Best Massage Chairs Under 5000$ 2024

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Are you looking for a suitable massage chair that can serve you and your entire family with comfort and ease? A massage chair is one of the most suitable machines that serve in making a person comfortable and relaxed. These chairs consist of a vibrating technology that vibrates from specific positions while you sit on its comfortable cushion. We have compiled some of the best massage chairs under 5000$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

As a result, a massage chair helps in relieving all your stresses and making you feel completely relaxed and in ease. Now massage chairs are important for seniors, as their age demands a comforting massage and relaxing therapy every once in a while.

If we talk about the racing lifestyles and pressured educational and working surrounding the young and middle generation lives in; having a massage chair around can be a huge help. From easing your stresses and worries by giving you a relaxing time on the seat, to letting you focus on what’s ahead with a peaceful mindset – a massage chair can be everything that can help you peacefully deal with the daily stresses.

But all this doesn’t mean that having just any massage chair around the house is enough for you to lead a peaceful and equally luxurious life. We’re saying that because not all the massage chairs in the market can fulfill your needs in terms of pleasing your mind and body with a soothing massage. Since the working criteria, the results efficiency, and the age suitability of each of the massage chair is different; making all of them don’t usually fit in each criterion.

Now if you do go for a multipurpose and highly-efficient massage chair can serve you unconditionally in serving your entire family as the perfect comforting spot; then you have to enhance your budget too. Besides, the more qualities you need, the more prices you have to pay. But this doesn’t mean that all the best options and advanced technologies are available only at extremely costly rates. Hence, you might end up investing four times the budget you had in mind just to avail the best massage chair option in the market.

But that’s not a necessity or the case if you practice proper research and understanding of the best options. For this, you can simply look for the best options for massage chair falling in a specific budget. Now to help you out on this, and ensure that you don’t end up spending your hard-earned money in something useless we’ve aligned some of the best massage chairs under 5000$. So don’t worry about wasting your money on high prices and fewer services; as these best massage chairs would serve you just rightly. Besides, it just about looking in the right direction, and you’d surely end up finding the best options that fit your need.

Best Massage Chairs Under 5000$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Ananda Massage Chair 46.5 x 30.3 x 47.2 inches 194 pounds

Check Price

RELAXONCHAIR MK-CLASSIC 55 x 32 x 49 inches 240 Pounds Check Price
Shiatsu Massage Chair N/A 200 Pounds Check Price
Recliner Chair 39.8 x 27 x 34 inches 55 Pounds Check Price


Ananda Massage Chair

Ananda Massage Chair

This Ananda Massage Chair by Global Relax serves as a highly comfortable and classy looking beige colored home appliance option for you and your family while being an easy and attractive fit for your living room and/or bedroom.

It comes with a 2d system with 4 different massaging heads to add a variety of comforting massage experience. Also, it has a massage system that consists of an ergonomic movement of rollers in an S-shape, a maximum length of 73cm, and 3 different width adjustment options; all allowing you to have a highly comfortable experience according to your desire.

This Ananda Massage Chair serves you and your family in muscle fatigue, making it the perfect for reducing leg and foot pain. Additionally, it assures a reduction of stress levels for the user too.

It comes with 7 different automatic programs to provide you with smart and advanced usage ease. These programs include; complete/full neck and shoulders massage, plus back and waist massage, comfort massage and convenience massage, pain relief massage, and fatigue recovery massage. Other than that, this efficient home appliance also allows you to avail of three manual massage programs, i.e. complete, partial, and fixed points. These manual massage programs can be availed at five speeds.

The portable wheels of this Ananda Massage Chair provide you and all your family members the complete relaxation and ease of moving the chair easily – anywhere anytime.

You can easily enjoy five main relax massaging modes from this massage chair according to your mental and physical needs, and then let the chair do its magical job. These modes include Shiatsu therapy, Kneading, Flapping, Tapping, and Simultaneous Kneading/Flapping Massage.

To serve you with smart and highly advanced usage ease, this chair comes with an option to save at least three massage programs in its memory. Hence, there’s no need to set it all over again on every massage time.

With the help of the English user manual that comes along with this powerful massage chair, anyone can easily understand the working and functioning of this smart home appliance.

It also includes an airbag massage with 1 injector, 5 valves, and 23 airbags cushions spread around the lower back, buttocks, and legs position. With this, you can enjoy a vibrating massage in the seat, while being able to adjust the intensity of the vibration. As a result, you can experience the most comforting and relaxing massage through this smart appliance.

Pros Cons
Can automatically verify shoulder’s position Available in just beige color
Easy moving portable wheels
Comfortable making
Sturdy product


This Ananda Massage Chair serves as one of the most catchy, smart, and comforting massage chairs that serve you indefinitely in terms of results and outlook.





This MK-CLASSIC RELAXONCHAIR Massage Chair has a highly appealing and decent brown outlook that makes it a perfect fit for any room interior.

With the help of its intelligent body scanning technology and long L-track, you can be sure to avail an experience of contouring your back and glides from the lower skull to the buttocks – serving you with great comfort.

This RELAXONCHAIR Chair comes as a fully assembled home appliance that lets you enjoy complete comfort and usage ease right from the very minute you set it on a specific place in your home.

The air massage system of this chair is located in arms and shoulders, calves, and feet; in a quantity of total 42 airbags. Also, its heat therapy system lets your muscles and joints avail an increased blood circulation ease; while being able to recover from the pain and aches faster.

This smart home appliance includes an enhanced foot roller that rolls forward and backward while soothing your sole and heel completely. Additionally, it also includes a three-level intensity/speed control of air pressure and back massage, which lets you adjust it according to your body’s needs.

The presence of a one-hand backlit remote control with this massage chair lets you easily control your massage even in low light or dark conditions.

It allows you to enjoy a massage for continuously 30 minutes, giving you complete comfort and ease of getting rid of all your stresses and body aches. Also, the presence of a reclined or zero gravity position system in this massage chair lets you take a short nap on the chair after the massage is over – without any interruption.

With the help of the footrest extension of this RELAXONCHAIR Massage Chair, you can easily adjust the footrest of the chair according to your height.

The presence of 3 stages zero gravity positions, 7 auto programs with full manual massage controls, and the adjustable shoulder airbags height adjustment feature of this smart home appliance; all allow you to avail a soothing, highly reliable, and smart user experience out of this power appliance – right according to your height and massage needs.

To ensure that this massage chair is built with high quality and strong components, this massage chair consists of carefully selected parts that are efficiently crafted by the expert technicians. As a result, it can surely serve you as an effective massage chair for a long time; while being able to easily carry weight up to 300 lbs.

Pros Cons
Advanced comfort with zero gravity position The foot rollers can be bit hard
Arrives fully assembled
Have numerous massage settings
Maximum weight capacity 300 Pounds


This RELAXONCHAIR Massage Chair serves as one of the most reliable home appliances that let you set from several massaging options while being able to avail setting, usage, and height adjustability ease.



Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

This Zero Gravity Electric Massage Chair has a shiny, classy, and enriching outlook that doesn’t just please the eye, but also enhances the rooms overall charm.

Since this is a zero gravity massage chair, it ensures that your feet are at the same level as your heart to minimize the strain of gravity and fully support your neck, back, and lumbar. With this technology, you are sure to feel weightless while being able to eliminate the back pain that annoys you.

With the help of the 4 warm massaging rollers and their combined working with other components, you can surely enjoy a completely relaxing and soothing massage. As a result, this can let your heart relax while comforting your head, neck and shoulder, waist, legs, and back altogether.

This Zero Gravity Electric Chair comes with airbags that are located in the place of the buttocks, thighs, and calves. These airbags combine with the heat therapy o this smart appliance and serve you with an increased blood circulation that lets you recover with muscle and joint pain faster.

Also, the presence of multiple airbags for your hip and waistline, and on the sides as well as the back of your legs; all inflate and serve you with a highly soothing compression massage.

With the presence of seven massage modes including; kneading, knocking, rack, tapping, shiatsu, air pressure, and heating; you are sure to experience diverse functioning ease with this efficient home appliance.

The 2 preset massage programs serve you with completely different massage methods while serving you with the most comfortable and soothing experience. Both these programs also include a special stretching program for the entire body. Additionally, you also get 3 different speed control levels to choose and set from. However, if you want to control your massage according to your own needs then you can choose the manual massage functions.

It comes with a smart design that makes the rollers glide from the upper back to downwards of the seat. As a result, you can enjoy an extremely quiet massage experience that adds more comfort and relaxation to your massage.

Since the control panel of this chair is designed on the armrest, you can be sure to conveniently operate it while sitting and relaxing on the chair.

Furthermore, the addition of built-in speakers that support Bluetooth connectivity lets you enjoy your massage time with your favorite track. Also, with the help of the USB plug, you can easily charge your phone, tablet, and any other electronic device; all at the comfort of staying at your set and enjoying your massage.

Pros Cons
Advanced technology relaxes your heart Has a heavyweight making
Has a solid making
Best product in the market


This Zero Gravity Electric Massage Chair is a highly preferable massage chair for the people who have constant stress and high-heart rate issues; as this smart home appliance doesn’t only lets your body and muscles relax, but it also ensures that your heart is also relaxing throughout the session.



Bestmessage store Recliner chair

Bestmessage store Recliner chair

This recliner chair by best massage has a sleek modern design that gives it an aesthetic appeal whether you place it in your room or your office. Beyond mere aesthetics, the chair is quite sturdy as it is upholstered with polyurethane leather which also makes it spill-proof and easy to clean.

Its legs and frame are engineered with high-grade hardwood that increases both the stability and overall build quality.

The chair weighs few pounds that is why its position can be changed easily inside the house or office without much effort and the installation process is also quick and easy which doesn’t discourage one from taking it on road trips or vacations as the back part of the chair clicks into position and then all you need to do is screw on the legs and connect the power cable and then you are good to go in just 2 minutes or so.

The maximum weight it can hold is 275 lbs./124 Kg and the remote has 8 levels of vibration that you can choose from and 2 massage points that are positioned in a way to provide comfort and relax your back.

Considering the recliner has a range of motion from 110 to 160 degrees, the vibration and massage functions would be great for any activity whether it’s lying down for a rest after a hard day at work, just relaxing while reading a newspaper or even while gaming. Overall, it’s definitely worth buying as it offers great value and will be sure to keep you relaxed and help alleviate your back pains.

Pros Cons
Sleek design and great build quality Not suited for people over 6.4 feet tall
Comfy materials designed for comfort Not suited for heavyweights (>275 Lbs.)
Portability and ease of installation
8 levels of vibration


This entire massage chair is pretty amazing if you are looking for good message chair in good price, as it offers all the basic massage options to keep your body relaxed.



Final Verdict:

A massage chair can be the most effective a beneficial home appliance for everyone especially if you’re someone who faces frequent muscle pains in your body. Also, since these chairs focus on keeping you relaxed and relieved from the body pain and ache.

So to help you make just the right decision, these above mentioned best massage chairs are surely going to help you experience the most relaxing and soothing sessions – while also being in your budget. So what are you waiting for? Just go and get the best one according to your needs!


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