Best Garage Door Opener for Alexa 2024

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Technological development has changed the way we perform various tasks completely. The modern world is enlarging the limits that one is enabled to work. A simple example of the massive technological evolution is the door openers. The door that your father and grandfather used to open manually in their time is now powered by an electric motor that assists in operating it automatically. Here in this article, we will be looking towards this tiny brick of the vast development that humankind has made during the last decades. We have compiled some of the best garage door openers for Alexa in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and find out which is is more suitable.

Imagine it’s monsoon, and you are driving back home in heavy rain. As soon as you reach the house door, you have to step out of the car to open the garage door if it operates manually. After parking the car, you’ll end up soaked in rainwater, and all your clothes become considerably wet.

It might result in affecting your health too. Similar is the case if you live in an area that’s filled with snow in winters. But it’s a pest problem as the best solution will ease your life to a vast extent.

The automated garage door is the solution to many households’ problems. It works on electric motors that move the garage door between open and close positions and save you from getting out of the driving seat before you park the car in the garage. The manufacturers of these garage openers have considered all the concerns a user could have before designing and developing it into real-world machines.

It’s loaded with features that include an automated door opening with a simple press of the buttons provided to its remotes. You can also operate these devices with a voice command as these are Alexa-supported devices.

No doubt, these garage openers are an amazing device. But it’s a genuine concern for various people about choosing the best garage opener that will be versatile with the various door sizes.

Different households have diverse door designs, weights, and thicknesses. All of these factors play a vital role in determining optimum door openers that will bear the door’s load and fit on the thickness and size of the garage door.

Some garage doors are designed in a minimalistic way. There is little space to install additional devices, so considering all these factors will prepare a buyer to buy the most suitable garage door opener.

Knowing the massive demand for these times saving and efficient devices, many manufacturers manufacture these garage openers. It means that you will be exposed to an ocean of choices once you start surfing on internet to explore the available garage openers.

But how would you select the best one from them? We have selected the three best garage openers that do the job best and are highly versatile with most garage doors which also work pretty well with Alexa devices.

Best Garage Door Opener for Alexa (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
beamUP Volta - BU850 12 x 10 x 6 inches 32 Pounds

Check Price

Chamberlain B970T ‎18 x 10 x 6.5 inches 35 Pounds Check Price
Genie 2033-LED Chain Glide 28 x 8.5 x 12 inches 29.1 Pounds Check Price


BeamUp Volta BU850

Volta BU850

The first one on our list is the double car garage opener from beamUp BU850. It stands among the leading manufacturers that are reputable to supply the best devices with tones of features.

The beam volta garage door openers feature a design suitable for wide doors that simultaneously fit two cars.

It ensures that these garage openers will be the right choice if you have a bigger garage with a heavier door. The load-bearing capacity of these door openers is superior to standard devices in its category so that they can move the wider garage door easily for years.

Its supports a lithium polymer battery that is known for its energy-efficient operations. These batteries have a longer lifespan as compared to traditional batteries.

So, you will enjoy a one-time battery purchase that will last for years and won’t be much of a burden on your household electricity bills.

The powerful motors are enough to open a single door and a double door garage smoothly and without any noise. A little thing to note here is that the standard device is made to operate on the garage door as high as 7 feet. You will require an extension kit that can be bought separately with these door openers for a door greater than this height.

There are no security gaps in these motored door openers as these devices are equipped with 3000lumans led light bulb that throws light on every visitor. These bulbs are lit using the security motion sensor covering the whole garage area to detect any activity.

Furthermore, these light bulbs are that much sustainable that you won’t need to change them for a lifetime. They are also mobile phone support, so you can operate these door openers using your smartphone.

Adding to its countless specifications, these door openers are Alexa-supported. It enables you to give voice commands for opening and to close the garage. It’s a big plus that will save even more time as you won’t have to take out the remote and press the buttons to operate the garage doors.

To keep up with the safety standards, the beam Up Volta door openers are equipped with a safety release button if your child or pets run towards the door while it’s in a moving position. You will also get a battery backup to operate it even when there is an electricity breakdown.

Pros Cons
Less intrusive on the electricity bills The standard device will not work on doors height more than 7 feet
Cost-saving lightbulb purchase for a lifetime
Time-saving door operating procedure


The beamUp smart door openers are the perfect solution to your problem. It lets you open the garage without stepping out of the Car. To get the best from this device, always read the instructions on the owner’s manual that will guide you through the installation process. You can also call a professional that will do the job for you.



Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B970

The second one on the list is very efficient and ultra quiet B970 smart door openers manufactured by chamberlain. They are also among the list of popular smart door openers available in the market currently.

The best reason for their popularity is the 1.25HP motor that provides maximum power to lift the heavier doors. These door openers are made from a steel material that makes them robust and durable.

This purchase will bring various features to your home; the first one among them is the automated door opening powered by heavy motors.

All of this is connected to you by the smartphone app that keeps you informed about the door status anywhere in the world. You can also operate the opening and closing mechanism by taping on the smartphone.

For people who live in areas with frequent electricity shortages, it’s a major concern that how would someone open the door when the powers go off.

With these smart chamberlain door openers, you do have to worry about this issue as it comes with a battery backup that will keep the device running even if there is o electricity.

The steel-enforced design with smooth belts that assist in the operating mechanism of these doors is up to the mark. They provide a quiet and soft move that doesn’t bother you or the people in the neighborhood while you are opening or closing the door.

People concerned about whether these smart openers are enough to open their heavy doors should know that the 1.25 HP motor is made to lift the heavy double doors. It’s the most powerful and durable machine of its category that will work in extreme conditions without lag.

The chamberlain smart door openers are Alexa enables. It gives you a choice to operate these doors with remote control of the voice command. These features make sense, especially when you are driving back home during heavy rain or snow. More or less, it’s one of the best features that you can expect from a smart door opener.

Furthermore, these chamberlain door openers are manufactured in a lightweight and easy-to-install design. It weighs only 35pounds so that you can lift it into the doors easily.

The installation process is pretty simple, where you get an owner’s manual with the installation tools. The compact design of these door openers is another thing to be attracted to as you can choose this device even if you have a compact space above the garage door. The product dimensions are 18x10x6.5 inches.

Pros Cons
Lightweight product design for easy carrying Software sometimes lags for smartphone control
Easy to install on garage doors
Durable steel design for a longer lifespan


Overall, this smart home device is perfect for easing your life. You can use these door openers and stay in your car until it’s parked in the garage. The steel design gives your garage opener a lifespan of 5years, which is a big advantage of this purchase.



Genie 2033-tkv

Genie 2033-tkv

The third one on our list is the popular chain glide smart garage door opener 2033-tkv manufactured by a genie.

This product is the best answer for your garage door opening concerns as it’s filled with attractive features that make so much sense.

The genie glides smart door is the most affordable one o the list, so everyone who desires an automated garage door can afford it.

his cost-effective purchase adds Alexa connectivity that you don’t get with standard door openers in this price tag.

Starting with its features in your garage, the first one is a complete automatic garage door function for your house. You don’t need to get soaked with the rainwater by stepping out of the car to open the garage. You can open the garage door with a simple click of the button on the remote that comes with the kit.

Furthermore, it offers wireless connectivity that connects the smart door opener with your smartphone. This feature is top-rated, especially when everything is connected through the internet, so why don’t your garage door?

All you have to do is install the designated mobile app or connect it using google assistant or Alexa. It will allow you to control the doors anywhere and know their status.

The Alexa connectivity features enable a voice command function that takes the control mechanism to the next level. You have to give a voice command to Alexa, and it will instruct the smart door opener to operate accordingly.

The garage door opener runs on a 0.5Hp motor that can lift a heavy door as heavy as 500ibs. The maximum height of the door where a standard kit can be installed is 7feet. You have to buy the extension kit separately if your door height is more than 7 feet.

It comes with two genie light bulbs to keep your garage lighting. The vacations lock and programmed control ensures max security to keep your house safe when you leave for vacation.

Pros Cons
Affordable for every household Need to purchase if extra rail needed
Simple and easy to install
Convenient controlling through various options


The genie chained smart door openers are the best choice if you find affordable options with a lot of features. It is easy to install and lightweight, which is a positive feature of this device. However, the 0.5HP motor might be underpowered to open heavier doors like the ones in bigger garages. However, it’s a suitable option for small and medium-sized garages.



Final Conclusion:

By now, you have explored three top-rated garage door openers. It will assist you a lot while your purchase the best door opener for your garage. Remember that your garage size and the door weight are critical factors while choosing the right door opener. It should be powerful enough to operate the doors conveniently. Good luck with this amazing technology.


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