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Like every appreciable hobby, metal detecting is an activity that is used by treasure hunters and archeologists to find metallic items, such as coins, jewelry, and many other artifacts buried beneath the surface. There is nothing more exciting than discovering an artifact that was lost hundreds or even thousands of years ago. We have compiled some of the best metal detectors for artifacts in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Many private and public relic hunting sites are open for detecting artifacts. So you’ll need to consider several hallmarks in picking out a metal detector to use for relic hunting. You should always select a detector that features the best ground balance control. This feature will permit you to filter out the obtrusion from the minerals by maintaining good sensitivity to a huge variety of relics.

The next hallmark that you should consider is the frequency of the metal detector. A variety of relics is produced from brass, iron, and steel and is difficult to find with the wrong frequency. Therefore, you must consider a metal detector with a lower frequency, as it will more easily take up these targets than a detector with a higher frequency. Furthermore, a pinpointing control on your metal detector is also needed to consider. This feature will permit you to easily zero in on your target for rapid recovery.

The next step in selecting the best instrument for detecting artifacts is to make sure that you are well accessorized. Yes, this is essential and you’ll need a good set of metal detecting headphones.

They let you hear the deepest and oldest relics for the best detecting of an artifact. Further, they also switch off your detector’s external speaker and block out external sound. This feature will vaguely extend the battery life on your detector.

Moreover, you should consider a fair digger to recover your relics. Also, you must keep in mind that some targets might be fully deep or large, so always be careful when digging up artifacts as you might come across some quite sharp-edged objects. In this regard, you must consider a metal detector that offers the best quality digging tool for all types of detecting artifacts.

The final step in selecting the best metal detector for artifacts is to consider a search coil or an accessory coil. You should consider a detector with a larger search coil, as it can detect the deeper you want.

There are many various types of artifacts in the ground waiting to turn out, but searching for the best metal detector to locate them is one of the daunting tasks. Hence, it is difficult to know which metal detector is the best one for your needs as there are so many models and brands in the market. But wait! No worries at all! This article will help you quickly find the best metal detector for artifacts.

Best Metal Detector for Artifacts (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Garrett Ace 400 22 x 15 x 6 inches 5.48 Pounds

Check Price

Garrett ACE 300 22 x 11 x 6 inches 5.13 Pounds Check Price
Nat Geo PRO Series 7.5 x 4.5 x 22.5 inches 2.3 Pounds Check Price
Sigma Detector 34 x 20 x 7 inches 3.3 Pounds Check Price


Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 400

The Garrett ACE 400 is the perfect choice in this regard. It is a widely popular series and is in the top of the line model. Let’s check it out!

The ACE 400 has a huge range of features having notch discrimination, digital target ID, iron Audio, and a lightweight design. It comes with a frequency of 10 kHz that gives the best sensitivity to low and medium conductivity targets, like lead and gold.

The frequency adjustment feature of this metal detector permits users to easily switch between frequency shifts to help abolish obtrusion from power sources. It offers a small level of adjustment that is useful if you’re hunting in a group. Further, this frequency level is also best for balancing depth with sensitivity while detecting artifacts.

Moreover, the Garrett ACE 400 comes with four AA batteries which give around 25-hours of search time. Also, there is a continuous battery-level indicator that is a useful feature when detecting artifacts in the field.

Furthermore, this metal detector consists of a three-tone audio system and throws out three peculiar tones depending on the conductivity of the metal. Along with this, the ACE 400 provides a Pulse Width Modulation audio system. It gives you highly responsive audio that is sharper and very easy to use.

One of the unique features of the Garrett ACE 400 is the iron audio and discrimination system. This technology permits you to hear discriminated iron targets, so you can easily adjust the signal range.

Moreover, this metal detector comes with a digital target ID for helping better identify potential targets. In this way, you will get much greater accuracy and waste less time digging unwanted targets.

Next, the Garrett ACE 400 features an 8.5 × 11 waterproof search coil that gives you the best balance between depth and sensitivity. Moreover, it consists of a pinpointing function that helps you in locating targets more precisely.

One of the great things about ACE 400 is that it provides a clear display and control panel and is very easier to use, so you don’t need to spend much time memorizing complex sequences to access its various features.

Pros Cons
New Iron Audio No manual ground balance
Adjustable Frequency
Digital Target ID


Grab the Garrett ACE 400 as it is the most accurate metal detector for artifacts having a light weight design with excellent performance.



Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 300

The Garrett ACE 300 is the best metal detector for artifacts as it holds multiple features that put it on a scale above most entry-level devices for hunting relics.

Its conductivity values make it a perfect metal detector for advanced users detecting gold, jewelry, coins, and shallow water. Let’s move to its features!

The ACE 300 comes with a new 7 × 10 concentric waterproof search coil that provides you with detection depth and additional coverage. It’s 8 kHz higher operating frequency offers better sensitivity to both low and medium conductivity targets such as lead and gold.

Moreover, the new adjustable frequency in this metal detector helps eliminate interference, which is a perfect feature for detecting artifacts.

Further, this metal detector features the digital target ID and segment-based discrimination system that provides you accurate and quick target identification.

The digital target ID measures the conductivity of the object and disposes of its value on the screen such as depth, size, and orientation of the object. In this way, you can easily differentiate between various metals by using this Garrett ACE 300 metal detector.

Furthermore, the enhanced iron detection feature of ACE 300 provides more segments of iron detection and also improves the unit’s ability to separate good targets from trash targets. In addition to this, the metal detector comes with five search modes that work by eliminating specific targets from the target ID scale.

These search modes including no-discrimination, coins, jewelry, custom, and relics. They’ll pick up all types of metals and can identify good targets that are often burying near trash ones.

The best feature you will see in Garrett ACE 300 is that it holds 8 sensitivity adjustments that control the depth of the surface while detecting artifacts.

So, isn’t it incredible? Moreover, the new pinpointing feature helps you perfectly locate the target in the ground and allows for faster recovery of items that you can’t precisely find with the simple metal detector. All you have to do is to switch on this mode, listen for the sharpest audio signal, and look for the greatest number of segments.

Coming next to its features, the Garrett ACE 300 offers high-quality audio for graphics display and target identification that helps you make out what lies beneath the surface while detecting artifacts.

Further, this metal detector comes with the environmental cover-up and headphones that plug into the control box so you can easily concentrate on the tones. Moreover, it includes a Pulse-Width Modulation system that provides more responsive and sharper volume.

Pros Cons
Electronic pinpointing No Iron audio
Digital target ID
Discrimination system


The Garrett ACE 300 is an excellent companion for detectorists looking for artifacts.



National Geographic PRO Series

National Geographic PRO Series

Do you want to enhance your treasure hunting experience? Then, cheers! You’re at the right place! Yes, you can become a treasure hunter by using this National Geographic Pro Series metal detector.

It’s a professional detector that is fully adjustable and easier to use. It comes with advanced technology and powerful searching features that make it a highly operating detector out there.

You can take it to the park, beach, or on a hike and discover treasure everywhere you go! Ok, let’s check it out!

The National Geographic metal detector is fully adjustable and light-weighted with an easy-to-understand LCD that makes it a pro detector for all sizes, ages, and skill levels.

This metal detector has a telescopic design with a comfortable rugged arm strap that secures it to your arm while treasure hunting.

It offers a headphone jack and audio alert system that gives detection and volume adjustment. Further, it consists of 3 search modes that filter out garbage metals and 4 sensitivity modes that detect treasure as deep as 12 inches underground. These search modes can change the discrimination settings and allows you to fine-tune the treasure hunting.

Further, these powerful searching features make you feel the thrill of discovery while locating artifacts such as coins, gold, and jewelry. Further, there is a 10-inch large waterproof coil that is light weighted and makes it easy to transport anywhere. So, we can say that National Geographic PRO Series is a portable yet powerful metal detector for detecting artifacts!

By using this metal detector, you can set the sensitivity level and discrimination system every time you want. It also makes a perfect backup whenever you decide to upgrade down the line.

Moreover, its pinpointing feature helps you to distinguish trash from treasure and makes it precise for locating gold and lead. Further, this PRO series metal detector comes with a control panel having buttons that are easy to navigate.

These buttons include switching of volume, find mode magnifying glass, and sensitivity control. So by using these buttons, you can easily increase or decrease the sound of the metal detector, change the find mode, and increase or decrease the sensitivity. Further, this PRO series comes with an LCD screen that shows a display for battery levels and depth indication.

Moreover, this National Geographic PRO series metal detector welcomes a pinpoint feature that allows you to search a target beneath the surface. The tones and sounds from the metal detector get louder as the target passes under the ground. In this way, this feature can save you a whole heap of time locating the target.

Pros Cons
3 search modes with 4 sensitivity modes Coils are not changeable
Pinpoint function
Portable and easy to use


The National Geographic PRO series metal detector is a perfect choice for beginners who want to become treasure hunters for detecting artifacts.



Ajax detection Sigma metal detector

Ajax detection Sigma metal detector

Ajax detection Sigma metal detector serves as a fully functional and professional device. It features advanced technology and surprising capabilities. In addition, its innovative detection system allows you to detect metal objects underground with great convenience.

You can get a 3D target image with the help of this fantastic device. It has a deep multi-detection system to add to the comfort. This specialized multi-detection system lets you search for treasures and gold to about an 8-meter depth which is impossible for the other devices.

It is possible to use it directly by choosing a random system you see in the main menu. It detects accurately compared to the other instruments. In addition, it tends to shows its outcomes without any delay by responding to the target immediately.

Ajax detection sigma metal detector operates without any trouble and complications. Therefore, folks can use it comfortably. The device possesses a high-definition interface that makes its operation super easy. The interface displays system settings, outcomes, and data perfectly.

Moreover, it is different from other devices that make the search step complex. The product has a return policy and a warranty. The included items are headphone output, main battery with transport frame, main unit and 3 search coils, ideal interfaces and programs, warranty card, and user manual.

It is an effective and modern metal detector in the market. The superior technology of the device permits you to become a professional treasure hunter and archaeologist.

Pros Cons
It works through multi-detection systems It targets both non-precious and precious metals
It has a spectrum analyzer and smart pulse
It can detect non-ferrous objects accurately


Ajax detection sigma metal detector can easily differentiate non-ferrous metals from ferrous items. It is a noise-resistant device that works in extreme situations. It has high-quality construction and the capability to recognize spaces and caves.


Final Verdict:

In many people, the fantasy of searching for buried treasure remains present along with other childhood passions. There is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, just beneath the surface. Having the right metal detector and with some knowledge of history, anyone can locate long-lost coins and old jewelry.

Whether you locate ancient relics or jewelry and coins, metal detecting is a captivating and relaxing hobby and is ideal for anyone who wants to spend time outdoors. As there are many options in the market, from basic beginner options to high-end models when buying a metal detector.

But finding the best one for detecting artifacts is a much difficult task, as you need the right tool for this job. We’ve listed the top best seller’s metal detectors for artifacts.


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