure to avail a wide storage space for all your food and beverages. Hence, you can easily store the entire family’s lunch or dinner meal in this compact appliance, without having to stuff it up. Therefore, you can consider this small refrigerator as the best option for garages, cars, trucks, RV’s, and any other outdoor or home usage.

To protect the battery of the refrigerator from excessive energy consumption, this refrigerator comes with a system that automatically cuts off the compressor if the input voltage reaches the minimum limit.

This CIGREEN 63.4 Portable Refrigerator comes with two durable handles that allow you to carry the refrigerator easily. You can be sure that this refrigerator will serve you as an efficient and durable appliance, with the help of its lightweight and durable construction using thick, high-density foam insulation.

Its 30-degree vibration and anti-tap design provide you with smart and more suitable usage ease. Hence, you can easily manage the working and your usage requirements of this refrigerator, while making sure that the refrigerator is working safely and efficiently.

The multi-functional design of this compact refrigerator includes two power cables that are separately connected with 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC power inputs. These different power cables allow you to enjoy the usage ease of this portable appliance during your traveling or camping journey; while also consuming limited vehicle battery.

Other than vehicle usage, this compact refrigerator also serves as a smart appliance option for other outdoor, as well as home usage. If you are looking for a refrigerator that has ideal store space and super performance then this CIGREEN 63.4 Portable Refrigerator is best product to choose.

Pros Cons
Has enormous storage space Not suitable for usage near water surrounding
Has a safe carrying design
Works as both; a fridge and a freezer
Has fast cooling speed


The CIGREEN 63.4 Portable Refrigerator serves as a highly efficient and smart compact refrigerator that can be used in any vehicle, and for multiple outdoor needs. It is one of the best products available on the market that has fast speed and high-quality performance guaranteed.



Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator

Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator

This Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator has an attractive and classy outlook that makes it a perfect fit for any interior. With the multiple installations support of built-in and freestanding offered by this Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator, you can be sure to easily set and use it in different locations.

With the help of its temperature range which is 34F to 50F and the single-zone cooling unit present in this compact refrigerator, you can be sure to enjoy a smart cooling performance out of it. The making of a stainless steel handle and front vent adds an extra touch of durability and quality to this compact electrical appliance.

This Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator includes an internal LED light design that lets you choose on alternating between the blue and white color lights. Overall, this would give quality and soothing usage experience.

Furthermore, the addition of a carbon filter in this refrigerator lets you enjoy your food storage experience while eliminating the taste of all the harmful contaminants from your meal.

Its black cabinet along with the stainless steel door lets you avail a quality and durable usage experience with this compact appliance; while also serving you as attractively in terms of its looks.

This Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator includes three-stranded glass selves; letting you safely store your glasses inside for outdoor picnic and traveling needs. The touch control panel design of this compact electrical appliance lets you enjoy a smart and smooth setting ease.

With the help of the two lights in the right and on the left side of the fridge, you can easily check inside the compact refrigerator – even if you’re in a dark surrounding.

This Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator serves you as a quietly working electrical appliance, adding great comfort and quality to its working ability.

With the help of the beeping/alarming technology of this refrigerator (in case if the door is left open), you can easily assess whether the fridge door is properly closed or not.

Pros Cons
Works quietly Not NSF certified
Has a neat frosting capability Limited colors available
Beep feature in the door


This Avallon AFR151SSLH Refrigerator is certainly one of the smartest, compact, and highly reliable electrical appliance option, that can make any outdoor journey or picnic a lot more memorable and convenient. The overall looks of the refrigerator are very attractive, slim, and decent that increases the beauty of the space as well.





ICECO portable refrigerator has been designed to use as either a freezer or refrigerator. This JP42 Pro can also be used as a cooler that’s why it is called as 3 in 1 refrigerator (freezer, refrigerator, and cooler). Drinks can be kept cool by filling some ice or even with water in the center to freeze then shut down the power supply afterward.

It is designed in such a way as to discharge water on the side to get rid of water after using it. It gets 5 years warranty on the compressor and 1 on the remaining parts. The JP42 is designed with built-in cup holders. You can fill it with a lot of food and drink items and it also has a basket included to keep the items separated inside the tub. Design attributes like cup holders, carriage handles, and the drain plug makes it suitable for rough outdoor usage.

The JP42 portable fridge has a 12 v DC power cord and AC adapter built-in with the fridge which makes it suitable for domestic and travels purpose. Set the temperature to 32◦F to use it as a refrigerator for fresh foods and drinks. For freezer purposes, maintain the temperature to 0◦F to keep stuff frozen.

The portable refrigerator is power-driven by a SECOP compressor and enclosed in a weatherproof structure complement with a secure lock. The rot molded hard design establishes temperature optimization under enormous heat. In this, two different modes are used according to your demand. The MAX model has comparatively swift freezing capability and fast cooling speed. Meantime, the ECO mode reserves energy and is specially intended for the external environs that have inadequate energy.

Pros Cons
Widely used in trucks, RVs, yachts, commercial vehicles, and medical units Unlike a thermo-electric refrigerator, it cannot run continuously
It can even work in a bumpy range of 30◦ without affecting its efficiency
Trays keep the items dry and clean


This refrigerator is best for outdoor life and serves you with the combined advantage of a traditional cooler and powered fridge. Its fastening seals and insulated walls keep it cool without a power source for a great deal of time.



Final Verdict:

Having a small refrigerator can be a smart and beneficial addition to your vehicle, as well as office needs. They are equally perfect for small or large workshops or garages where you can keep your eating stuff and some drinks for your employees or clients for the sake of refreshment. But before you invest in any small refrigerator, you must calculate the space that can manage to store your smart electrical appliance; wherever you’re planning to fit the compact refrigerator.

Once you’ve figured that out, you can easily figure out which best small refrigerator for garage you want to invest in; from the above-mentioned best options. And once that’s sorted, nothing is stopping you from enjoying a smart and efficient service from it – for a prolonged time!


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