Best Motherboards For Beginners 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

A motherboard is a basically printed circuit board also known as PCB which is the backbone of a setup as it allows a number of components of a computer to communicate through it as it has different connectors for many various components like the CPU, GPU, RAM, and ROM, etc.

The motherboard is a very crucial element in all computational devices from desktops to mobile phones, however, you will only need to invest in a motherboard which is made for desktops as the other devices do not allow easy swapping of their motherboards.

However, if you generally look at the motherboard it consists of various circuits, capacitors, slots, transistors, connectors, heat sinks and so many other combinations of components that lets you route signals and power throughout the PC overall. In this regard, we have compiled some of the best motherboards for beginners in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

A motherboard also allows you to connect external component which you might require. Whatsoever, a motherboard is a complex and detailed product that cannot be confined in a one-word description.

Nevertheless, these details are crucial to make a decision for investing in a motherboard that suits your needs. Especially in such developing times, technologies like motherboards are forever evolving, making it increasingly vital to pick a motherboard that caters to your and your computer’s special needs. therefore, a motherboard is a long-term investment so make sure you invest in something that can work perfectly for a longer period of time.

With so many options in the market, investing in the right product can get challenging. Particularly for those aiming to build a new gaming PC, for which discovering the top gaming motherboard is a key step which is usually ignored by the beginners which causes them to regret later.

For better understanding, think of your personal computer as a set of puzzles, so you need to find the best components that fit well with each other. Therefore, anyone who’s looking to construct their computers from scratch or anyone who’s willing to upgrade their already built personal computers than after selecting an appropriate CPU, the next component you should be investing in is a motherboard.

The motherboard is the foundation of any set up as it lets you determine which components like processors and rams that you will need next and which one you must choose that goes well with the board.

Therefore, to make the task less daunting, let’s break down the process of selecting your motherboard into smaller more convenient steps in the following list by taking a look at some of the best motherboards in the market for beginners.

Best Motherboards For Beginners (Comparison)

Name Dimensiosn Weight
GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Xtreme 15 x 12.25 x 5.08 inches 9.86 pounds

Check Price

GIGABYTE TRX40 AORUS Xtreme 15 x 12.25 x 5.08 inches 8.82 pounds Check Price
MSI MEG Z490 godlike 12 x 10.7 x 2 inches 6 Pounds Check Price
GIGABYTE C246M-WU4 10.62 x 10.55 x 2.67 inches 3.3 Pounds Check Price




Gigabyte’s X570 Aorus Xtreme motherboards feature the AMD X570 Chipset which delivers full support for 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Processors. This latest design is proof of Gigabyte’s devotion to providing top class design quality.

To provide users with excellent performance, this motherboard promises an amazing set of features I.e. support for PCIe 4.0 and Type C USB interfaces on its board along with refined audio, high speed of Ethernet, and up-to-date standard of WIFI design to ensure your smooth experience with the maximum full system performance.

It also comes with advanced power and thermal design which fully exposes users to the amazing performance on AMD Ryzen 3000-series Processors.

Therefore, this motherboard is suited for users who want to build the finest AMD platform gaming set up as it maximizes your computer’s compatibility with AMD StoreMI technology.

As the StoreMI technology fast-tracks the regular storing devices to cut boot times and improve the general user experience. This also offers SSD performance with HDD capacity and also makes the user experience fast and smooth by letting users access their main files as it familiarizes itself with the user’s computing patterns.

Furthermore, this motherboard consists of an amazing power design to let users experience the full potential of the 3rd Generation of AMD Ryzen CPU with stunning design capabilities and amazing components.

Therefore, to maintain the stability of CPU, Chipset, and SSD, this motherboard employee a ground-breaking thermal architecture whilst maintaining low temperatures when the pc is under full loading application.

This incredible motherboard also offers all next-generation network, storage, and WIFI connectivity. A Leading product such as X570 Aorus Xtreme needs to be future-proof to ensure the up-to-date performance of your setup.

Along with its high-quality manufacture and durable exterior, this motherboard comprises of the best components on the market as all its slots can be reinforced and built with solid armor design. The armor is quite a thoughtful option for the exterior design as it helps you to remove and detach its parts to hide its ports and shift connectors without the help of any exterior 90-angle adapters.

This cleverly designed beast is therefore on the heavier side where the weight is concerned as it is constructed with even distribution of metal and armor design to make it perfectly durable yet beautiful.

Not just the amazing X570 Aorus Xtreme has a durable and solid design but also a pretty good audio signaling process as it sends undistorted signals through its digital to analog converter to support high impedance.

Moreover, its audiophile graded capacitor along with the gold-plated audio jack confirms the uninterrupted audio deliverance. It also comes with amazing Audio Signal Optimization as the WIMA Capacitors provide clear and well-composed sounds along with the TXC Oscillator which delivers accurate time triggers for digital to analog Conversions.

Furthermore, this beast also supports numerous amazingly useful and user-friendly software which lets you manage and control every single feature of the motherboard.

It is also known as one of the most top motherboards for providing extreme overclocking rates by fitting in the complete heatsink system within its built to provide a heat pipe to each and every component that requires cooling.

Pros Cons
16 Phases Infineon Digital VRM Might be pricey for some beginners
The 90-degree base configuration of the 24-pin connector
Effective cooling System


This motherboard by Gigabyte is a perfect blend of innovation and practicality which provides extreme performance without the need to worry about its components getting overheated.

Therefore, if you have the budget then investing in it is one of the smartest and future-proof decisions as it provides splendid features, and overclocking processor, and beautifully built design.





The GIGABYTE TRX40 Aorus Xtreme is packed with features and components whilst supporting a unique design. With the power supply and cooling at the forefront, this motherboard offers a substantial 16+3 phase Infineon digital PWM controller which delivers the CPU and SOC with up to 70A of current/phase.

Whereas, the cooling system is made available using a pair of finned heatsinks which is connected using a heat pipe.

Another amazing feature this PCB has to offer is its impressive angled connectors located on the side of the board consisting of 5 fan headers, all SATA ports, 24-pin ATX connector, USB 3.0 headers, and sundry proprietary connectors as well.

It also consists of 4 PCIe and SATA powered four-port M.2 expansion card which means that it enables you to store up to four PCIe M.2 SSDs in a detachable enclosure whereas all four of them being cooled by a thermal pad attached to the lower heatsink below them unlike the rest of the board which is cooled by means of the overhead fan and a large heatsink system.

This elegant motherboard has a tidy and clean looking brushed metal exterior with a full coverage backplate, which helps to shield the back of the motherboard and also helps to cool the VRMs.

The motherboard is also consisting of integrated power and reset buttons, as well as a traditional defusing RGB, LED light strip laid between the board and the back-plate. It also consists of a practical rear I/O panel, which is jam-packed with Gigabyte’s USB BIOS Flashback, a CMOS clear button plus seven Type-A USB 3.1 ports.

On top of all that, this beast also provides faster networking as it comprises of an Intel X550-AT2 10-Gigabit controller powering both of the LAN ports whilst delivering you 802.11ax WIFI.

Pros Cons
Brilliant performance and storage Less warranty
Amazing built quality with Sleek design
Great sound


The Aorus Xtreme Gigabyte TRX40 bears sleek looks, bulletproof architecture, the incredible M.2 expansion slot, a thermal pad, and heatsinks along with a complete 16-phase power supply. It is potentially one of the most suitable motherboards that will benefit both pros and beginners alike.



MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE Gaming Motherboard


Most of the time high-end motherboards tend to get quite expensive, however with a PCB like the MSI MEG Z490 godlike you’re offered a beginner’s friendly budget and high-quality performance as well as some amazing features especially if you have the intel components.

Given that this PCB has a name for itself of being the best Z490 board on the market, its price tag seems much more justifiable. It comes with excellent thermal solutions, easy installation, amazing overclocking performance, and even diagnostic solutions all that with a solid build.

Furthermore, godlike is the best and the latest model that MSI has to offer, therefore, it offers almost everything that a top-notch PCB has.

This motherboard supports 10th Gen Intel Core/ Pentium Celeron processors for LGA 1200 socket and offers DDR4 Memory, up to 5000(OC) MHz and its Networking derives from the flagship 10G Aquantia LAN, or the Realtek RTL8125B 2.5G LAN, or 802.11ax Wi-Fi which offers the best online experience by removing lag.

You are also offered dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, a varied collection of M.2 mounts, with added PCIe card for RAID M.2. This PCB Express card delivers 2 additional M.2 slots along with a smart fan cooling system to enhance and increase your storage size with maximized speed. Furtherly, it has a dynamic dashboard II with a Built-in colorful OLED screen panel which highlights the Godlike aesthetics.

Moreover, this remarkable PCP has an extreme power design with INTERSIL digital PWM and 16+1+1 phases with 90A Smart Power Stage and dual CPU power connectors along with high-class Mirrored Power Arrangement to give a free rein to your processors.

Along with the exciting power design, it also provides an outstanding cooling solution with a stacked fin array and VRM heat pipe and heatsink system installed within it to ensure maximum performance with the lowest temperatures.

This godlike PCB is a visual standout due to MSI’s Dynamic Dashboard, which is a small monochrome LED panel located alongside the RAM slots. You can manage the panel to even display a customized 256×64-pixel image of your choice. However, to display the premium and stylish visuals it is necessary that you have a PC case with a transparent side panel.


While the MSI MEG X570 Godlike has many exclusive features and exotic visuals along with cool add-ons, all of this included really justifies the price tag that it comes with.

Overall, it is safe to say that MSI’s MEG Godlike model boards have been made for everybody from extreme gamers to XOC fanatics. This model is meant to deliver the up-to-date and greatest feature sets that the manufacturers can place on their PCB.



Gigabyte C246M-WU4

Gigabyte C246M-WU4

The C246M-WU4 server motherboard comes with an LGA1151 socket for connecting it to your CPU. It is compatible with new series microprocessors namely Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium for upgraded execution. Further, you can use it with 8th and 9th generation Xeon E processors.

This Gigabyte motherboard has DDR4 RAM technology and Intel C246 chipset type. The quad-core ECC and Non-ECC memory slots are also there to provide extra memory to increase your data transfer speed for enhanced performance.

The error checking and correcting feature will let your motherboard detect any errors in the memory and correct them automatically.

Multiple PCI-E slots are available for connecting your external devices with it to create the extra working ability to your PC. The SATA sockets on this server motherboard offer efficient bus and external storage devices communication.

For other expansion cards, M.2 slots can also be seen on this amazing motherboard. The dual Intel gigabyte Ethernet is additionally there to give accessibility to local area networks effectively for greater data transfer speeds.

Gigabyte is best known for its motherboard series, and upgraded tools at a reasonable price. They provide the best quality products and charge you less. Further, you don’t need to worry about mal-functioning of the motherboard as they are tested really well.

Pros Cons
SATA3 ports Can’t support generation below 8
Great value to money
Future compatibility


This gigabyte server motherboard is made by taking storage, future processor compatibility, and peripheral connection needs into account for greater impact.



Final Verdict:

The motherboard is a vital part of any computer. Especially, if you are one of the gaming enthusiasts you would identify how crucial a quality motherboard is for playing games without having to experience lags due to the low processing speed of the motherboard. Gaming motherboards can enhance your gaming experience to the next level particularly with the additional graphics and audio quality.

An excellent motherboard for extreme gaming and processing must not overheat, therefore such motherboards are always equipped with the best thermal solutions and heatsinks which might eventually increase their prices, but at the end of the day, it is a necessity of all extreme gaming and processing users so that they have an uninterrupted and smooth experience.

Therefore, all beginners and experts would agree that you have to invest on a PCB that is not only customizable to your needs but also provides amazing overclocking rates whilst keeping the temperature of its component the lowest.


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