How Does A Range Hood Work?

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How Does A Range Hood Work?

Range hoods are known to be electrical kitchen appliances that help in eliminating the hot and smelly gases that are produced in the kitchen. This kitchen appliance is mounted on the cooktop and comes in different designs and types. The two main range hoods are ducted and ductless. Now both of them are quite common and demanded, but they are different in their work.

So a ducted range hood simply takes out all the hot gases from your kitchen and lets the fresh and cold air inside. Whereas, the ductless range hood recirculates the hot gases in your kitchen, and makes the atmosphere bearable. However, the working of each range hood is determined by the parts it consists of. As each of the parts of a range hood works in cleaning the kitchen air effectively.

Now let’s go ahead and discover the different parts present in a range hood, and how they work in cleaning the air of your kitchen.

The Range Hood Parts and Their Working:

Electric Fans:

Electric fans are a part of all types of range hoods, no matter what type of design they have. These electric fans present in all range hoods simply blow hot gases from the cooktop. As a result, when the range hood is turned on, this electric fan starts to turn and all the hot gases and smoke is sucked inside the range hood.


The task of a duct in a ducted range hood is to simply direct the heat and gases outside the house from the cooktop. This is the second step in terms of the working of a ducted range hood, as the duct eliminates the hot gases that are sucked by the electric fan of the range hood. These ducts are either made of stainless steel or with PVC; following their mounting requirements.


The lights or lighting of a range hood are more commonly present in the advanced range hoods. This lighting addition allows you to easily light up the cooking space, and ensure that your food is being cooked in bright and proper lights. As a result, you don’t only get to cook better, but you can also save a lot on the kitchen lighting bills.


The filters in your range hood play the part of trapping the smoke and grease particles, from the hot gases that are sucked by the electric fan. As a result, these filters help to keep your stove and cooktop clean and tidy.

Now to make sure that the air in the surrounding of our kitchen is clean and healthy, you must make sure to clean these filters every three months. This would assure a better and prolonged service by the filters.

Operating Switch:

All of the range hoods come with an operating or selection switch that lets you turn the range hood on/off, control its working speed, and specifically manage the lightings in it. But when it comes to the old and modern range hood models, you might find that the old ones have its operating switch integrated on them as a manual selector switch panel.

Whereas, the newer range hood models come with an operating remote that makes it smooth and versatile to control the appliance.


In terms of understanding the working of a range hood, it is based on the different types, models, and designs of range hoods that are available in the market. However, each one of it is designed in terms of providing you a fresh and clean kitchen atmosphere.


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