Best Total Stations for Construction 2024

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With everything advancing today, half of human work has become easier and less time-consuming for us. From cooking to making buildings and traveling, everything has both human and machine input combined to perform the task. This combined input has made it a lot easier to fulfill tons of tasks in today’s era. Whereas; back when the machines weren’t normal, the same tasks took double or triple the amount of time to complete. We have compiled some of the best total stations for construction in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Now that we are a part of this advanced era, it is extremely hard to not praise the man-made machines and technologies that make work easier than ever. This isn’t just about basic cooking help through grinders and ovens. But rather, performing more hectic and professional tasks like constructing a building or a house. Now we often see people using machinery and technological help to perform these tasks. However, the people who know how to make use of suitable technologies and combine a building or a home are equally important as much as the machines are.

Talking about such machines, let’s discuss a total station for construction. Now, this total station is made up of a theodolite with a built-in distance meter that lets you simultaneously measure angles and distance. These measurements help to determine the positions and heights of points that are needed to make construction projects stand firmly.

Altogether, a total station can be an essential part of the construction process, but it isn’t useful without a professional contractor making use of it. However, not everyone is a professional or works similarly, and most of them are usually just starting or have different total station requirements. In such times, even if you have a total station and you know how to use it, there are chances that it might not serve you efficiently. That’s because of the variety of different models and brands of total stations for construction in the market makes it harder for on to invest in the right option.

Now if you won’t invest in a total station that doesn’t serve you in making your work easier, as you are experienced in doing it, there are chances that you won’t avail the best outcome out of your machine’s work. But since this tool makes it a lot faster and accurate in the layout of the construction, it’s hard for a contractor to perform an efficient task without it.

Now keeping this in mind, we decided to help you solve your problem of choosing the right total station model. Besides, you don’t keep changing or re-investing in a costly and technical tool like a total station, right? So why take the wrong decision in the first place? Therefore, with the help of the below-mentioned options of the total station for construction, you’ll be able to better determine the right choice for your work and skills. Also, through these total station or construction options, there’s no way you would have to look anywhere else. So let’s not waste any more time, and head onto discovering the best options:-

Best total stations for construction (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
DET-2 Digital 19.3 x 13 x 12.5 inches (Package) 9.9 pounds

Check Price

Nikon NPL-322 N/A N/A Check Price
NWi NTS02S 21 x 13 x 17 inches 19 pounds Check Price
Sokkia CX 105 N/A N/A Check Price


DET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite

]DET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite

This Spectra Precision DDET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite Total Station comes with 2-second accuracy and vertical axis compensation that allows users to have a firm and accurate measurement altogether.

The user-selectable display resolution present in this total station serves for either 1-seconds or 5-seconds, giving you enough time to rely on the accurate measurement results on the display.

It consists of dual and back-lit displays and controls that altogether allow you to smoothly and easily make use of this total station while advantaging from this smart tool numerously.

With the help of the extremely large LCD characters present on the screen of this total station, you can be sure that anyone can easily see the numbers and analyze the measurements. So even if you have a slight eyesight issue, you don’t have to keep your glasses around to understand the LCD characters.

This DDET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite Total Station comes with a large collection of parameter settings that gives you advanced and smart usage ease of this smart tool. These parameter settings include; programmable settings for calculating horizontal angles resolution and beep at a specific location, zenith angle, and also the vertical axis compensation on/off settings.

Additionally, this total station also allows you to save maximum battery with the help of the vertical degree or percentage automatic shut off feature. Hence, you can rely on the battery to run smoothly for a long time, without making you worry about the battery any time soon.

This smart tool comes with a built-in reticule illuminator and an IP-54 rating of low light. Hence, even if there is low light in the working area, you will still be able to work through this smart construction tool without any issues.

It is also water and dust resistant, allowing you to take maximum service out of it. This simply means that even if you are working in harsh weather conditions or don’t have time to stop for the weather to get normal, this total station for construction would still beat all problems and serve you unconditionally throughout – thanks to its dust and water resistance feature.

The quick setups with a low operating curve of this total station allow you to avail maximum quality usage out of it.

In case if this power tool requires recharging, you can easily use the rechargeable kit and the backup alkaline pack that comes along with this power tool. Also, this backup pack of the total station runs on four standard AA batteries, making it easily suitable for you to access them.

The long battery life of 36 hours offered by this total station also adds a touch of productivity, quality, and smart usage ease to this efficient construction tool.

Pros Cons
Accurate working Doesn’t include a built-in compass
Consist of multiple features
Highly reliable


This DDET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite Total Station serves as a highly smart, efficient, and productive power tool for construction that serves you unconditionally in your construction measurement needs; even in terms of harsh weather.



Nikon NPL-322 (5″) Total Station

Nikon NPL-322 (5") Total Station

This Nikon Total Station comes with a tripod and Prism and Prism Pole that adds smarter and smoother usage ease to this total station for construction.

This is a highly suitable total station for construction options in terms of availing 2” dual face and 5” single face model accuracies from in terms of the construction measurement. Also, these total station models feature a reflector less EDM with a range of up to 200 m; giving you extreme angle accuracies and reliance on the measurement accordingly.

It serves as an very easy-to-use, versatile and economic total station particularly for construction tools; makes it a highly suitable option for advanced and professional angle measurement.

With the help of the high-quality optics offered by Nikon in this total station, you are sure to experience the acceptance of more light on its display. As a result, you get brighter and clearer images; for more productive and smooth usage.

With the help of the rechargeable long-life Li-ion battery and the low power consumption design offered by this total station, you are sure to avail a total of 11 hours operating time on each battery recharge.

The smart and efficient working of this total station provides you with highly-reliable usage ease, being easily visible even in the low-visibility conditions or places. As a result, no matter where you are working, you can experience productive visibility out of this powerful tool in any field.

The better optics present in this total station allows you to accurately aim at the measurements while also being eye-friendly for you. Hence, there’s no way you‘d face any eye ham or issues while working for longer hours with this smart tool.

With the extreme and advanced detail in every measurement offered by this total station, you are sure to experience a quality working experience along with the least of distortion issues – through this total station. Additionally, this feature serves wondrously in making you cover longer distances with ease and reliability.

This Total station comes with an addition of a Bluetooth feature, giving you a smart and suitable facility to transfer the digital measurements anywhere easily.

With the help of the lighter making of this total station, you are sure to avail a productive and faster working outcome out of it. Also, the lightweight feature makes it a lot easier to handle and work with this instrument; no matter who is holding it.

Pros Cons
Lightweight to carry and use You might not receive the additional tools
Long-lasting Li-ion battery
Fast and accurate working
Very well built


This Total Station from Nikon serves as one of the smartest, lightweight and faster working construction instrument that doesn’t only serves you unconditionally in terms of making the longer battery and efficient digital measurements, but it also assures a safer user experience for you.



NWi NTS02S Total Station

NWi NTS02S Total Station

This NWi NTS02S Total Station serves as a 2” reflector total station that easily and accurately performs specific construction tasks for you.

The addition of a Bluetooth in this total station allows you to transfer the digital measurements anywhere, and avail a smarter and more vulnerable usage experience out of this tool.

This NWi NTS02S Total Station also comes with an additional making of a USB port and an SD card slot. Hence, you can smoothly save all the measurements you’ve analyzed through this powerful tool, and store it for future needs and records – without having to go through extra-long processes of transferring on your own.

With the addition of a dual-axis and an automatic atmospheric and temperature sensor in this total station, you can surely make a better and smart usage with it – while being sure about the weather and atmospheric conditions in the environment. This keeps you alert while also assuring that you secure the instrument at the right time – making it serve you for a prolonged time. Additionally, this also serves you with a smooth reading experience no matter where you are.

The design of this total station provides you with a quick, reliable, and efficient experience of getting all your construction measurement tasks completed with a smooth outcome.

This NWi NTS02S Total Station serves as a complete on-the-site solution for both constructions as well as survey professionals in terms of conducting accurate and reliable measurements for the construction needs.

With the addition of a hard carrying case that comes along with this total station instrument, you can be sure to carry your smart tool anywhere while assuring its security without going through any struggles.

This NWi NTS02S Total Station comes with three different language options including; English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese. Hence, you can use it according to your language criteria; without any limitations.

With the help of the automatic correction and detection of meteorological, atmospheric refraction, and earth curvature feature; you are sure to avail a highly accurate and efficient working ease out of this instrument.

Pros Cons
Perfect for professional usage User manual is bit hard to understand
Accurate and efficient working
Have three driving languages
Great tool for construction


This NWi NTS02S Total Station serves as a highly well-calibrated tool that serves you unconditionally in terms of taking smart construction measurements, while also being suitable to store all the digital measurement records. Overall, you can make use of it as a complete professional tool that can help you in your construction tasks.



Sokkia CX 105

Sokkia CX 105

The CX series of total stations contain the feature of Bluetooth and make communication consistent using Bluetooth technology. The Sokkia CX 105 is a mirrorless innovative total station’s technology that delivers a supreme presentation, greater trustworthiness, and excellent measurement correctness for examiners, archeologists, investigators of crime and accident scene, and civil engineers.

The Sokkia CS aid you in performing different things like marking points for underpinning, hanging of drywall, framing a room, checking the grade of an area, and boundaries land checking. These things are not possible with such fast speed without using Sokkia CS. Mirror-less process, the Sokkia glassless total station lets you get hold of capacities deprived of inserting a prism at the finishing point.

When you are working a full day there is no need to carry extra recharging or carrying the battery. It is waterproof and the operator can easily operate it without any difficulty. Sokkia CX has five levels of brightness and can be adjusted according to the available light.

Pros Cons
Quick task operation via single operator A single battery can work up to 36 hours
Speedy distance extent of 0.9s A Bluetooth-equipped controller can access all the data instantly
Secures and improves job areas by eradicating the necessity of straight access to unsafe or problematic locations


Sokkia CX is helpful for people in fields like archeology and crime scene evaluation etc. Its coaxal electronic direct mail ray and pointer assertion having laser aids quick measurement of time for its session, giving fast and perfect aiming. Also, disparate laser ray is standard, the beam, which is narrow offers locate exactness, letting you to exactly wall measurements, angles, manholes that are on road surfaces even through branches of tree and chain-link.



Final Verdict:

A total station is one of the most important and highly important instruments that is required by constructor and contractors while managing their work. The accurate and concise measurement offered by a total station assures that you can digitally analyze your construction process, making it a more efficient and time-saving task for the professionals. It is very important for anyone to get a total station that is efficient and highly benefiting .Therefore, to help you invest in just the right total station; we’ve discussed some high-quality and reliable total stations that can serve you unconditionally in the long-run.



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