Will Pressure Washer Remove Algae?

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Will Pressure Washer Remove Algae?

Algae may be eliminated using pressure washers with high-pressure nozzles!

If you’ve been considering getting a pressure washer of your own, you may have noticed that the product descriptions talk about using high-pressure nozzles to get rid of difficult stains like algae and mold from concrete and other hard surfaces.

There may be more to this than it first appears to be. You must first comprehend how your pressure washer operates and what criteria affect whether it will be able to successfully remove the algae before you can assess whether you can do so.

This blog will provide some explanations of how pressure washers operate and whether or not they can be used to effectively remove algae from hard surfaces.


Step 1 – Know the type of algae

You must determine whether your algae is developing on walls of the pool or on hard surfaces. If it is growing on concrete, a carport, or a swimming pool, or any other hard surface, you would need to Power Washer with 1600 PSI and 5 GPM.

Know the type of algae


However, if you want the greatest results, you should think about using a pressure washer with at least 2000 PSI and 2.8 GPM. These pressure washers can quickly and easily remove grease and paint scrapes, among other stubborn stains.

After removing all traces of the stain from paint surface or any other hard surface, a pressure washer will also leave a sparkling appearance.


Step 2: Practice using your power washer at its highest setting.

You must use the highest pressure setting on your pressure washer to completely eliminate all traces of black moss. For instance, if your power washer’s PSI is 1,500, you need change it to 4500.

power washer on maximum pressure


Once you have modified your settings, you must get ready to deal with the intense water pressure. Remember that safety glasses are crucial because they shield our eyes from water splashes and/or sharp objects or fragments when we use powerful, high-pressure sprayers in daily activities.


Step 3: Select the appropriate nozzle to clean your surface

Use a pressure washer with a narrow cleaning tip if you’re intending to use it to clean your driveway, siding, or pool. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid using excessive water pressure and perhaps damage items like masonry and driveways.

right nozzle for cleaning your surface


Be mindful of your distance from the surface as well; depending on your model, moving back from six to twelve inches may provide appropriate pressure without posing a risk of damage.


Step 4: Clean up the area rather than starting over.

Even though it seems obvious, scrubbing a small area for an hour will yield greater results than using a power wash for 15 minutes. Keep your deck small if you’re going to pressure wash it.

Instead of inclined or curved surfaces, flat surfaces are preferable for pressure washers to clean. Remember this when cleaning any surface. Choose one section of the house to work on, like the entire deck or sidewalk. Pressure washing for an hour is preferable to sweeping for three hours. However, the power pressure you use is crucial once more.


Step 5: While the surface is still wet, clean off as much as you can.

Use your scraper and plastic scrubbing pad to scour every surface after using your power washer to cover everything. Before beginning step 6 below, make sure all surfaces are dry.

Hurry and wait as little as possible between phases since the more you wait, the more probable it is that some of your work may start to peel off or deteriorate from weathering.

Don’t stress too much if you do need to take a brief break (for example, if it starts to get dark out), just come back outside as soon as you can and finish up for another day. Don’t put things off or procrastinate till tomorrow since time is money.


Step 6: Prior to utilizing chemicals, use water.

Wash surfaces with water first to lower your chance of eating chemicals from power washing. By softening the filth and grime, chemicals will have an easier time lifting it away. When utilizing a pressure washer, always have fresh water on hand.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions before using chemical-based cleaners, and never combine cleaning products with other home items since they could react unexpectedly and emit toxic fumes or other hazardous materials into the air.


Step 7: Take into account using natural and safe items.

When cleaning your gutters, you should also think about utilizing some natural and safe chemicals. If you don’t wear any protective clothes, it’s very crucial for you to apply any skin-safe products.

Numerous cleaning supplies are offered at various retailers and on the internet. Additionally, a lot of producers provide internet shopping for their goods from the comfort of your home. Since some of them offer more advantages than others, it really depends on your preferences which one will work best for you in this situation.


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