Best Boat Covers For Outdoor Storage 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Every boat owner who doesn’t own indoor storage is familiar with the struggles of up-keeping a boat during challenging weather, especially winters. Discoloration, rodent and bird droppings, haunting effects of salt air, snow, dust, or harmful UV rays from the sun are some of the main elements an outdoor boat is exposed to on a daily basis. we have compiled some of the best boat covers for outdoor storage in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Even if your boat is docked under a shed, salt air and moisture build-up over the years can cause damage and an early deterioration of your boat.

Protect the value of your boat for an extended life, just by covering it up with a cover. Innocent animals, leaves, or even pollen in pollen season are a threat to your boat’s appearance and performance. Investing in the right boat cover is not as easy as it may seem. You need to get the exact size that will cover every part of your boat and its contents.

Now you can get the universal type of boat cover or a customized fit that will embrace your boat perfectly protecting it all year round. A boat cover that is dedicated to a certain boat is tailored according to its measurements so it’s not hard to strap or store, whereas universal ones require much more strapping.

The best boat cover for outdoor storage is one that can withstand wind, water, sun, and sharp objects, one that is made of heavy-duty material that won’t rip off easily. This is when the price factor weighs in, but you don’t have to go for the unnecessarily expensive ones when there are plenty of options, way better and much more pocket friendly.

Keeping that in mind, we have researched and picked some of the best boat covers for outdoor storage that will certify that your boat shines in all its glory year after year. Boat covers work better when they are paired with supporting poles, these poles prevent water from pooling and potentially flooding your boat. Another useful feature that helps to prevent moisture retention is air vents in the boat’s cover.

This allows moisture to escape and prevent any nasty molds from nesting in. A quality seal and sufficient straps make sure the cover is not blown off by the stormy wind. An ideal boat cover will have strong fast-release buckles and high-quality, strong, and adjustable straps for a nicely secured boat.

Pick a boat cover that can easily be enclosed in a carriage/storage bag so that when it’s not in use, your boat cover is still safe and ready for the next use. You’re in luck! Because we have already picked out the best ones for you.

Best Boat Covers For Outdoor Storage (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Budge B-1201-X6 264 x 106 x 1 inches 14.5 Pounds

Check Price

Budge B-1241-X8 312 x 106 x 1 inches 22.5 Pounds Check Price
Budge 600 B- 621-X8 N/A 14.5 Pounds Check Price
Budge B-1231-X8 312 x 106 x 1 inches 22.5 Pounds Check Price


Budge B-1201-X6

Budge B-1201-X6

Budge B-1202-6 is a premium quality boat cover designed and manufactured with perfection to shield your boat from all kinds of weather.

The material used is 100% waterproof and machine-woven 1200 denier polyester which is highly durable and will endure anything mother nature has to throw at it.

This polyester all-weather protection boat cover is strong enough to withstand snow, dust, rain, dirt, leaves, tree sap and twigs, bird droppings, pollen, animals, and other forces of nature. An excellent UV protection will prevent the premature fading on your boat.

The 1200 Denier thick polyester fiber will endure heavy rains, storms, or driving winds but also ensure there remains no moisture trapped under covers.

Moisture is the root of multiple problems, and that is why the cover is equipped with pockets and vents to help moisture and mist escape.

Otherwise rust, condensation, mold, and mildew can destroy your boat slowly and entirely. The superior air circulation, taped seams, and secure design make Budge B-1201-6 the best boat cover for outdoor storage.

A full elastic hem and sewn-in straps and buckles keep the cover securely in its place for a snug fit making it exceptionally durable against winds or storms, especially during trailer use. Budge boat covers come in multiple fitment types that will fit center console v-hull boats, skiff, deck boats, or lower profile flat front ones.

The cover is flexible and elastic enough to withstand a little pulling too, you can pull to tightly fit it on your boat and leave no spot uncovered without having to worry about tearing the cover.

Moreover, the covers weigh not too lightweight to fly away with the wind and not too heavy that it requires an army to take it on or off and pack. The perfect size and weight!

When the cover is not in use you can easily pack it inside a storage bag that comes along with the cover.

Pros Cons
100% waterproof and UV rays resistant Not very friendly with trailering
Designed to keep the boat tightly secured
1200 denier polyester protects against natural elements outdoors


A great investment, everything a good quality long lasting boat cover must-have, Budge B-1201-X6 offers them at a great price point. Worth the money!



Budge B-1241-X8

Budge B-1241-X8

Budge B-1241-X8 is another boat cover by Budge Industries who claim and deliver high-quality to protect your pride and joy.

The Budge Sportsman 1200 Denier boat cover can fit v-hull fishing boats, center console v-hull boats, lower profile flat, and center profile front deck boats or skiffs.

These multiple fitment types combined with incredible tools to keep all the disastrous elements of nature away, make Budge B-1241-X8 the best boat cover for outdoor storage.

This boat cover is made up of 1200 denier polyester and is a 100% waterproof material that will protect your boat parked outdoors from rain, dust, dirt, bird and tree droppings, snow, heavy wind, and pollen.

Often we neglect to look for one very important feature while buying covers and that is UV rays! UV rays from the sun can prove to be extremely harmful to the boat’s exterior if exposed for a long time and cause fading of color. Budge B-1241-X8 has excellent UV protection quality that won’t let sunrays harm your beloved investment.

Another bane to a resting boat’s existence is moisture. A cover without vents can cause an accumulation of condensation and resultantly lets moisture set in to invite rust, mold, and mildew to the party. And we all know what this party means! The reinforced waterproof seams and sewn-in pockets make condensation escape quickly.

This boat cover has been designed to perfection, it can fit your boat as tightly as you’d like because of the elastic hem and a custom-like design. These elasticized hems and sewn-in top and bottom straps and buckles make sure the cover stays in its place, hence making the boat securely covered at all times from outdoor surprises.

Machine woven 1200 Denier polyester is made to endure driving winds and heavy rains, that come and go ever so often in these areas. The durability and strength of the boat cover determine if it’s going to last a long time or tear up after a month, but this shouldn’t be your concern with the Budge boat cover.

Pros Cons
100% waterproof and UV repellent material for excellent protection Hard buckles
1200 Denier polyester fixable with top and bottom buckles/straps
Custom-like design to fit multiple boat types


Budge B-1241-X8 is the best choice for anyone who has to keep their boat docked outdoors open to nature.



Budge 600 B-621-X8

Budge 600 B-621-X8

Hard top/T-Top boats require a special cover tailored specifically to fit it. The Budge Sportsman 600 Denier boat cover guarantees superior all-weather protection from snow, cold, water, wind, leaves, and animals who might be interested in exploring the boat life.

The thick 600 denier fabric is strong yet appropriately flexible covers the whole boat along with all its contents to make sure nothing damages your boat docked outdoors.

We can easily declare Budge 600 B-621-X8 to be the best boat cover for outdoor storage because of the marine-grade protection it offers. Be it rain, wind, snow, bird dropping, pollen, tree sap, or leaves, the waterproof polyester makes sure none of it screws with your boat.

You can tow your boat outdoors without a single worry when you have Budge boat cover on it. With UV and heat protection quality, this boat cover is perfect for any weather. It won’t let water or snow pool up due to the smartly engineered design.

Moreover, the cover is tailored to prevent condensation from accumulating under the cover. The breathability of a boat cover is very essential as it lets air in and prevents moisture from locking inside. Moisture is the root of mold, rust, and mildew which can reduce your boat’s life and performance by half.

Hence, multiple pockets and vents in Budge 600 make sure your boat is safe from such humidity-induced problems. Sewn-in straps enable a snug fit which is further enhanced by a heavy shock cord hem. Buckles are also sewn in and come in handy when trailering the boat.

A storage bag stores your boat cover when it is not in use, the weight and design of the cover play an important role in how doable this task is, or is it just another hassle. Budge 600 B-621-X8 is the perfect weight due to the 600-denier polyester material which easily comes on or off without a hassle.

Pros Cons
600 denier polyester waterproof cover Not good for trailering
Semi-custom fit with heavy-duty shock cord hem
Breathable and secure


Budge Sportsman B-621-X8 provides marine grade protection from sun, water, and other disasters. Perfect for outdoor boats.



Budge B-1231-X8

Budge B-1231-X8

Looking for the best boat cover for outdoor storage? A boat cover that won’t let your boat be exposed to and affected by harmful sun, rain, or snow and the water itself? well, look no further as Budge Industries is on a mission to make boats safe and sound even when docked outdoors open in nature.

Made from 100% waterproof base and 1200 denier machine-woven polyester make sure and guarantee full protection from rain, dust, dirt, snow, tree sap, tree leaves, pollen, bird droppings, and other environmental factors that contribute towards permanent damage of a standing boat.

The extraordinary UV protection allows no harmful sun rays to get to the upholstery and cause fading. Moreover, the waterproof material of these boat covers means your boat stays waterproof and dry from outside as well as inside.

Air vents have been sewn-in to let air pass inside the cover and prevent condensation from accumulating inside.

If there are no vents in the boat cover the accumulated moisture leads to molds, rusting, and mildew formation. It’s the design and smartly tailored fit that caught our eye in the B-1231-X8 model.

Talking about the design, the elasticized hem can be stretched if needed and the sewn-in straps and buckles at the top and bottom of the cover helps to keep it in one place securely.

No matter how stormy the winds or rain gets, the cover won’t budge from its place. Helpful in trailering and outdoor usage. This custom-like design boat cover can cover center console V-hull boats perfectly.

Taped seams and pockets keep the cover breathable and the insides of the boat dry at all times. This is an extremely important feature all boat covers must possess because if dampness and humidity are not taken care of they can end up being the sole cause of your investment’s early and irreparable damage.

Pros Cons
1200 denier polyester, waterproof boat cover During the heavy monsoon rains the water pools up on the cover
Taped seams, sewn-in vents
Elasticized hem


Budge B-1231-X8 is waterproof, sun-proof, and everything harmful proof! Making it the best cover for outdoor storage.



Final Verdict:

Covering a boat becomes a necessity if it is docked outdoors as there are a million elements that can damage your boat out in the open. Then choosing the durable boat cover that is the right fit for your boat is another hassle.

There is an overwhelming number of options and features on these. We understand! And we bring you some recommendations from the best in the market. Give them a read and get your new boat cover today!!


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