How Do You Take Care of a DSLR Lens?

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How Do You Take Care of a DSLR Lens?

To actually put your high investments in the photography business, all you should be concerned about is taking care of all camera equipment’s to get best results out. This care is extra important if you are using delicate and lightweight camera lens.

It is just through the use of best camera lens with which you can add uniqueness and excellent impact in your final photo. And for that sake, you need to invest in a best quality of lens for your DSLR camera. But sometimes over a regular use of DSLR camera, your lens might start facing some dust issues after which they require a proper cleanliness and maintenance.

Let’s teach you how you can make it possible!

Tips to Follow for Taking Care of DSLR Lens:

  1. For cleaning camera bag, you should always use a clean damp cloth. This is much useful when you are about to change the lenses. Use a light cloth for wiping the dust away from lens before you remove or replace it.
  2. Always put a camera cap on the lens when you are not using the camera.
  3. For cleaning or washing your lens, always use the solution and brushes which are especially available in the cleaning kit.
  4. You should not be using the generic solutions for cleaning the camera filter. Always use the solutions which are especially meant for the camera lenses and filters. Generic cleaners can harm the lenses and filters with some scratches.
  5. Always place the camera inside the bag or the casing with which your camera won’t be able to get in direct contact with sunlight. Heating radiators can damage your camera lens even more. Avoid storing the camera bag in a damp room.
  6. You should also store the camera lens filter properly. Make the use of plastic containers which has a hard side. During travel, you should use both soft case and hard case for the filters. Hard case is best for storing the lenses and soft case is excellent for carrying the filters.
  7. If you are living near the sea or the humid places, always put an investment to buy digital cabinets. Digital cabinets are helpful in protecting the camera lens against any damage or scratches.

How to Clean DSLR Lenses?

  • Make sure you release the camera lens very gently. On the basis of the camera type you are using, you have to release the button for further functioning.
  • Use the blower and gentle blow away any dust or dirt on surface of the lens.
  • For applying lens fluid, use a cleaning tissue.
  • Be gentle when wiping the lens. You should wipe it in the direction towards the center area of lens.
  • Re-attach the lens back into camera very slowly.
  • When you are not using the camera, just cover the lens with a lens cap.

Giving your camera lens a proper care and maintenance will eventually increase the durability and its high value. And this will give you some amazing results when photographing images or videos.


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