How to Install an Attic Ladder?

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How to Install an Attic Ladder?

Each private house has an attic. Sometimes it is operated as a storage facility, sometimes as a utility or living space. To use this space effectively, it needs regular access, provided by a staircase from the house to the attic. How to Install an Attic Ladder?

Let us say right away that it is accurate and not so difficult to install an attic staircase with your own hands, although there are some pitfalls. Structurally, most of the installed stairs to the attic look something like the photo below. Let us analyze in more detail, based on the experience of installers.

The main advantage that any attic-type staircase possesses is its small size. Although compactness is inherent in all varieties, folding should be preferred to stationary if there is very little space. An added benefit is how the foldable loft ladder is attached. It does not need a solid and reliable base connected to the wall or foundation of the house. Instead, small but secure attachments at the top are sufficient.

In pursuit of space saving, safety must not be neglected. Attic stairs are operated at a large angle of inclination. Therefore, to avoid accidents, the staircase must be equipped with a handrail. The width of the stairs is an important characteristic. It should be sufficient so that a person can quickly put and reliably support his leg. The length depends on the height of the ceiling and the angle of inclination.

After the type of construction and dimensions, the material is the essential characteristic. It determines not only strength parameters but also weight and performance properties. For example, a staircase to an attic made of wood is a popular choice. Wood is an ideal material: strong enough, lightweight, environmentally friendly.

The second most popular option is metal stairs to the attic. The high strength and reliability of the structure play an important role here. Metal is often used to build external, stationary attic stairs. A good choice is a stainless steel attic staircase. The material’s corrosion resistance will allow you to operate the product even in the open air at any time of the year and in all weather conditions.


There are two options for how to install an attic ladder with a hatch. According to the first, the boards should be fixed under the ceiling, and the edge of the opening should be supported on them, leading it from above. However, the manufacturer provides another way of how to install the attic staircase properly. It consists of installing special beams or clamps so that the edge of the opening, together with the ladder, can be hung on them and not supported.

Having previously placed the edge of the hatch, you should align it with a square or measure the diagonal with a tape measure. Next, you need to fix it with screws to the supporting structures of the ceiling. Finally, it is necessary to put wooden blocks between it and the side surface of the ceiling to prevent the edge from shifting when fastening.

The next stage of installation is an adjustment. When unfolded, the ladder should form a straight line. For this, measurements are taken, and the line to which the stairs should be shortened is determined. After adjusting to the length, you should put rubber or plastic tips on its legs.

Each model has its design features, and some nuances of work may differ. In addition, of course, it is better to study the instructions before installing the stairs to the attic, and not after.


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